I’m sorry….


Hey, that’s Lee Byung Hun!  Yes, it’s not PSH.

At the press conference on July 24, 2015, to launch his new film “Memories of the Sword” which is opening on August 13, Lee Byung Hun bowed and apologized “deeply” for that blackmail incident last year.  This was LBH’s first official public appearance.

When LBH and his wife returned to Korea in the early hours of February 26 from Los Angeles, he apologized as soon as he emerged in the arrivals area of Incheon International Airport.  This was his first appearance in Korea after having been away for 3 months in the U.S.A., presumably to avoid the blackmail controversy.

When PSH returned to Korea from the U.S.A. early on October 5, 2013 (after also having been away for more than 3 months), he didn’t say a single word at Incheon, even though he was swarmed by reporters.


An OBS TV EXCLUSIVE — video of PSH’s return to Seoul in the early morning of October 5, 2013


(Source: http://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LPOD&mid=tvh&oid=427&aid=0000004040)


On October 3, 2013, PSH’s management agency through a press release by his brother said: “As the representative of his agency, I would like to deeply apologize for his causing social controversy.”
“Park Si Hoo has made acting his vocation.” and “Park Si Hoo has received a lot of love and encouragement which he greatly appreciated as well as rebuke and criticism which he humbly accepted.  He will learn from this to try to be a role model and to be reborn as a better actor.”

So PSH didn’t actually apologize, not personally.  Why should he? (when he hasn’t done anything wrong.)  At that time we admired his stiff backbone (氣).  But now with the wisdom of hindsight, we wonder if perhaps he has missed the perfect opportunity to meet the requisite comeback requirement in Korea, that is, make a public apology.

The cases of the two friends* are somewhat similar.  [* PSH was invited to LBH’s sister’s wedding a few years ago, so he must have been more than a mere acquaintance, since the wedding was not a big public affair.  Of course that was before he became persona non grata.]  Both LBH and PSH are victims of scheming women: LBH was blackmailed by a model and a member of a girl group; PSH was set a honey trap and accused of sexual assault to which he countersued for defamation and extortion.  LBH was the plaintiff in his case, and PSH received a “non-suspicion” ruling with the dismissal of his case when the girl withdrew her charges.

But in Korea justice seems to have nothing to do with the outcome of a case.  Once a person’s reputation is sullied, especially if he is a public figure, it is very difficult for him to resume his career and life.

LBH is luckier than PSH (perhaps because he is a bigger star) in that he now has a wife, a son, a new home, a new Korean movie, and (we read somewhere) another Hollywood movie under his belt.  After he has made two public apologies, he is on track to being back in the good graces of the Korean public.

PSH, however, has no wife or son, but he also has a new home (in Buyeo) and a new joint-venture Chinese/Korean movie “Love After Love” coming out next month (at least that’s how it was advertised earlier.)  So how come we have this dreadful feeling that something may be wrong because he has not been heard from in two whole months?

(Credits: www.osen.co.kr.; http://news.naver.com; www.sportsseoul.com.  Thanks!)

The pigeon poem*

[* Apologies to apricotmui for this frivolous title]


In Jun releasing his pigeon

This is from apricotmui:

Calls for Speculation

I dare not think you are ill
With grief or malady that has made you still

And yet my imagination runs wild
Like a hungry, unruly child

Is your silence a choice of isolation?
From the world of lights, camera, action

Or are you on a meditative retreat?
Practicing restraint and being discreet

Have you taken an extended vacation?
Sunning and swimming in a tropical location

Perhaps you are contractually bound?
Make no appearance; make no sound

Yet surely you know of this old rhyme
“Out of sight, out of mind”

In any event your silence is deafening
Troublesome and quite unsettling

Silence calls for speculation
Which tends to puzzling frustration

So my dearest Park Si Hoo
Can you not spare a word or two?

jexxey: 小白鴿之家

jexxey: 小白鴿之家

If the master doesn’t feed his flock of pigeons, they will starve…. or fly away.

(Credits: 1st photo from Weibo, 2nd photo from Jexxey Tsang.  Thanks!)

Korea abolishes statute of limitations for murder


Remember Park Si Hoo’s debut movie “Confession of Murder”?  The story starts with the 15-year* statute of limitations for murder coming to an end and the self-styled serial killer Lee Du Seok emerging into the limelight ….

[* later extended to 25 years which is the current law]

記得電影”我是殺人犯”嗎? 故事的開始是殺人罪公訴時效屆滿後, 自稱為連環殺人犯李杜石重出江湖….







Korea abolishes statute of limitations for murder

This Korean news is about the imminent abolition of the statute of limitations for murder.

The Korean Congress has passed amendments to the criminal law procedure, abolishing the current 25-year statute of limitations for murder, meaning indictments for murder will no longer be limited by time.

This is called the Tae Wan Law.  Tae Wan was a six-year-old boy who died from a sulphuric acid attack in 1995.  No arrests were made and no one was charged (from lack of evidence), and when the 15-year statute of limitations came to a close, it caused a tremendous uproar and demand for change.  The amended law just passed is also called the Tae Wan Law.



2015-07-27 11:58:19




(Source: 本文節錄自 http://hk.crntt.com/crn-webapp/touch/detail.jsp?coluid=7&kindid=0&docid=103863783

(Korean original / 韓文原文: http://news.chosun.com/site/data/html_dir/2015/07/25/2015072500548.html

(Credits: http://gooddrama.net; http://hk.crntt.com; http://gall.dcinside.com. Thanks!  English interpretation by H.A.T.)

PSH tops SSTV report 2015.07.27



Would you believe it?  PSH is No.1 again on SSTV!

Report title says his popularity in China and the upcoming “Love After Love” account for his regaining the No.1 spot.


Others in Top 10:

빅뱅(BIGBANG)지드래곤 G-Dragon
김종국 Kim Jong-kook
엑소(EXO)세훈 Oh Se-hoon
JYJ 김재중 Kim Jae-joong
이민호 Lee Min-ho
씨엔블루(CNBLUE)정용화 Jung Yong-hwa
김수현 Kim Soo-hyun
JYJ 박유천 Park Yoo-chun
이종석 Lee Jong-suk



(Source: http://www.starseoultv.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=335856)

(Credits: www.starseoultv.com; http://weibo.com. Thanks!)

New Japanese voting site – Third round

Remember that Japanese voting site : http://kandorajidaigeki.ranking100.net?

The BEST KOREAN HISTORICAL DRAMA 2015 Second Round has ended.  Results are as follows:

PSH’s “The Princess’s Man” is again No.1 with 24% of the votes = 438 votes.





The 3rd round has started:

hd-drama 3rd round

To vote:

hd-drama 3rd round-tpm

hd-drama 3rd round-vote

(Credits: http://kandorajidaigeki.ranking100.net. Thanks!)

“Scent” in Jexxey Tsang’s photobook (5)

This is the last of the Jexxey Tsang photobook series.

日子總是日出日落, 日落日出

“Scent” finally starts showing / 香氣終於放映了….

jexxey: I wish .......Thank you mate !

jexxey: I wish …….Thank you mate !

The Chinese words say: Happy to be in the film dream life / “Scent” hit the jackpot / Late autumn . love you

jexxey: 朴施厚x 陈燃的 “距离版”人物海報 #電影香气

jexxey: 朴施厚x 陈燃的 “距离版”人物海報 #電影香气

Park Si Hoo X Chen Ran “Distance” poster of “Scent”

 jexxey: what a nice wrap up moment ))

jexxey: what a nice wrap up moment ))


This is the day / 就是那一天…

jexxey: 女人送給女人的禮物

jexxey: 女人送給女人的禮物

A present from woman to woman

jexxey: 北京第一站

jexxey: 北京第一站

First stop: Beijing

jexxey: 15.8.2014...2am 成都

jexxey: 15.8.2014…2am 成都

15.8.2014…2am Chengdu

jexxey: 8.15 廣州

jexxey: 8.15 廣州

8:15 Guangzhou

jexxey: 8. 15

jexxey: 8. 15

 jexxey: 告別廣州

jexxey: 告別廣州

Goodbye, Guangzhou



Second day of “Scent” screening. Promoting movie from city to city. Not concerned about box office, just want to do my best to promote. Facing such a huge unknown market, I just want to continue to believe in love! Hit the jackpot! Apart from fans, I really hope more people on the street will buy tickets to support movie!


jexxey: 回到夢的最初...最後一站上海...Final Stop Shanghai ~

jexxey: 回到夢的最初…最後一站上海…Final Stop Shanghai ~

Returning to start of dream … last stop: Shanghai

And then, Japan…

之後~ 在日本…

jexxey一邊廂期待《香氣》能於香港影院放映,另一邊廂很高興《香氣》6月13 日將於日本公映! Finally my lastest drama feature Scent going to release in Japan on 13 June

jexxey一邊廂期待《香氣》能於香港影院放映,另一邊廂很高興《香氣》6月13 日將於日本公映! Finally my lastest drama feature Scent going to release in Japan on 13 June




(Credits: https://instagram.com/jexxey; .MIHOKO -T@youtube.com. Thanks!)

TPM Preview on KBSWorld Japan 2015.07.27


“The Princess’s Man” is currently showing on KBS World, Japan.

TPM preview on KBSWorld, Japan (2015.07.27)






(Credits: kbsjapanchannel@youtube.com; www.kbsworld.ne.jp; http://gall.dcinside.com. Thanks!)

寫給我來自Another Family的家人




施厚, 身體健康嗎? 這是你來自Another Family 的家人.

想用一封信來傳達我對你的心情, 下筆卻愈感沉重.持筆數十分鐘後… 躊躇的心情下不能寫下片言隻字…怎麼來表達一切呢?

首先之前發生的2013年事件, 大家明白及諒解對你帶來影響. 今天是2015年了, 1000多個的日子過去了, 作為你Another Family 的家人, 希望朴平浩的家人, 親戚和相熟的朋友可以淡化曾經感受到的痛苦; 更期望你可以減輕被全世界認識我的人都好像在非議我的感覺,以及恐懼感.

可是時間的過去, 作為Another Family的家人心坎更感到疼痛.…因為珍愛粉絲的你, 不知是不是因為你本人的傷痛和罪責感, 而引致不知如何面對我們. 所以自2015年5月30日你回到首爾後, 彷彿墜入韓半島的百慕達三角般, 音訊全無, 更遑論隻字片言. 作為家人, 可以不思念嗎? 可以不牽掛嗎?

在2013年事件以後, 你從我們的堅持得到勇氣. 一如你說 – 這次失去很多, 另一方卻得到的是更多. 在困難的時候我們相信和愛你.  憑著家人的愛讓你可以挺過去, 也給了你勇氣向前行. 到了今天, 我們也需要家人的你的鼓舞, 讓我們可以一同攜手並肩的, 一齊挺過去及向前邁行的 .

快樂和悲哀時, 首先想起的是家人… 對我來說的就是你. 事件完結後當你出現在浦東機場時, 你是我立即想跑去見的人; 你在韓國濟州正式的拍攝, 以及首爾的首次公開亮相, 我也去了現場(後來才知道韓國政府隱瞞MERS的疫情, 而我回來不巧又感冒了而虛驚一場). 在我思海內說了上千次萬次的… 謝謝… 真心的謝謝…謝謝你真的復歸了-演員朴施厚! THANK GOD!

一如你說, 有像你們這樣的家人,讓我再次擁有夢想,作好準備再次回到你們身旁… “香氣”, “思念愛”, 雖然不可以約定在什麼時候, 一定會以更強壯和堅強, 成熟演員的形象出現. ….作為你的家人, 雖然是 Another Family, 仍然是責無旁貸的大力支持.

老實說, 真的, 也是來自肺腑的說話, 你若安好, 平實地過你的日子, 就已足夠. 這也是家人切實的期盼呀…作為 Another Family的家人, 也希望你可以告知近況! 再者, 失去聯絡的family member而不著急, 那還是同一family嗎? 雖然我是來自”Another Family”….

如同今年夏季綿延不斷滔滔不絕的天氣一樣, 我們也經歷了狂風暴雨, 相信會像戰勝暴雨後的土地是更加堅實. 那時候我們以微笑的臉孔和明亮的姿態來相互問安. 至於你的不足, 這是可以修繕的, 不用擔心. 至於當你要後退時, 家人會抓緊你的手, 當你走上斜坡喘氣時, 家人會給你推力, 期望可以還有這樣的機會. 最後, 不用為道歉而擔憂. You are welcome ~ forever & forever.

當然要謝謝你, 你為家人帶來了花樣的年華.

Love you forever

朴施厚Another Family 的家人上



(English translation)

To my family member in Another Family

# Dawn 2:00 a.m. not in the United States

Hello, Sihoo!  How are you?  This is a family member from Another Family.

The weight of the pen cannot convey the complexity in my mind as I try to write this letter.  How do I express the hesitation in my mind that after holding a pen for several minutes, I could not even write a single character.

First of all, about what happened in 2013, we all understand what it did to you.  It’s now 2015, 1000+ days have passed, as a member of your Another Family, I hope Park Pyung Ho’s family, relatives, and close friends can alleviate your pain.  I especially wish you’re no longer struggling with the fear that all the people in the whole world know your face and are bad-mouthing you.

With the passage of time, your Another Family is in pain.  Is it because your feelings of guilt and pain that make you unable to face your fans who cherish you?  Since May 30, 2015, after your return to Seoul, you seemed to have disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle of the Korean Peninsula.  No news at all, not a word or message.  Can your family not miss you? not worry?

You gained courage after seeing our constancy after the 2013 incident.  As you wrote, you have lost a lot, but you’re able to gain more out of this.  In your most difficult moments, you realize that we believe in you and love you.  With your family’s love you had the courage to hold on and make it through.  Today we also need you as our family to encourage us, so we can hold hands and make it through and go forward.

Whether I’m happy or sad, I first of all think of my family.  Yes, that’s what you are to me.  After the incident, when you appeared at Pudong Airport, you were the one I wanted to run to see.  When you were filming in Jeju and when you made your first official appearance in Korea in Seoul, I was there.  (Only afterwards did I know the Korean government was hiding facts about MERS, and I happened to catch the ‘flu on my return which caused false alarm.)  In my mind thousands of times, tens of thousands of times I want to say: Thank you.  Thank you with all my heart.  Thank you for making your comeback, actor Park Si Hoo.  THANK GOD!

As you said, with a family like us, you are once again dreaming of going out into the world, preparing for your entrance …. “Scent”, “Love After Love”.  Although you cannot promise when it will be, you will become stronger and tougher, and will appear before us again as a more mature actor.  As your family, although just Another Family, we will do our best to support you.

Actually, speaking from the bottom of my heart, if you’re well and spending your days in an ordinary way, it is enough.  This is your family’s fervent wish.  As Another Family, we’re dying for news of you.  If a family member loses contact and the rest are not anxious, how can they still be family? even though we’re just “Another Family”.

This summer the rains are persistent and heavy, and we all suffer in the harsh rain, but I believe that surviving the rain will make us hardened like the earth.  At that time we will greet each other with smiling faces and bright looks.  As for your inadequacies, they can be amended, so not to worry.  Every time you slip, your family will hold your hand, and every time you feel out of breath climbing the steep slope, your family will give you a push.  Hope there is still such a chance.  Finally, no need to say you’re sorry for causing us worry.  You are welcome ~ forever and ever.

Of course we have to thank you for bringing such beautiful moments to your family.

Love you forever

Posted by Park Si Hoo’s Another Family

2015.05.26  Not in the U.S.A.


PSH’s letter from U.S.A.:

(Credits: PSH photo originally from JOFC, we think, but this one’s from DC.  Thanks!)