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We have been subjected to BRUTEFORCE ATTACK for the 4th time since April 13, 2013.  We don’t know whether these hackers are attacking PSH4U or PSH or both.

We have to implement additional authentication protection for our blog.

When you try to log in now, you will be directed to a page where you are asked to type in a USERNAME and PASSWORD that we set.

After that, you will see the same old WORDPRESS LOG IN page. Just type in your own USERNAME and PASSWORD and you’re in.

You have to e-mail us at parksihoo4u@gmail for the first set of Username and Password.

Please provide your USERNAME. We have to verify whether you are a bona fide PSH4U member first and to see if you have provided your real name in your Profile. Then we will e-mail you the Username and Password to access the LOG IN page.

Please don’t share this new Username and Password with anyone. It’s between you and us.

Sorry for the inconvenience. But we have to protect our blog, and by extension, Park Si Hoo.


1. We cannot send you the new Username and Password if you have not given us your real name.

2. If you have NEVER left a comment, why do you want the new Username and Password? You have to give us a reason to trust you.

47 thoughts on “Log in

  1. Ah, we have two Wilma’s now. Luckily I have added two extra letters. I am still logged in, so I didn’t send an email yet.

  2. @Wilma, you are our original Wilma with the avatar. The other Wilma (from the U.S.A.) used to be called Jamie before she discovered she could change her display name.

  3. Hi dear H.A.T
    I’m here. I really didn’t know How I could be log in and send an email. sorry again.
    I think I made trouble.Ooops!

  4. Dear Ashley!
    Sorry … Can you, please, delete my previous message? Wrong page
    Thank a lot, Liana

  5. I succeeded ! … Dear H.A.T. – thank you very much for your help :-) ..

  6. I watched Family Honor almost 20 times and still want to watch it again. Love you PSH. Can I know what time is he planning to come to US?

  7. @PSH4U, it is clearly stated in TO ALL SUBSCRIBERS that certain Usernames may not be used, like “PSH”, “PSH4U”, “Jami & Dami”. I have told you 3 times you may not use “PSH4U” as your username and I have deleted you 3 times. And now you are still using “PSH4U” again! I am going to delete you again. If you do not re-subscribe and use another Username, you are NOT welcome on PSH4U.

  8. Hi, to everybody! I’m glad that I finally logged in. Thank you for your help, Ashley.
    I like PSH a lot and hardly wait to see a new drama with him!

  9. Dear Ashley,
    I’m able to log in now.
    Thanks for your help!
    Have a good night!

  10. Hi Ashley, thanks for your help. however, seems the password is very complicated. And is it possible log in via Ipad Mini..?

  11. Sorry , but I can’t fill my profile. The message is ” You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.” Waiting for your help. Thanks.

  12. Hi Ashley, Thank you so much for all your help! I finally got log in now.

  13. Ommo, After 45 years Finally get In. Haha, Thank You so Much Miss Ashley For your Help. Happy to be here!

  14. Hi Ashley,
    Finally logged in again, after three weeks of hard work, technically speaking. Thank you very much for your help. Now , ” Back to work!”.

  15. I was able to log in by help of Ashley.
    Ashley is very kind.
    Thank you very much.

    I want to support Park Sihoo-ssi so far from now on.
    And I am glad to make a friend of all of 4u.

  16. 最後, 終於可登入! 謝謝Ashely的協助。 但應在那里填上我的資料?

  17. I am also very glad to be a member of such big fan group. It is a pity that Russian official TV have not air yet none of PSH dramas. I have known of him just by chance.

  18. Hi. Ashley, I had just updated my profile. Thanks a lot for your kind help.

  19. Ashley Darling Thank you so much. I’m finally able to log in. <3

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