PSH wins 75th in a row


PSH is the winner again in Stage 254 of #8 voting site (that ended at midnight 2014.10.18) — 75th in a row!  PSH continues to set the record of MOST CONTINUOUS WINS for this site, now exceeding BYJ’s by 21.  He received 8,013,086 votes, 3.5 million votes more than 2nd place Jang Geun Suk.

This week Jang Geun Suk continued to challenge PSH who was never in danger, consistently more than 3 million votes ahead.  KSH and LMH were relegated to 3rd and 4th place respectively.

123141018-3This is the 75th week in a row PSH has won this competition.  Last 74 times he defeated Jang Geun Suk x 5, Kim Hee Chul x 4, Moon Geun Young, G-Dragon x 4, Kim Hyun Joong x 5, Wu Yi Fan (Kris) x 14, Oh Se Hun x 12, So Ji Sub, Hwang Ji Tao, Lee Min Ho x 10, Lee Jun Ki, Kim Soo Hyun x 12, Lee Jong Suk, Rain, and Mayu Watanabe x 2.

123141018-2PSH’s cumulative votes are 842,277,566! (Stages 180 to 254 – Just count the gold cups!) Bae Yong Jun’s record of continuous wins were set over a period of 2 years (at that time the competition was held every 2 weeks). This is our next target — We want to make sure PSH wins 108 in a row (and beyond!)

Every week is a new challenge, and new challengers continue to emerge.  Don’t let up. Fighting!

(Credits:; PSH photo from DC. Thanks!)

If PSH can, so can I…maybe we?…Sure!


First of all, please see our earlier post:

Nance threw down the gauntlet at Hillary who is taking up her challenge and going one step further.

肥? 當然是要來減的, 否則怎會有”減肥”這名詞?
Fat? Of course must be reduced, otherwise how come there’s such a term as “go on a diet” [Chinese words really mean "reduce fat"].

作為朴施厚的粉絲, 想對體重加以控制當然是首先參考”朴施厚模式”….
As a PSH fan, to control one’s weight, one must of course first refer to the “PSH method”….



此模式至少有成功個案 – 朴施厚先生, 最厲害的是”穿衣顯瘦, 脫衣見(肌)肉”.
This method has at least one successful case – Mr. Park Si Hoo – who looks slim with clothes and muscular without.

對我來說, 減肥的目的只是希望去購買成衣時, 可以完全展現服裝的本來面貌, 不用加以剪裁修改. 還有可以去完成夢想 –
For me, the objective of reducing weight is only so I can display the original cutting and shape of the clothes when I go shopping, no need to make any alterations.  And also so I can realize my dream –

belly dance-ok

so can I

Translation by Ashley — I’m keeping out of this entirely.  H just revealed to me that she’s always been fascinated with belly dancing and is giving herself one year to fulfill her dream.  I have no desire to show any flesh, certainly not around my midriff, so I’ll pass.  Nance?

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QOR in Panama


Sertv Radio-Televisión
7 October

La programación que más te gusta, sólo la tiene SERTV.
Inicia el capítulo para hoy de ‪#‎ReinaReveses‬

“Queen of Reversals” starts today.

Monday to Friday 9:30pm~10:30pm





Watch online:

L4 REIN4 DE L0S REVES3S capitulo 21 02/05 (sub al español)

Uploaded on 14 Dec 2011
Una comedia romántica que gira en torno a la vida de un ama de casa ahorrativa que supera las adversidades en su vida. Ella creía que casarse con el hombre que amaba le traería toda la felicidad que podía desear en la vida. Sin embargo, después de enfrentarse a una serie de obstáculos solo para casarse con su novio, ella se da cuenta que la vida matrimonial no es un cuento de hadas. Nada en la vida resulta la forma en que imaginaba que sería. Todo lo que quería era un sueldo fijo, un crédito para casa razonable que ella y su marido pudieran pagar, hijos felices, y un marido devoto. Pero la vida tiene una manera de hacerte malas jugadas. Acontecimientos inesperados en su vida empujan a Hwang Tae Hee y a su familia al borde del abismo. Sin embargo, después de tocar fondo, ella regresa más fuerte que nunca.

panamericana canal 5 kpop peru k pop doramas dramas



(Credits:;; Canal de; Thanks!)

The sound of your not coming

Partial lyrics of PSH’s “The sound of your coming” from “Scent” OST:

Feel embarrassed as we brush past each other
Always miss your beauty in my dreams
Your appearance has made the whole world slow down
You are irreplaceable
You are shine my love

Oh love
Like a kite swaying in the air
I’m still waiting like an idiot in the same place
You are all I need
From the first second it was determined
Like it was fated to be
Even if the whole world is against me
I’ll not give up
I’ll be here
Waiting for the sound of your coming….

Chinese fans seem to feel the cancellation of the China Fan Meeting is like PSH and they passing each other by, shoulders barely brushing, so near and yet so far.


朴施厚在他的第一首中文歌曲”你到来的声音”, 曾經說過…

you are shine my love

oh 爱
you are all i need


litvv 10月8日23:22
“擦肩而过的感觉很狼狈”原来是为这里准备的 ,就这样无可取代!@朴施厚 你也累了,休息吧!

So this is what “Feel embarrassed as we brush past each other” means, so irreplaceable!  PSH, you are tired too, so take a rest!

子夜昙花2014 10月8日00:50
@朴施厚: 心里很不愿意相信这是真的但是的确是真的自己真是乐极生悲昨还发微博说要把你的这次中国行的一举手一投足都要看个够今就看到这个消息虽然不知道事出何因但是尊重你的决定这次看不到你那白净的帅气的阳光的温暖的脸庞了就期待下次和你不见不散吧追随你守护你初心不变.

@PSH: I don’t want to believe this is true but it is true.  My happiness turned to sorrow.  Just yesterday I posted something on Weibo saying I’d look my fill of you this time you come to China, and today I see this news.  Although I don’t know what happened, I respect your decision.  This time I can’t see your fair, handsome, sunny, warm face, so I’ll wait for next time.  Follow you, support you, never change, be here always.


@迷失的禾沐 10月9日 09:06

Don’t know how to console everyone who is hurt. Everyone’s loss is very great. Can we treat our loss as the perfect support? The only thing we can do is not pour salt on his wound. My heart aches seeing everyone’s loss. What would he think if he sees them?

@守厚星守候 10月9日 18:26
因为家事,这张票纠结好久才终于下决心买下,票还是拜托@厚粉蓝猫 @飞鸟树吼吼 帮我才搞定。当猫拿到票拍照给我看,我没以为然,我知道10号这张票就会真真切切放在我的手心里。今天猫再次拍照给我,我对着照片看了很久!见与不见,我们都在那里,就如“爱之永恒”的名字,那场我们心中的见面会将永不落幕!

Because of domestic concerns, I struggled for a long time before deciding to buy this ticket. Ticket was bought with the help of so-and-so. They took a picture to show me and I didn’t think much of it. I knew come the 10th this ticket would be in my hand. Today they sent me another picture. I looked at it for a long time. Whether we see each other or not, we are still here. Like its title “Love and Forever”, the curtain of that fan meeting in our hearts will never come down!

bye bye ticket

@守厚今生 10月9日 18:33

If all went according to plan, I should be at the train station now.

bye bye ticket 02

守厚今生 10月10日07:36
又是一晚上都在梦FM,早上醒来还是恍惚——为什么此时我没有在北京[委屈]虽然淡定,却依然有些伤心。@朴施厚 真的好想见你啊[悲伤]! 为了FM我可是放弃了六座城市的首映啊!

Another night dreaming of FM, woke up in the morning still feeling dazed — why was I not in Beijing? [aggrieved]  Although calm, still a little sad. @PSH, really really want to see you [sad]!  Because of FM I gave up the 6-cities premiere!

@紫陌守厚 10月10日22:16
#朴施厚#为了忘却的记忆,总觉得应该为今天~10月10日留下点什么!既然没有可改变的过去,我们就坦然的期待未来,有的东西错过了,就潇洒的让他随风而逝,在缺憾中追求完美!只要你在,有你的时光里风景依然独好,仍然可以流连在你的倾世风情里. 这是只属于自己的风景,静静的,孤独的欣赏,孤单的倾情.

In order to forget the memories, I feel something should be left of October 10!  Since the past cannot be changed, we can only look forward to the future.  Something is missed, then let it be gone with the wind.  Try to pursue perfection in defects!  As long as you’re here, the view is still very beautiful, and we can still linger in your captivating beauty.  This view is my very own, quiet, lonely appreciation, portrait of loneliness.

@VVSSTY 10月11日 10:19

I wore my new dress today.  Originally meant to wear it in Shanghai tomorrow.  Today sent off the ticket reluctantly [ED: for refund, we think].  Looked at it for half a day before putting it in the courier envelope.  How could I not feel sad?  I need to slowly heal my wound.

守Hoo的风叶儿 10月11日10:21

I have to mail out the PSH FM ticket I kept in ENISHI right away.  Brushing past each other, feeling sad and dismayed.  Sihoo, fighting!  After recharging, let’s fulfill our unfinished date!

bye bye ticket a1


意涵-Lee 10月11日 12:02
看见大家纷纷晒票,表达依依不舍的心情,我能说,我连票都没摸到吗?亲故昨晚发简讯问我:要不要和 你的票和个影,然后再寄走!我心狠的想:还是不见了!我会为自己排解,本来准备了一件白衬衣要参加这盛会,通告第二天我就把它穿了!

I see everybody showing their tickets and expressing reluctance to part with them.  Can I say I haven’t even touched my ticket?  Friend sent SMS last night to ask me if I wanted a picture taken of my ticket before sending it off.  I hardened my heart and thought: Better not see it!  I will sort myself out.  I have prepared a white blouse for this glorious meeting; I wore it the next day after the notice came out!
byebye constume


一ke守厚星 :10月12日19:05
#朴施厚# 本该是欢聚的时刻,却遗憾的擦肩而过,眼中满是泪水,却强忍的不让滑落,因为我坚信还有聚首的那天,而且就在不远的那天。你一定不会让我们失望的。请你一定在,我们永远爱。

#Park Si Hoo#  This should have been our meeting time, but regretfully we brushed past each other.  My eyes are filled with tears, but I try hard not to let the tears fall, because I firmly believe there will be a day when we will meet, and it isn’t far.  You won’t let us be disappointed.  Please be sure to be there.  We will love you forever.

新新i厚 10月12日22:47
@朴施厚 东艺的晚上很美,等着下次你来赴约

@PSH, Oriental Art Center is very beautiful at night.  Waiting for you to come for our next date.
bye  bye art center1


(Credits:;; Thanks!  English translation by H.A.T.)

“Scent” – shooting and after

This video was released by the “Scent” production company just before its release on August 15, 2014 to promote the movie.  We may or may not have posted it before.  If you’ve seen it before, you can still enjoy it.

Video shows:
1. start of shooting on 2014.01.01
2. press conference in Beijing on 2014.03.16
3. Beijing Film Festival on 2014.04.10
4. Post-production
5. PSH promoting “Scent” in Chinese Putonghua (near-perfect!)

视频: 《香气》曝制作特辑 陈燃朴施厚初次搭档默契十足


(Credits: 花花H世界 Thanks!)

A marriageble guy?

The following newspaper clipping is from Hong Kong’s Oriental Daily.  It’s sort of a gossip column.  The writer is actually a sports writer who covered the recent Asian Games at Incheon, and this is some tidbits he picked up during the time he was in Korea.


First he talks about “cosmetic surgery” and how popular, cheap, and professional it is in Korea.  Practically every other girl has had construction of double eyelids or a nose job.   His tour guide said Korean women didn’t use to look like this, but now with widespread cosmetic surgery, they are more pleasing to the eye.

But what we are really interested in is what he says about another common thing in Korea which people in other parts of the world, especially the western world, might find alien.  And that is 相親.

相親 – How to explain this?  If you’ve seen “Family Honor”, you’ll know.  Remember Lee Kang Suk’s disastrous “date” with that horrible girl who insults him and his family?  He leaves her without paying for her share of the restaurant bill.  She is the daughter of some big shot or something, and theirs is an “arranged date”, the idea being if they hit it off, then marriage will follow.


TUDOU (For China only)

Parents would use go-betweens (what the Chinese call  媒人) to find suitable candidates for future son-in-law or daughter-in-law).  In the old days in China, this would lead directly to arranged marriages, that is, you wouldn’t see your husband/wife until the wedding night.  Now it’s more civilized: you get to meet him/her first and see if you can get on.  Strangely enough, this is still common in Korea.

According to this writer, Korean girls will ask the men 3 questions at the first “arranged date”:
1. What is your profession?  Working for a big corporation is a plus.
2. Where do you live?  Gangnam would be an advantage.
3. Are you the eldest son?  If yes, no way.  Because in Korea according to tradition the eldest son has to live with his parents and the daughter-in-law has to serve as the “maid”.  He Dan Ah in FH has to do all the housework (even though the Lee family has a maid), remember?

So our immediate reaction is to assess PSH’s chances with Korean girls and we’ve come to the conclusion he is NOT an eligible candidate for marriage, based on above 3 criteria.

1. He is an actor with no fixed income.  He does not work for a big management company.  Hoo Factory is a fledgling company.
2. He does live in Gangnam, so score one point.  But does he own or rent his residence?
3. He is the eldest son of a landed gentry family in Buyeo (more traditional than Seoul, we would think).  He is expected to live with his family.  His mother and his younger brother share his place in Seoul now.  Are they likely to move out when he marries?

BUT we’ve been intrigued by that Noah’s Ark structure under construction at his Buyeo home.  (Please see this post:  That must be some kind of house.  Why do the Parks need a new house?  A growing family?  Some Chinese fans who visited Buyeo have seen a young woman with a little boy?  Who are they?  Relatives?  Somebody’s wife and kid?  PWH’s?

This is just an entertaining post, no real information on PSH or family, so don’t accuse us of spreading rumors.


The Park family of Buyeo, landed gentry, 3 generations with a Hallyu star eldest grandson PSH.

忠清南道扶餘的大地主朴家, 上有兩代高堂的宗孫, 韓流明星朴施厚…




This is from “Family Honor” — wedding of Lee Kang Suk and He Dan Ah — one of our favorite scenes in the drama.  When will we see PSH in such a scene in real life?


TUDOU (For China only)

(Credits: Scancap of 東方日報2014.10.04; Thanks!)

Another parting

This is the first song that PSH sang in his second fan meeting in Yokohama on September 28, the one he sang when he appeared on stage.  The song is Beat Win’s もう二度と離さない “Another parting”, a Japanese song.  [ED: A member of Beat Win sings chorus for the second song on PSH's CD "Forever".]


某夜, 在日本橫濱…

音樂響起, 舞台的燈光聚焦在階梯上, 手持米高峰的朴施厚, 穿上身亮藍的西服, 白色襯衫的領上釘上晶石, 華華麗麗的為晚間Fanmeeting, 以他磁性的歌聲來揭開序幕…





もう二度と離さない(Original by 原曲:BEAT WIN)


Another parting (original by Beat Win)

Our English translation of lyrics (based on Chinese in video)
[ED: If there is anything wrong in the interpretation, will our Japanese members please correct us?]

I walked the long and lonely road
Until I met you
Yes, I’ve been like that
I thought I’d never see you again
That’s why I came back after walking so far
At that time what was it that made us so tired

Please stay by my side
Please don’t leave me again
What was vacant has become like before
What we have now is pretty good
So I have to say
I love you
Please don’t worry
Because hands that are clasped together will not part again

I who was so tired
When my heart was hurt
There shouldn’t be any more problems now
Because we’ll go forward together like before


As long as you’re by my side
I will really not be afraid
Do you understand my feelings?
So stay by my side like before
Please don’t leave me again
Your smile can soothe the hurt in my heart

So I have to say
I love you
Please don’t worry
Because hands that are clasped together will not part again


PSH was accompanied by dancers, one of whom presented him with these flowers…

在歌曲演繹中有舞者在伴舞, 歌曲既終舞者送上了花束…


…which he threw to his fans, one of whom was lucky enough to catch it.


P.S.  We met Beat Win at Haneda on the afternoon of September 29 as we were leaving Tokyo.  Please see our earlier post:


懷著滿滿朴施厚的影像和歌聲離開日本時, 在進入禁區前見到了手持專業照相機的日本妹妹們, 努力在捕捉禁區內在檢測行李小男生們的一舉一動.
同是作為離開日本國的旅客, 問了其中一名小男生….

– 日本人?
– 不, 是韓國人.
– Pop group? (因為明顯是數人一同進行安全檢查, 室內仍然架上黑色墨鏡)
– 是的
– Pop group 的名字是?

回來再做資料搜索, BEAT WIN在日本的代理好像是MENTOR…

(Credits:; photo from MENTOR Co.,LTD. Thanks!)