HOO Factory

HOO Factory …. a name that’s so dear, so near…. and yet so far….

一個彷彿已經遺忘的名字….HOO Factory


Remember these photos our knapavalley sent us earlier?


Well, this is what HF looks like inside….






The guy in the foreground is the one who posted these photos


(Credits: https://story.kakao.com. Thanks!)

To our Godlike idol


There is a current Chinese saying:
Translation: “Not afraid of Godlike opponents, only afraid of pig-like team-mates”
meaning: Your success (or failure) does not necessarily depend on the strength of your opponents/rivals, but also on the strength (or weakness) of your own team.

In an earlier post 神級偶像, 豬的團隊, we called PSH 神級偶像, that is, Godlike idol.  We think PSH is nonpareil in the entire Korean entertainment world.  No other actor can hold a candle to him.  In a field saturated with 小鮮肉 (little fresh meat = very young artists – new, green, raw), which spring up by the dozen practically every month in Korea, PSH can still hold his own and is in a class by himself.

Every time PSH lands in the last 10 of a voting contest — the elimination kind — we feel elated, of course, but also a little embarrassed because he is invariably the oldest of the lot.  The other finalists are all 10, even 20, years younger than he.  So?  He’s a late bloomer.  Never forget it took him 10 long, hard years to gain recognition in the Korean entertainment world.

We remember when PSH was still with EYAGI, even though he was the management agency’s No.1 actor, we felt they’re not managing his career properly, so that he’s not getting as many roles to showcase his acting talents as he should have.  In his last year with EYAGI, they were practically “freezing” him in 2012 (possibly because of a contractual dispute.)  We suspect EYAGI was trying to force PSH to re-sign on their terms.

When PSH went on the catwalk for Yumi Katsura’s wedding fashion in Tokyo in February 2012, we were very gratified he posted some photos of himself on the show on Twitter — between shows.  And then (delayed reaction) we were shocked and outraged.  PSH was doing 3 shows in one day, and he had to post photos on the web by himself?!  What was his management agency for?

For the rest of 2012, EYAGI just let PSH idle his time away.  The Chinese project “Poor Boy Makes It Rich” came to nothing.  The music video in Thailand was aborted halfway.  We cursed EYAGI for their ineptitude.  How come they could not cast PSH in a Korean drama?

It wasn’t until December 2012 that PSH got to star in “Cheongdam-dong Alice” which was such a resounding success.  Just when it looked like nothing could stop him from reaching his pinnacle as an actor, that terrible incident happened on Valentine night, 2013.  If EYAGI’s H really did what many people thought he did to ruin PSH (because he would not renew his contract), he is not a pig (stupid) but a poisonous snake (dangerous, treacherous).  He took away 3 years of PSH’s life and set back his career by 10 years.

We admire so much PSH’s resilience and courage and his never-say-die attitude.  We were so happy when he set up his own management agency Hoo Factory.  Now at long last he did not have to be beholden to any boss; he could do what he wanted.  But then a company is only as good as its staff, and when it’s small and inexperienced and does not have clout, it won’t make much headway in Korea.

So they were wise to look elsewhere, to find an oblique way for PSH to make his comeback in Korea — making movies in China (whatever happened to LAL?), holding fan meetings in Japan and China (oops! that one was aborted in late 2014) …. The CFM eventually materialized as the Shanghai Fan Meeting in February 2015, but from all reports, it left much to be desired.  NOT PSH’s performance, which was always top-notch, but the organization and logistics management.

Fast forward to November 2015.  Well, we don’t even want to mention that event.  We would just like to say (what we’ve said more than once before) that if PSH really wants to break into the China market in a big way, he must hire a good, reputable Chinese agent.  Every country has its own culture and its own way of doing business.  Some people say it’s very difficult to do business in China, that you need connections, but someone we know (who’s been doing business in China for close to 20 years) tells us that doing business in China is like doing business anywhere in the world, that you need to build up mutual respect and trust, and of course, negotiate with your eyes wide open and read all the fine print on the contract.  It is NOT true that they cheat or take advantage of you, he says, more often than not it’s give-and-take.  They’re willing to pay big money if you’re worth it, but of course, it’s business and they expect to make money.

PSH may be Godlike and awe-inspiring in his acting (we’ve said more than once he’s the best Korean actor of his generation), but if he is surrounded by second-rate people, he is bound to be bogged down.  In the course of shooting “Neighborhood Hero”, there’s not a single photo posted by HF or PSH’s official websites.  We had to go to his co-stars’ Twitter/Instagram/Facebook to find the crumbs.  We wish to make his long-awaited return to Korean drama a trail of blazing glory, but his associates are not helping at all.

Just saw this on the Weibo of Chinese model Jadie who wrote on November 21:

“Saw my CF with Park Si Hoo in Korea”


This is a Chinese posting on a Chinese website.  Are the Koreans not aware of this PSH CF?  Some Chinese fans discovered the shop selling this brand a while ago and they even posted the address (which we posted earlier).  We would have thought his Korean fans would have descended on the shop in droves and cleaned out everything from the shelves (as the Chinese fans did with PSH’s skincare products), but nothing?

Is PSH fighting a one-man battle?  Of course not!  We are here every day (even in the midst of overwhelming personal problems) to cheer him on.  We want to make sure he makes his comeback in style, and when he is in his rightful place again, we can call it a day.  But there’s only so much (or so little) that we can do.  We call upon his compatriots and especially those in an official capacity to do their utmost for this peerless actor.  Because HE’S WORTH IT!

(Credits: www.weibo.com; PSH photo from Instagram. Thanks!)

Something old….


A 5-year-old MV using old PSH photos, created by a Chinese fan (probably ex-fan by now.)

You may not have seen some of these photos before, or may not remember you have seen them before.

Consider this revision if you’re an old fan, and initiation if you’re new.  Enjoy!



(Credits: 金鱼哈韩@youku.com. Thanks!)

PSH wins 132nd in a row


PSH is the winner again in Stage 311 of #8 voting site (that ended at midnight 2015.11.21) — 132nd in a row!

PSH is now the undisputed champion of this site. He has set the record of MOST CONTINUOUS WINS for this site, surpassing former champion Bae Yong Jun. He received 33,063,712 votes, 22.5 million votes more than 2nd place Kim Jong Kook.

It’s Kim Jong Kook in 2nd place again — for the 32nd time. He has now been No.2 for more times than anyone on this voting site.



This is the 132nd week in a row PSH has won this competition. Last 131 times he defeated Jang Geun Suk x 5, Kim Hee Chul x 4, Moon Geun Young, G-Dragon x 4, Kim Hyun Joong x 5, Wu Yi Fan (Kris) x 14, Oh Se Hun x 12, So Ji Sub, Hwang Ji Tao, Lee Min Ho x 13, Lee Jun Ki, Kim Soo Hyun x 13, Lee Jong Suk, Rain, Mayu Watanabe x 2, No Min Woo x 20, and Kim Jong Kook x 32.



PSH’s cumulative votes are 2,623,679,716, now 1,455 million more than the ex-all-time winner BYJ who has altogether 95 gold ups. PSH has 131 (Stages 180 to 311).

PSH is the KING of votes, whether for a single stage or cumulative.

Single stage TOP 10

1. Park Si Hoo – 137,497,897 (Stage 278)
2. Park Si Hoo — 126,684,206 (Stage 279)
3. Jang Geun Suk – 73,179,279 (Stage 135)
4. Wu Yi Fan – 72,479,206 (Stage 135)
5. Park Si Hoo – 63,912,077 (Stage 284)
6. Park Si Hoo – 61,893,105 (Stage 280)
7. Park Si Hoo — 60,617,910 (Stage 299)
8. Park Si Hoo — 60,285,994 (Stage 300)
9. Park Si Hoo – 56,502,997 (Stage 277)
10.Park Si Hoo – 55,537,354 (Stage 303)

(Credits: http://123fans.cn; PSH photo from 百度. Thanks!)

“Scent” tops Koretame

Korea ・Korean movies and others – week of Nov.9 – 15, 2015

韓国・韓流映画その他 最新週間ランキング









(Credits: http://www.koretame.com; Rak PSH@dailymotion.com. Thanks!)


MV of “How to meet a perfect neighbor” created by a Chinese fan, set to OST “The Injured Ankle” by Tim – Many thanks!

This 2007 PSH drama is not perfect, and neither is his acting (still some rough edges), but somehow his Yoo Joon Suk tugs at our heartstrings.  Never understood what the title means.




(Credits: Rann然@yinyuetai.com. Thanks!)

Kimchi for you

This is Kimchi making season.

Kimjang: Making and Sharing of Kimchi
Kimjang, the making and sharing large quantities of kimchi (fermented cabbage) ahead of the long winter months to come, is an essential part of Korean culture. Despite being centered around kimchi, this practice has never been limited to just food preparation. Kimjang is more of a ceremony, bringing family members together, promoting cooperation among members of society and sharing with the less fortunate. This provides a sense of identity and unity, enhancing ties among different communities.







The following video is from “Queen of Reversals” / 記得逆轉女王中的這一段:




You wanna make kimchi?  This is how….

Making of Kimchi


(Credits: Maangchi@youtube.com; http://visitkorea.or.kr; http://www.dramanice.us.  Thanks!)