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Hoo Factory just left a tweet:

Chinese magazine Life Style B cut was released last week.  The shooting was full of pleasant surprises from beginning to end and the finished cut of the movie “Scent” was amazing.







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“Scent” trailer #2 (Updated)


“Scent” has released a new trailer.


“Scent” trailer 2

CR: Prepare coffee for me in the morning [ED: written orders in English]

CR: Clean up the room for me in the afternoon

PSH: [English as spoken by PSH] Shanghai women are so mean
[Chinese subtitles on screen] Shanghai women are really ferocious
[ED: There's a discrepancy between the English and the Chinese here. The English dialogue as spoken by PSH says: "Shanghai women are so mean", but the Chinese subtitles say: "上海女人真凶“. 凶 literally means "ferocious", but it connotes also "bossy, dominating, demanding".]

Actor: Such killer charm!

PSH: One moment you are very close to me

PSH: Next moment you are very far away from me

PSH: Where is Min Zhen? [ED: Min Zhen is probably the ex-girlfriend of Ren Jun]



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TPM 3rd anniversary


3rd-anniversaryPSH’s “The Princess’s Man” started broadcasting on July 20, 2011, so it’s now its 3rd anniversary.  Here is a MV “Infatuation” to celebrate this occasion.

2011.07.20 是公主的男人啟播的日子.

找來了”鬼迷心窍Infatuation” 的視頻來作紀念…


Nothing can be more attractive than your smile
They may not know before they meet you
Maybe just obsessed with you
Maybe the fate from previous life
However that’s not important anymore
I’d love to go everywhere with you

春風再美也比不上你的笑 沒見過你的人不會明瞭
是鬼迷了心竅也好 是前世的因緣也好….
然而這一切已不再重要 我願意隨你到天涯海角



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“Scent” is Chinese-Korean transnational love story


“Scent” gets ahead of others in the hot trend and creates the most touching Chinese-Korean transnational love story

“Scent” in preparation for 3 years

Getting the “hot trend” to produce a movie about a touching Chinese-Korean love story

After the trailer of the movie “Scent” was released, the elite team of movie and TV industry from China, South Korea and Hong Kong drew the attention of the media and the people working in this industry. It is reported that “Scent” which triggers a new literary film era will be released in August. This film will bring a stream of pure touching “scent” to the keen competition of movies shown in the summer vacation time slot.

It is learned that the producer Guo Li Jun and director Tsang Tsui Shan have made preparation for “Scent” for three years. They never expect to become the vanguard of this “Chinese-Korean movie hot trend”. “Scent” will be the earliest China-ROK cooperation movie on love story to be shown in this year. “I do not expect that when the movie is upcoming, a new round of Korean wave sets off an upsurge in the country. This is a surprise! We believe that many more people would like this Chinese-Korean love affair.” The director Tsang Tsui Shan said she did not think about rushing into the trend when she was preparing for the film. She wanted to show the audience a story of pure and beautiful transnational love.

In the new art film “Scent”, the South Korean actor Park Si Hoo plays a Korean interior designer. He goes to China to find his missing ex-girlfriend. He encounters Julie played by Chen Ran because of a break-up letter falling from heaven. A lively and romantic fairy tale love story is staged.

Relationship predestinated by heaven

Identifying the male lead when she saw actor Park Si Hoo

The director Tsang Tsui Shan received the award of Best New Director at the Hong Kong Film Awards for the film “Big Blue Lake” in 2012. She receives high anticipation from the people in this industry. The original novel of “Scent” is called “Taste”. In “Taste” the male lead is from Japan. In the preparation period, the producers also met with a number of popular actors from China, Japan, and South Korea. But when she saw Park Si Hoo for the first time, she identified him to be the male lead of the story. The director Tsang Tsui Shan said, “When I went to South Korea to meet with Park Si Hoo for the first time, he was wearing a cap, spoke gently with occasional bright smile. I thought he was Ren Jun. Ren Jun is gentle in appearance and honest in a goofy way. He is the type of lover that all girls would be eager to possess.”

Park Si Hoo has been fairly cautious in selecting the film project. He was deeply attracted by the script of “Scent” when he received the script. “The most attractive part of this movie is that the screenplay is exquisite. When I first read the script, I feel that this is the screenplay that I wanted.”

If acquaintance is a fate, then the two persons would eventually come together. It does not matter how far they are apart, with language barriers or separation. This is predestinated by heaven. The selection of director and actors for the film “Scent” is probably also a true portrayal of predestination.

Is it a dark horse in the summer vacation time slot?

It is because the taste of the film is pure enough

“China-ROK cooperation movie” really becomes the most popular topic in the Chinese film market this year. It can even be said to create a new type of film. Recently there are reports of news of Korean artists or directors joining Chinese movies in the newspapers almost every week. There is no lack of Korean top actors and heavyweight directors. There is also a remake of the popular Korean drama into Chinese movie. “Chinese-Korean movie” has now become the market’s most trendy type. At this moment there are many people in this industry expressing their concerns. From the point of view of the story, almost all of these films are mainly about romance. The actors are popular Korean idols. Currently they are rushing to start shooting at the same time. The next homogeneous competition would be quite fierce.

The producer Guo Li Jun has full confidence in the prospect of the box office of the film “Scent”. From the aspect of time, the release of “Scent” in August would no doubt be the first tier of the “China-ROK movie hot trend” and getting ahead of others in the market. From the production aspect, the script of “Scent” comes from the novel “Taste” written by the famous screenwriter Wang Bin who is the dedicated scriptwriter for Zhang Yimou. The script is substantial, emotional, and touching. For the cast, it includes the Korean actor Park Si Hoo who is well-known for his substantial acting and super high popularity in China. In addition we have also invited the IT Girl Chen Ran and “China dream voice” champion and super idol Li Xiang Xiang to join us.

What is the difference between “Scent” and other Chinese-Korean cooperation movies? Producer Guo Li Jun said, “The director and I do not have the utilitarian heart to rush into the trend. We make preparation for the film for three years. We shoot this film purely starting from love. We also hope that city women who have anticipation about love in reality can find resonance in the film. This is a good gift from women to women. Our director and actors come together because we really love this story. I anticipate “Scent” to be recognized by the market. I think audience can feel that the movie is produced by working from the heart. ”

Yunying Bona Distribution Company, the distributor of “Scent”, is also optimistic about the film and has confidence of the future prospects of the market.

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“Scent” in CCTV6


The trailer of “Scent” released a few days earlier was featured on China’s CCTV-6′s “Report on Chinese movies” on July 17, 2014.



《中国电影报道》 2014.07.17




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PSH wins 62nd in a row


PSH is the winner again in Stage 241 of #8 voting site (that ended at midnight 2014.07.19) — 62nd in a row!  PSH continues to set the record of MOST CONTINUOUS WINS for this site, now exceeding BYJ’s by 8.  He received 15,772,948 votes, 5.5 million votes more than 2nd place Lee Min Ho!  This has to be a record (distance between 1st and 2nd.)

The situation is exactly the same as last week, with Lee Min Ho aggressively challenging PSH and Kim Soo Hyun  not far behind.  But PSH fans are not going to let them take the crown away from PSH.

Our efforts since May 2013 have paid off, not just in retaining the gold crown (actually gold cup) for PSH, but also finally attracting the attention of the Korean media.  See our posts of the last couple of days.



This is the 62nd week in a row PSH has won this competition.  Last 61 times he defeated Jang Geun Suk x 4, Kim Hee Chul x 4, Moon Geun Young, G-Dragon x 4, Kim Hyun Joong x 5, Wu YiFan (Kris) x 11, Oh Se Hun x 13, So Ji Sub, Hwang JiTao, Lee Min Ho x 9, Lee Jun Ki, Kim Soo Hyun x 5, Lee Jong Suk, and Rain.


PSH’s cumulative votes are 728,915,958! (Stages 180 to 241 – Just count the gold cups!)  Bae Yong Jun’s record of continuous wins were set over a period of 2 years (at that time the competition was held every 2 weeks).  This is our next target — We want to make sure PSH wins 108 in a row (and beyond!)

Every week is a new challenge.  So keep fighting!

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PSH in Life Style magazine


About Park Sihoo

Popular South Korean star Park Sihoo, with his outstanding acting and perfect face in dramas and movies such as ‘Queen of Reversal’, ‘The Princess Man’, ‘Cheongdamdong Alice’ etc is making his comeback this year. He partners with China ‘IT’ girl, actress Chen Ran to find the meaning of true love in the movie ‘Scent’. This is Park Sihoo’s first Chinese movie, he successfully brought the meaning of a gentle and charming gentleman to life in a Chinese movie, giving the movie a beautiful artistic style. The heat wave of ‘Oppa Long Legs’ once again sweep through in the form of Park Sihoo.

曾在《逆转女王》《公主的男人》《清潭洞爱丽丝》等影视剧中,以精湛演技和完美脸庞大放光彩的韩国人气男星朴施厚,在今年重新起航,携手中国 It girl、演员陈燃演绎一段寻觅爱情真谛的故事——《香气》。这部电影是朴施厚主演的第一部中国电影,他把温尔儒雅的魅力成功移植到中国电影中,用暖男本 色铺垫起整部影片的文艺唯美风格,长腿欧巴的热浪再一次以朴施厚的名义滚滚而来。

What is love? When will love quietly make an entrance? The answer? In this movie it seems to descend from heaven through ‘Scent’.


‘Scent’ is a pure love story. Messengers of love in the form of doves descended into the hands of Julie (played by Chen Ran) who just bade farewell to love. The letter still has a lingering warmth, that of Jiang Ren Jun (played by Park Sihoo), sending through an extrasensory message. A letter becomes the bridge for a couple from different lands, each with emotional entanglements, to meet. Breaking through language barriers, expressing feelings through hands and heart, using pen and sketches to convey what is in their hearts, grinding the spices of love. Slowly, they sense the fragrance of love, whiffs of scent, but indescribable. Love, what can you do about it? This is a question with no conclusion. It’s to one’s taste, On screen and off screen, only they know. Fortunately, ‘Scent’ created a dream, an ideal romantic fairy tale, touching the most sensitive corner of the heart, lightening the hidden shadows, to tell the audience what is love.

《香气》晕染了一个纯真爱情故事,白鸽捎来爱的讯息,飞到刚刚作别爱情的朱俐(陈燃饰)手中。信纸上还留有余温,正是姜仁俊(朴施厚饰)叠起信 纸时不着痕迹的传递。一封信,让一对各有心结的异国男女相遇,他们冲破语言隔阂,用手心感受温情,用画笔传达心意,细细研磨着可以转化为爱情的香料。慢慢 地,他们嗅到了爱的味道,是阵阵芳香,却又一时难以名状。爱情,该如何是好?它终究是一道没有结论的命题,个中滋味,片中他们和戏外你我,只有冷暖自知。 还好,《香气》造了一个梦,童话般浪漫的理想故事,触碰到心中最柔软的一角,照亮了隐藏起来的阴影,告诉人们,什么才是关于爱情的向往。


Chen Ran on Park Sihoo in her interview

Q: Did you face language barrier during your co-operation with Park Sihoo?

A: He is a very professional actor. We first discussed the storyline and then interpreted the role, this got us into character quickly. Interestingly, we often had to guess what the other meant through gestures and expressions of the eyes, sometimes our answers did not jive with the questions and this created a lot of hilarity at the filming studio.


Q: What is the movie about?

A: It about fairy tale romantic love story, giving the audience a special feeling.

Q: A fairy tale love story, isn’t it unreal, and ungrounded?

A: The movie provides the audience with a beautiful love story, letting them feel that love actually can be beautiful and anything is possible. In our heart of hearts who does not yearn for beauty and romance? For me, I think this type of story is well grounded because it reflects what lie in the hearts of the audience.


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PSH in Ystarnews 2014.07.18





Actor Park Si Hoo will hold a fan meeting in Japan in September.

On July 18 Park Si Hoo’s management agency indicated: “Park Si Hoo will hold a fan meeting in Yokohama, Japan, in September.  This is currently in the planning stage.”

And: “He recently finished recording for his first Chinese movie ‘Scent” which is scheduled for release this summer.”



18日朴施厚的所屬公司表示: “朴施厚9月在日本橫濱召開舉行粉絲見面會.現在仍在計劃階段.”

接著又透露 “最近為首次主演的中國電影’香氣’完成錄音. 預計今年夏天公映.”


배우 박시후가 오는 9월 일본에서 팬미팅을 개최합니다

18일 박시후의 소속사는 ‘박시후가 9월 일본 요코하마에서 팬미팅을 개최한다. 현재 계획 중에 있다’고 전했는데요

이어 ‘최근 중국 첫 주연작인 영화 ‘향기’ 후시녹음을 마무리 지었다. 올 여름 개봉을 앞두고 있다’고 밝혔습니다.


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“Activities gaining momentum” … Park Si Hoo will hold a fan meeting in Japan in September


[ED: Reference is to TV Report]



Park Si Hoo in China – wins ”Japan and South Korea celebrities popularity poll” 61 weeks in a row


[ED: Reference is to BNT news]


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