PSH invited to BIFF with “Scent” screening


Park Si Hoo invited to participate in the Beijing International Film Festival, new film “Scent” screening

South Korean actor Park Si Hoo’s agency revealed on April 14 that he will attend the opening ceremony of the 4th Beijing International Film Festival on April 16.  Beijing International Film Festival first began in 201, when it was founded with the target to become the world’s Class A international film festival.  This is the 4th year and it has become China’s top representative of the International Film Festival .

Beijing International Film Festival will invite filmmakers from around the world to participate in the event, while Park Si Hoo is invited as a Hallyu star by the organizing committee.  Park Si Hoo starred in his first Chinese movie “Scent” which is also invited to be screened at the festival.  The film’s director Tsang Tsui Shan won the Best New Director award at the 31st Hong Kong Film Awards in 2012 with her movie “Big Blue Lake”.

Park Si Hoo plays a Korean designer Kang In Joon in “Scent”, co-starring with IT girl Chinese actress Chen Ran, with the two playing a pair of fairy tale lovers.  Park Si Hoo’s agency said he feels very honored to receive an invitation to the Beijing International Film Festival and he will seize this opportunity to enter the international film market; and he will also work harder to become a better actor.

“Scent” which finished shooting in China on January 26 is expected to be released this summer.  Park Shi Hoo will be travelling back and forth between China and South Korea to do publicity for the movie.

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朴施厚受邀参加北京国际电影节 新片《香气》展映

2014年04月15日 14:10:36 来源: 电影网

据韩国演员朴施厚所属经纪公司于14日透露,朴施厚将于16日参加在中国北京举行的第四届北京国际电影节开幕式红毯仪式。 北京国际电影节于2011年开始第一届,创办时就以成为全球A类国际电影节为目标,今年迎来第四届,已经成中国具有代表性的顶级国际电影节。

北京国际电影节会邀请来自世界各国的电影人参加盛会,而朴施厚则作为韩流明星受到了组委会的邀请。朴施厚在中国出演的首部主演作品《香气》也受邀参加电影节展映。 该片导演曾翠珊曾于2012年凭借电影《大蓝湖》获得第31届香港电影金像奖最佳新晋导演奖。

朴施厚在《香气》中饰演韩国设计师姜仁俊一角,与中国IT Girl女星陈燃饰演了一对跨越空间的童话恋人。朴施厚所属经纪公司表示,能收到北京国际电影节的邀请,朴施厚觉得非常荣幸,也会把握这次机会,进军国际电影市场,以后也会更加努力,成为更好的演员。

《香气》已于今年1月26日结束了拍摄,预计将于今年夏天上映。 朴施厚届时也将往返于中国和韩国,为电影上映做宣传。


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K-media on PSH’s trip to BIFF

There are tons of reports on the Korean media about PSH’s trip to Beijing to attend the 4th Beijing International Film Festival — pages and pages on Nate and Naver.  We have given you all the photos yesterday.  Here is one of the reports — all very brief but the photos (and captions) are worth seeing.


d10Park Si Hoo, Emperor of fan service! “I’m a gentleman”

[T포토] 박시후, 팬서비스의 황제! “내가 바로 젠틀맨”

2014.04.15        News report

Actor Park Si Hoo departed from Incheon Interntional Airport on the afternoon on April 15 to go to the opening ceremony of the Beijing International Film Festival.

Park Si Hoo arrived at the airport in a black vehicle and while waiting to cross the road at the pedestrian crossing is photographed greeting fans.  He waved at fans several times while waiting for the signal to change [to green] and also shook the hands of the fans.

[ED: The captions of their photos are really interesting^^  One Korean fan mentioned that the lights turned red just as PSH was about to cross the road, so he had to stand there for a while, giving the fans and reporters the perfect opportunity to take good pictures, mostly of his waving to fans who were shouting his name.]



‘Starts waving as soon he sees fans’

‘팬을 발견하자마자 손인사’

20140415_1397534272_72130300_1‘Greeting is more important than anything’

‘걸음보다 중요한 손인사’

20140415_1397534301_64347200_1“Hello fans?”

“팬들 안녕?”

20140415_1397534319_15447500_1“Hello there too?”

“여기도 안녕?”

20140415_1397534333_90494300_1‘Gentleman’s greeting ~’

‘인사하는 젠틀맨~’

20140415_1397534362_23487900_1‘Hand greeting finished’

‘마무리도 손 인사~’

(Incheon International Airport (Yeongjongdo)

[T포토] 박시후, 팬서비스의 황제! “내가 바로 젠틀맨”
기사입력 2014-04-15 13:30

배우 박시후가 15일 오후 ‘북경국제영화제(Beijing international file fastival, BIFF) 개막식 레드카펫 행사에 참석하기 위해 인천국제공항을 통해 출국했다.

공항에 도착한 박시후는 검은차량에서 내려 횡단보도로 건너는 순간까지 팬들을 향한 손인사로 시선을 사로잡았다. 신호를 기다리는 순간에도 팬들의 부름에 짧은 손인사를 여러번 건냈으며, 걸으면서는 팬들과의 손터치까지 잊지 않았다.

‘팬을 발견하자마자 손인사’

‘걸음보다 중요한 손인사’

“팬들 안녕?”

“여기도 안녕?”

‘인사하는 젠틀맨~’

‘마무리도 손 인사~’



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Watch PSH on BIFF red carpet

You can watch PSH on CCTV6 tonight (April 16) at 18:30.



Repeat at Beijing TV at 21:15 / 之後…北京衛視 21:15



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Jami and Dami on Twitter (43)



Jami and Dami updated their Twitter:

Jami: The pictures at the official site (JOFC) have been changed.  Master is really cool in a suit, can you see?

Dami: Of course!  The master looks very nice.
He has been invited as Korea’s representative to the Beijing International Film Festival… that’s our master ~ ♪


a001  (16)


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