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[News] [# Park Si Hoo] [# parksihoo] [# hoofactory]
(In Nagoya D-7) Photo Story!
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[소식] [#박시후][#parksihoo][#hoofactory]
( In Nagoya D-7 ) Photo Story!
후팩토리 페이스북 페이지에서 바로 확인하세요^^






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PSH in Top 10 Korean actors in Asia




These TOP TEN Korean actors who are red hot in Asia in 2014 are chosen by a Chinese medium 东北新闻网 (no criteria given).

As usual, we are only interested in PSH who is ranked No.5.

(Translation)  Park Si Hoo was born in 1978.  He became popular for acting in “Iljimae”, “Family Honor”, “Prosecutor Princess”, “Cheongdam-dong Alice” and other such classic dramas.  2014 is PSH’s lucky year: CDDA, TPM, and other television dramas were broadcast on Anhui TV.  PSH’s acting ranges from cool and steady to frivolous and mischievous, from extremely gentle to insane hatred, as rich as an encyclopedia.  In 2014 PSH partnered Chinese actress Chen Ran in the movie “Scent” which has finished shooting [ED: FYI, Chinese medium, the movie has already been shown!]  His frequent activities and explosive popularity have attracted the attention of people from all walks of life.  PSH’s personal appearance and charitable activities have earned him the nickname of “Warm Male”, and because of his distinctive smile and charisma, he has also been called the “Smiling Prince.”


To satisfy your curiosity, we’ll give you the names of the other 9 (but don’t ask us who they are because we don’t know half of them):
1.  Kim Soo Hyun
2.  Lee Min Ho
3.  Park Yu Chun
4.  Park Hae Jin
6.  Rain
7.  No Min Woo
8.  Lee Jun Ki
9.  Kim Woo Bin
10.Choi Si Won



(Credits:东北新闻网);  Thanks!  English translation by H.A.T.)

ENISHI~Season 2 set



Do you want Park Si Hoo’s original magazine ENISHI ~ Season 2, 4-volume set (with Making of DVD)?  Pre-order is now available on Amazon Japan at 9,450 yen.  Release date: November 4, 2014.

パク・シフオリジナルマガジン『ENISHI~縁~ Season2』4冊セット (MakingDVD付き) (日本語)


4 books (VOL1-VOL4) in A4 size each 96P total 384 pages
Publisher: MENTOR (November 4, 2014)
Language: 日本語
ISBN-10: 4990775929
ISBN-13: 978-4990775926
Release Date: November 4, 2014


To order:

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“Scent” OST on Baidu King Chart


2014.08.05 start…

top 20141020

This is how PSH’s song in “Scent” OST “The Sound of Your Coming” fared during Stages 17 (2014.08.04 ~10) to 27 (2014.10.13~19) of China’s Baidu King Chart.

Blue bar – Chinese version
Red bar – Korean version

X-axis: ranking       Y-axis: no. of week

This is how you read chart above:
1st week (August 4 – 10) : Chinese version of TSOYC was No.3 and Korean version was No.4
2nd week (August 11 – 17) : Chinese version of TSOYC was No.4 and Korean version was No.5 …..

11th week (October 13 – 19) : Chinese version of TSOYC was (still) No.16 and Korean version No.17

Isn’t PSH amazing?  And he’s not even a professional singer.

And PSH’s Chinese fans are amazing too — for keeping his song on the chart for so long, amidst fierce competition.  We salute you!

This is how score is calculated:
Singles can earn a maximum score of 100 points, currently accumulated by 6 methods — trial listening, cloud collection, download, search volume, sign-in at Baidu, and sharing.

第17期(2014.08.04~10) ~ 27期 (2014.10.13~19)

Blue bar – Chinese version
Red bar – Korean version

X-axis: ranking   Y-axis: no. of week





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PSH and the Giant Yellow Duck


SEOUL, Oct. 20 (Yonhap) — A giant yellow rubber duck sitting on Seoul’s Seokchon Lake has captured the hearts and minds of thousands of South Koreans.
The giant duck will be on display until Nov. 14, wrapping up its journey to Seoul following successful stints at major cities such as Hong Kong, Sydney and Sao Paulo.




Remember PSH’s photos with the yellow duck during his stint in China earlier this year?



This is from the Facebook of PSH’s assistant Mr.Chubby (2014.10.20):


And PSH?  He has no girlfriend, so he has only the duck^^


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PSH’s JFM at Yokohama

MV of PSH’s 2014 Japan Fan Meeting at Yokohama on September 28 created by a Japanese fan, set to the Korean version of the “Scent” OST “The Sound of Your Coming” which he sang at both shows.  MV also includes the interview in between the two shows.


Published on 4 Oct 2014
説明PAKU SI HOO~秋風に乗って~ファンミーティーング
2014年9月28日 パシフィック横浜国際ホール



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PSH’s comeback?



Why do people talk about the upcoming “After Love” or “Blood” or whatever as PSH’s comeback?

As far as we are concerned, PSH has already made his comeback — with “Scent”.

He is an actor and he has made a movie – his first in nearly two years.  If that is not “comeback”, what is it?

To call “Blood” or “After Love” or whatever PSH’s comeback is negating “Scent” which is totally unfair and unwarranted.

“Scent” may not be the greatest movie ever made, but it is definitely among our TOP TEN Chinese movies – simply because PSH is in it.

The Koreans choose to ignore that?  They think they can ignore the land of 1.3 billion? That would be acting like the proverbial ostrich with its head in the sand.

There’s no denying the fact that PSH is a Korean actor, but he has transcended Korea.  It is not an exaggeration to say he is more popular in many other countries than in Korea, most notably China and Japan – simply in terms of numbers.  We do not have any statistics to support this, but we don’t think we can be faulted for saying there are more PSH fans in China and Japan (separately, not combined) than in Korea.

“Scent” has made movie history in that:
1. it was shown simultaneously in 3,800 cinemas all across China. (How many cinemas are there in the whole of Korea? – with a population of 50 million.)
2. it was the first Chinese-financed movie in which the Korean actor is the male lead (unlike those Korean actors in previous Chinese movies who just played a role in an ensemble.)
3. it was the first Chinese movie in which the Korean actor played a Korean and spoke mostly Korean (also some English and Chinese.)
4. the OST sung by PSH shot to No.3 (Chinese version) and No.4 (Korean version) on its initial release, besting TVXQ (No.5 and No.10) and JYJ (No.8)


Come to think of it, “comeback” is a dubious term.  Why does PSH need to “comeback” when he has never been away?  It is true that he stopped all activities when he was embroiled in that incident in the spring of 2013.  But as soon as the case was resolved, PSH went to the U.S.A. to shoot pictures for ENISHI.  Then it was announced there would be an ENISHI Season 2.  He stayed in the U.S.A. for nearly 3 months, working and resting.

On June 1, COM opened in Japan (and went on to screen till end of November).  Then on June 17, PSH’s new Japan Official Fan Club was launched.  On October 5, PSH returned to Korea (his first public appearance.)  On November 21, CDDA premiered on KNTV, Japan.  This was followed by the Tokyo Exhibition on November 22, 23, 24.  And on November 30, ENISHI Season 2 was released.  The Osaka Exhibition heralded in the new year 2014 on January 11-13.  PSH might have been forced to “practice restraint” in Korea, but his activities in Japan never ceased.

Next he made his foray into China.  On December 29, PSH went to China to shoot his Chinese movie “Scent” which preoccupied him in Shanghai for the next month.  He returned to Korea at the end of January 2014 to continue shooting in Busan, where his Japanese fans visited him on set on February 7.  Hoo Factory announced in a tweet on February 27 that PSH was on the cover of 11 Japanese magazines, mainly to promote the CDDA DVD that was released in May and June (in 2 parts).

Next it was the Xinjiang Auto Show in China on March 15.  “Scent” activities continued with the press conference and end-of-shooting ceremony in Beijing on March 26 and attendance at BIFF (Beijing International Film Festival) on April 15.  In between appearances for “Scent”, PSH hosted Japanese (and other) fans at his birthday bash at Buyeo on April 6.  He went to China again on June 19 for “Scent” post-production work, including interviews with several Chinese magazines.  The “Scent” OST was released on the Baidu chart on August 5.  PSH embarked on the 6-cities road show for “Scent” from August 13 to 17.

PSH was announced as the spokesman for I-CODI on September 4.  This was PSH’s first CF in a while.  Hey! What happened to the chocolates?  News reports were released in mid-June.

The Japan Fan Meeting (2 shows) was held in Yokohama on September 28.  In the video shown at the JFM, PSH could be seen rehearsing his dance moves.  He must have practiced singing too, because he sang a few new songs.  His Nagoya fan meeting is coming up on November 5.  As for his China Fan Meetings on October 10 and 12, well, they died an unnatural death (through no fault of PSH’s).

And now there are all these news and rumors about PSH’s likely new projects — a movie “After Love”, a drama “Blood”, anything else?  The Korean media called this “PSH’s comeback”, but as we have shown in above, PSH has never stopped working, maybe not in Korea, but in other parts of the world.  He just changed his playing field from Korea to China, Japan, and the U.S.A.  If he has never been out of our sight, there is no such thing as a “comeback”.  The Koreans may deny he even existed, but if there had been no news of PSH, how do you think we managed to keep our blog running?

So, if PSH ever made another Korean movie or drama, it is just another feather in his cap.  It is not a “comeback” because he never left, as simple as that.

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TPM on Japanese pay TV channel

For Japanese fans

Frankly, we’re surprised anyone would still pay to see TPM on TV.  The drama has been shown on NHK (free) and we’re sure PSH fans would have bought the DVD that was released in May/June 2014.  The DVD rental was doing such good business soon after that anyone who wished to see TPM would have seen it multiple times.  Still, it just shows how popular PSH is in Japan – because business people just don’t invest in a lost cause^^


GyaO! pay channel

2014.10.26 – 2014.11.01 (Ep.1 ~ 4)  Free (You have to pay to see the rest)


★・韓国ドラマ・王女の男 【総集編最終回】



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PSH in Fallen Leaves

MV created by a Chinese fan, set to a Korean song “Fallen Leaves” – Many thanks!




The wind is blowing and the sun is setting
Although fate is making us grow farther apart
Time is flowing and the past is getting deeper

I guess it’s love, I guess it’s longing
Your smile is buried in me
After the flower withers, we will start again

* As we walk on top of the leaves and say let’s be together
I will promise forever to you, who has swallowed my heart
In this eye-blindingly beautiful dream,
Heartache is coming

When the darkness leaves and dawn comes
At some point, I linger at those memories
My heart that’s only for you is filled with dew

* repeat

Under the same sky, dreaming the same dream
The stars of the light have a feast and I place myself in that festival
Someday, the day when I sing again will come
I will tell you that I love you with all I am
I will forever cherish the trembling moments of the past
Even if I can’t see you, hidden by reality
I will find you again

I guess it’s love, I guess it’s longing
Your smile is buried in me
After the flower withers, we will start again
Start again, start again

(English lyrics from:

(Credits: 健悦耳淳悦目皆悦心; Thanks!)