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2014.08.12 and 13



Hoo Factory left 5 tweets in the last 12 hours, the first two last night were about Park Si Hoo’s appearance (in an eye-catching top and white shorts with a big smile) at Seoul’s Incheon International Airport on his way to Beijing on August 12, and the three this morning are about his Chinese movie “Scent” which will start showing in 3,800 cinemas from August 15, 2014, the “first for a Hallyu star”.



(Credits: Thanks!  English translation by H.A.T.)

To Chinese fans who requested “Scent” tickets



我們很高興可以贈送’香氣’的戲票來支援你所在的城市. 由於資源有限也想讓更多的城市參與, 所以未能送贈大量的戲票.

相信你也知道, 朴施厚的復歸作品’香氣’務必要成功, 換言之, 即是有成功的票房, 而送贈’香氣’戲票也就是支援電影票房. 我們在送贈戲票時, 也有以下的條款要求. 如果你真是喜歡朴施厚當然希望他成功復歸, 相信你不會介意小小的要求.

1) 對每一申請者最多送出十張’香氣’戲票. 亦要求你要購買相同數量的戲票並提供証明 (如拍照).

2) 如果許可, 請拍回看戲的朋友的合照, 讓我們分享在大銀幕見到厚厚的喜悅, 照片未經你同意是絕不會公開刊登的.

3) 你和憑贈送戲票入場欣賞’香氣’的朋友, 要協助宣傳電影’香氣’, 如向朋友, 或在微博及其他群組, 推薦介紹電影’香氣’.

如果你同意上列的, 請通知我們, 並附上以下的資料:

1) 已購買戲票的証明 – 將會獲得等量戲票 (最多十張)
2) 欣賞電影’香氣’的日期, 時間(場次), 城市, 戲院資料 – 名稱, 地址及網上購買戲票的結連(最重要).
3) 收取戲票者的名字及手機號

贈送戲票數量有限, 送完即止.

請欣賞電影’香氣’以及繼續支持朴施厚, 謝謝!




Dear PSH fan,

Thank you for your love and support of PSH and “Scent”.

We will be delighted to give you some free “Scent” tickets as support in your city.  We have only limited resources and would like to reach out to as many cities as we can, so we will not be able to provide a lot of tickets.

As you know, the intention of giving “Scent” tickets is to support Mr. Park Si Hoo’s comeback work “Scent” so that it will be successful.  In order to do this, we need to make sure ticket box office is high.  As such, we have attached conditions below for the free tickets.  If you love PSH and want him to be successful, we are sure you will not consider these conditions to be demanding.

1) We will give you up to 10 free “Scent” tickets.  For each free ticket, you must buy another “Scent” ticket yourself in support.  You will need to give us proof of the purchase of these “Scent” tickets.  Thereafter, we will purchase these “Scent” tickets and give these to you for free.

2) If possible, please e-mail us a photo of group which watched “Scent”.  We wish to share your happiness, and we will only post photo with your permission.

3) You and all attendees using the free tickets must spread good words on PSH and “Scent” and get as many people to watch or ask about “Scent” as possible, both online, by word-of-mouth or other means.

Please let us know if you agree to the above conditions.  If you do, can you send us the below immediately:

1) Proof of “Scent” tickets purchased – we will give you the equivalent based on your proof of purchase.
2) Date, time, city, cinema and cinema address to watch Scent — it must be available online for ticket booking
3) Name and mobile phone number of person collecting tickets

Please enjoy “Scent” and continue to support PSH.

Thank you and best regards.