PSH on location

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Remember the stylist Hera’s photo of PSH that we posted a couple of days ago? (see last photo)

A Japanese fan has confirmed that the location is the hotel at Ise-Shima where they stayed for the fireworks event last month.

See the following photos she posted on Twitter:



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Gimje tours sold out


Remember the Gimije 3days/2 nights tour that PSH was advertising?  Latest from is that these tours from Japan to Gimje have all been sold out.

So it looks like there will be a sizable contingent of Japanese fans at this event, not counting the fans from China and other countries, fully justifying PSH’s drawing power as a Hallyu star who can promote tourism to Korea.


Here again is the video of PSH promoting the 2015 Gimje Horizon Festival:


PSH says:

Hello, I’m actor Park Si Hoo. In order to popularize the 17th Gimje Horizon Festival widely across the world, which is one of the biggest traditional festivals in Korea, I’ve got involved and been working as a PR ambassador.

Why don’t you have fun with me and support the festival by attending it?

See you in Gimje!

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brown hat

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PSH on SSTV 2015.09.27


 According to SSTV (Seoul Star Television) in its K-Star Global Ranking, Park Si Hoo is No.2 in its week of September 21-27, 2015 ratings (based on Baidu ranking and (our #8 voting site) and No.3 in its week of September 14-20, 2015.


For the week of September 21 – 27, PSH was No.2.


Others in Top 10

김수현 Kim Soo-hyun
이민호 Lee Min-ho
비 Rain
정용화 Jung Yong-hwa
찬열 Park Chan-yeol
박유천 Park Yoo-chun
김종국 Kim Jong-kook
지드래곤 G-Dragon
세훈 Oh Se-hoon


For the week of September 14 – 20, PSH was No.3.


Others in Top 10

김종국 Kim Jong-kook
이민호 Lee Min-ho
정용화 Jung Yong-hwa
김수현 Kim Soo-hyun
세훈 Oh Se-hoon
지드래곤 G-Dragon
태민 Lee Tae-min
비(정지훈) Rain(Jung Ji-hoon)
김재중 Kim Jae-joong


2 weeks


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PSH in Koretame 2015.09.27

South Korea, Korean movies and others — latest weekly rankings (Top 10)

韓国・韓流映画その他 最新週間ランキング(ベスト10位)

Aggregate / 集計:2015.9.14~2015.9.27

No. 6 – PSH 2015 Birthday
No.9 – “Scent”


Aggregate / 集計:2015.8.1~8.31

No.3 – “Scent”
No.20 – PSH 2015 Birthday

koretame-20150929 -201508

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The singer not the song

This is one of the funniest scenes in “Family Honor”, our favorite Korean drama of all times.  We must have seen it N times, and yet every single time we can’t help laughing, especially since PSH is so mischievously serious.

Yoon Jung Hee was once asked if she really sang like that, and she was most offended.  She said she had to make an effort to sing out of tune.  She even retorted, “You think it’s easy to sing like that?”



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PSH in Korean news 2015.09.29



This news report is about an event on China’s Baidu Tieba* that took place on September 29, 2015 at Beijing’s Workers’ Stadium (Indoor Arena).

*Baidu Tieba (Chinese: 百度贴吧) is the largest Chinese communication platform provided by the Chinese search engine company, Baidu. It is an online community bound tightly with internet search services, one of the main business of Baidu. The website functions by having users search or create a bar (Forum) by typing a keyword, and if the bar has not been created before, it is then created upon the search.

Baidu Tieba was established on December 3, 2003. Here, “bar” means someplace on the internet like a forum providing place for users to do interactive social network site activities. The slogan of Baidu Tieba is “Born for your interest” (Chinese: 为兴趣而生). As of 2014 there are more than eight million bars, mostly created by fans, which cover popular stars, films, comics or books. More than one billion posts have been published in these bars.

(Info from Wikipedia)

They held a Baidu Tieba Fans’ Carnival on September 29 from 10:00 to 17:00.  The presentation ceremony was 19:00 to 21:00.  Baidu is China’s largest portal site.  This event plays a role as the exchange platform between Korean and Chinese fans.

According to this article, in 2015 Baidu Tieba has 100,000 stars (of all nationalities), 340 million active fans all over the world, and 3.2 billion cumulative posts.

This year 1,069 bars participated.  We have no idea how the contest was scored.  We can only report the results here.

No.1 is the Chinese boys’ group tfboys; No.2 is the Korean boy band EXO; No.3 is Lu Han (ex-EXO); No.4 is Eason Chen (Hong Kong singer).

Others include No.13 Super Junior, No.22 Lee Min Ho, No.49 Jackie Chan, No.64 Justin Beiber, No.69 Emma Watson.

Park Si Hoo is No.85.


This is the PSH booth at the Baidu Tieba Fans’ Carnival:



20150929b On the right of PSH is Emma Watson’s booth





소셜 번역 플리토, 바이두와 협력…한류문화 전파

2015-09-29 10:17

– 29일 열린 ‘바이두 티에바(TIEBA) 팬 페스티벌’ 의 ‘공식 언어 플랫폼’ 으로써 활약

[이데일리 김현아 기자] 소셜 번역 서비스인 플리토가 중국 최대 포털 사이트 바이두와 손을 잡고 29일 열린 ‘바이두 티에바(팬 커뮤니티) 팬 페스티벌’에서 활약했다.

이 행사의 ‘공식 언어 플랫폼’으로 채택돼 한국 스타와 중국 팬들의 교류를 위해 역할을 한 것.

바이두 티에바는 바이두에서 운영하는 중국 최대의 커뮤니티 서비스로, 2015년 바이두 티에바의 연예인 티에바 수는 10만개, 활동하는 팬 수는 3.4억명, 누적 게시글은 32억개에 달한다.

이번 티에바 팬 페스티벌은 12년 동안 티에바에서 함께한 팬들이 한 자리에 모일 수 있는 기회를 제공한 것으로, 팬들을 위한 축제인 동시에 감사를 표하는 자리이기도 했다.

중국 유명 스타들과 1만여명의 팬들이 함께 참가하였으며, 특히, 한국 스타 티에바의 활약이 크게 돋보였다. EXO, 소녀시대, 슈퍼주니어, FX 빅토리아, 티아라, 김우빈, 박시후 등 열여 개의 한국스타 공식 팬 티에바가 참석하여 한국 문화와 연예인에 대한 중국인의 뜨거운 관심을 느낄 수 있는 자리였다.

최근에 플리토는 한국의 연예 정보 프로그램 <연예가중계>의 중국 버전인 <한래지성>과의 협력을 마쳤다.

해당 프로그램의 유일한 ‘스타 Q&A 플랫폼’ 으로써, 한류문화를 사랑하는 다수의 중국 유저를 보유하고 있다. 이번 페스티벌 에서도 플리토는 이러한 유저들을 위해 언어장벽을 해결하여 해외 스타의 근황을 마음껏 즐겨볼 수 있게 함으로서, 진정한 “Enjoy the world in your language” 를 실현시켰다.

플리토는 중국에 진출한 지 6개월만에 중국 대표적인 포털 사이트 넷이즈 (Netease), IT 정보 사이트 궈커, 여행 소셜 커뮤니티 사이트 찬요우지 등 중국의 유명 인터넷 기업들과 협력관계를 체결했으며, 이번 ‘바이두 티에바 팬 페스티벌’을 통해 다시 한번 중국 내에 플리토의 브랜드와 서비스를 알릴 수 있는 기회가 됐다.

(Credits:;  Thanks!  English interpretation by H.A.T.)

Jami and Dami on Twitter (87)



Jami and Dami updated their Twitter:

Dami: Master’s “ENISHI Season 3″ Vol.4 cover has been released ~ ♪

Jami: ENISHI Season 3 final issue will be released on October 16 (Friday)!  I’m looking forward to it.  Meow ~

Click here for details:



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PSH sings “For You”

This is our song – “For You” – which we haven’t heard for a long time.  MV created by a Chinese fan Ranrann – Many thanks!

中國粉絲的作品, 久違了的For You…


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It takes all sorts….

It takes all sorts to make the world …. just as it takes all sorts to make the PSH world.

There’s the man himself, of course, at the center of his universe.  He is surrounded by first of all his family, some members of whom have been most visible.  Everybody knows his brother Park Woo Ho is the CEO of his management company Hoo Factory, and he accompanies PSH on most of his trips abroad.  His mother often tags along too, and she has become familiar with some of his fans.  Many fans (from different countries) who have been to Buyeo have met his father and his grandmother who are most hospitable.  His grandfather is a little elusive, but he too has appeared and had his picture taken (to prove the man who used to ride horses really exists^^)

PSH has friends, of course, good friends, not fairweather friends who dropped him like a hot potato when he got into trouble.  We still remember how quickly Mucha pulled all his photos from their site in February 2013.  We don’t know anything about PSH’s friends, except the one who appeared on KBS’s “Star Life Theater”.  The two of them went back a long way when they were both struggling actors-to-be.  PSH must have friends in the K-entertainment world, but no one came to his defense when he’s down and out.  Perhaps that’s the way Korean culture is, but we hope they let him know in private that he’s not alone.  We know the entertainment business all over the world is dog-eat-dog, but we still believe in human kindness and decency.

The next concentric circle is PSH’s staff/handlers — HF officials (we miss Mr. Chubby!), his hair designer, his stylist, his photographer, etc.  They have all posted photos and info of PSH on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram, especially when it’s not convenient for PSH to do so himself.  You’ve seen them at the airports or events in Korea, Japan, and China.

And then there are the fans who form the outermost ring (even if some fancy themselves to be in the inner circle.)  Fans from different countries are very different.  We’ve met leading Korean and Japanese fans (leaders who do the work, organize functions, manage donations, etc.) and they are without exception capable and selfless people, completely devoted to PSH.  For example, the 2014 PSH birthday is forever etched into our memory with one outstanding image — that of the birthday cake, especially the top part which Japanese fan Misa123 hand-carried all the way from Tokyo to Buyeo.  When PSH ate that, we’re sure it tasted especially sweet, and not from the sugar and spice (as the song goes) but because it was saturated with love.


We’ve crossed swords with 2 Chinese Masters of 2 different websites of different regions.  We’ll let you in on a secret : why we started PSH4U.  At that time we could only go to existing PSH sites to check out his news.  One overseas Chinese site (i.e. not in mainland China) required members to be of a certain level before they’re allowed to read certain posts or see certain photos/videos.  A could not type Chinese, so H had to leave hundreds of comments so A could access certain posts.  Her efforts were all wasted one day when A wrote a comment (in English) that offended the Master and her membership was deleted.  Why do we have to be at the mercy of people like these? we thought.  We could start our own PSH website.  Voila! PSH4U was conceived.  And we made sure it’s an open site so anyone who likes PSH is welcome to come and browse.  This Master tried to make life difficult for us on one occasion (without knowing PSH4U was once their member), but of course we would not let her ride roughshod over us.  We have not heard from her since.  We have not bothered to find out if her website is still functioning, but we know for a fact we’re bigger and better^^

We don’t socialize because we don’t like 是非 [ED: no exact translation in English – the 2 words literally mean “right” “wrong”, if you get the drift.]  Even if we keep to ourselves, sometimes trouble comes looking for us.  On one occasion, the Master of a leading Chinese PSH website asked us to delete a certain post.  We politely refused and she was very surprised.  She told us when the Master of one site asked the Master of another site to delete a post, the request was always honored.  We’re the new kid on the block, we said, we didn’t know the rules.  The post stayed, and we sort of became friends.  不打不相識^^ (Friendship starts from an exchange of blows).

Sometimes the blow comes out of left field, from someone totally unexpected, who told us off because she felt we posted articles that were detrimental to PSH, that showed him in an unfavorable light.  The articles do not reflect how we feel about PSH but how the Koreans feel about him, and it is important that his fans are kept in the loop and not in the dark.  However, this is just a minor irritation.  We haven’t yet mentioned the weird, the annoying, and the obnoxious …. There’s the fan who lives in a world of her own, a world in which she imagines she and PSH are an item.  She used to regale us with bizarre stories (in l-o-n-g e-mails) about their “affair”.  There’s the fan who’s very aggressive and bossy and thought she could take whatever she liked from our site and pass it off as her own, until we put her in her place.  And then there’s the fan who has no moral scruples at all and would do anything to be regarded as #1 PSH fan (many failed to see through her pretense even after we called her bluff) …. These people of different nationalities used to be PSH4U members and now they all have their own PSH websites, and curiously and coincidentally they have become chummy on Twitter, Facebook, and Weibo.  What’s that proverb about “Birds of a feather….”?

We feel very strongly that all fans are equal.  But we know some think “All fans are equal, but some are more equal than others.”  This is of course a paraphrase of George Orwell’s famous lines in the political satire “Animal Farm” : “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.”  We value more the fan who goes to an unheralded PSH event, knowing she won’t be able to see him up close but determined to go anyway because an international presence is important for PSH’s image BEFORE his official domestic return than the fan who attends practically every one of PSH’s events and then never loses an opportunity to remind people how many times she has seen him, how many times she has shaken his hand, how many times she has “talked” to him, how many autographs she has collected … blah, blah, blah.  How do you think those fans who live in faraway countries feel? — fans who for one reason or another are not able to attend any PSH event, who will never have the chance to see him in person.  They don’t love him less; they just don’t have the time or leisure or resources.

We all love PSH in our own way.  Keeping him in your heart, praying for him every night, leaving comments on PSH websites, voting for him at various sites, creating MVs for him, buying his DVDs and CDs, splurging on his souvenirs every now and then, subscribing to his magazine ENISHI, keeping the flame burning for him …. are as good as attending his events which cater for the minority of lucky fans.  For the majority of fans, PSH is a remote presence, but someone very real, flesh and blood, someone we can relate to (even though we may not speak the same language) because what he embodies is universal — goodness, decency, integrity, courage, modesty, perseverance, charity, consistency, conscientiousness, filial piety, genuineness….and, vulnerability.


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