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(Credits: 티브이데일리@youtube.com; www.starseoultv.com; 연합뉴스TV Entertainment@youtube.com; http://news.nate.com. Video is edited by H.A.T. Thanks!)

You don’t bring me flowers anymore

Remember the Barbra Streisand /Neil Diamond classic “You don’t bring me flowers anymore” that begins and ends like this:

You Don’t Bring Me Flowers

You don’t bring me flowers
You don’t sing me love songs
You hardly talk to me anymore
When you come through the door
At the end of the day…..

Well, you’d think I could learn
How to tell you goodbye
‘Cause you don’t bring me flowers

We don’t really want to talk about this, but several people asked us how come they looked in vain for the rice wreath from PSH4U at the “Neighborhood Hero” press conference on January 19.  Well, there’s none.  And here’s why:

PSH4U wanted to send a 500 kg rice wreath but was told (by whom? Guess^^) that only Sihoorang (Korea), JOFC (Japan), and Baidu (China) were allowed 500 kg.  All other fansites could only contribute 400 kg or 100 kg.  They specifically said if PSH4U wanted to take part, the maximum we’re allowed was 400 kg.

So, PSH’s international fans are to be made to feel like second-class citizens.  This is DISCRIMINATION!  We would not participate under such unfair restrictions.

They want the world to think PSH only has the support of fans from Korea, Japan, and China, in other words, Asian fans?  We’re appalled by such myopic and parochial mentality!  Such narrow-mindedness, such limited vision, such exclusivity!


PSH’s 2014 birthday

The curious thing is: PSH4U has always participated (on an equal footing) in previous PSH events which called for rice wreaths.  The first time was his birthday bash in April 2014 and the last time was again his birthday in April 2015, both times donating 500 kg.  The 500 kg rice wreath cost 1,750,000KRW; together with bank charges (both outgoing and incoming) total came to more than US$1800 — that’s how much we wired from the U.S.A. in April 2014.  So we’re not talking exactly about peanuts.


PSH’s 2015 birthday

But of course it’s not the money which is the issue.  We feel PSH is worth every cent and every ounce of our support in whatever way we can show it.  We’re proud we could show people PSH’s fans are not confined to Asia but are all over the world.  We always write: “With love from your international fans on PSH4U”.  We’re not concerned whether anyone knows what PSH4U is (who cares?) but the emphasis is always on “international fans”.

Apart from rice wreaths, we’ve also sent flowers on several occasions, the last time being PSH’s Japan Fan Meeting in Yokohama in September 2014.

2014JFM 010

2014JFM 015

They couldn’t see that by putting us down they’re actually hurting PSH?  Do they really have PSH’s best interests at heart?  This is his long-awaited comeback in Korea.  Surely the more support he has, the more rice wreaths there are, the more it will show the Koreans he is still very popular ALL OVER THE WORLD.

We considerd going straight to the rice wreath website and ordering the biggest rice wreath they have (1,000kg) and having that sent to the press conference venue.  But we knew they could have it thrown out for being unauthorized since they’re in control.  No point in pouring money down the drains.

But then we also know in this kind of game, it’s always 多你一個不多,  少你一個不少 (as the Chinese saying goes) – what’s one more or one less?  We are not so big-headed as to think PSH’s comeback will in any way be dimmed by the absence of a 500 kg rice wreath from his international fans.  We just feel it’s a pity those in power chose to handle things this way.

You all know the saying: “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.”  We now realize: “A little power is also a dangerous thing.”  Just because they’re official, they can set the rules, favoring some and belittling others.  Instead of such petty gestures, why don’t they do more for their artist in their own country?  If it hadn’t been for his overseas fans (and this include his INTERNATIONAL fans), do you think PSH would be able to make his comeback in such a record time?  [ED: 3 years is a record in Korea.]

We mentioned before that there’s a current Chinese saying:
Translation: “Not afraid of Godlike opponents, only afraid of pig-like team-mates”
meaning: “Your success (or failure) does not necessarily depend on the strength of your opponents/rivals, but also on the strength (or weakness) of your own team.”  We wonder if they realize what being on the same team means.  We’re not sure we’re on the same wavelength.

We are proud PSH has risen from the ashes like the legendary phoenix.  We just wish his fans will have an iota of his courage and wisdom.  We at PSH4U are proud to be PSH fans who admire him with clarity and objectivity (our head) and all our heart.

(Credits: All photos by H.A.T.)

LAL postponed to March 2016


“Love After Love” starring Park Si Hoo, Yoon Eun Hye release postponed to March

The movie “Love After Love” starring Park Si Hoo and Yoon Eun Hye which was due to open in February has been postponed to March.

An official said on January 19 that because the movie aimed to open simultaneously in three countries (China, Korea, and Japan), more coordination was necessary.  So the release date has been postponed from February to March.

“Love After Love” is a joint venture between Korea and China and is a melodrama about a man and a woman’s sad love story.  Park Si Hoo plays a former pilot who is grounded for health reasons and Yoon Eun Hye is the wife he does not cherish until she is dead.

Meanwhile, Park Si Hoo’s returns to Korean drama in three years with OCN’s “Neighborhood Hero” which starts broadcasting on January 23.  Yoon Eun Hye was recently embroiled in a controversy over costume design plagiarism on a performing arts program in China, for which she apologized in December 2015.  This issue is still open to question and attention is focused on her return work.

(Source: http://isplus.live.joins.com/news/article/article.asp?total_id=19441486&cloc=)


[이슈is] 박시후·윤은혜 주연 ‘사랑후애’ 2월→3월 개봉 연기

[일간스포츠] 입력 2016.01.20 08:13 수정 2016.01.20 09:21

배우 박시후, 윤은혜 주연의 영화 ‘사랑후애(愛)'(어일선 감독)가 2월에서 3월로 개봉이 연기됐다.

한 영화관계자는 19일 일간스포츠에 “‘사랑후애’는 한·중·일 3개국의 동시 개봉을 목표로 하고 있어 조율이 좀 더 필요하다. 그래서 2월에서 3월로 개봉을 한 달 연기했다”고 전했다. 앞서 ‘사랑후애’는 지난해 하반기 개봉을 목표로 했다가 정통 멜로인 만큼 발렌타인 시즌을 노려 2월로 조정했다. 하지만 3개국의 상황에 맞춰 개봉 시기를 논의하다 보니 또 미뤄지게 된 것.

한중합작영화 ‘사랑후애’는 항상 옆에 있을 때는 소중함을 알지 못하다가 곁을 떠나가고 나서야 비로소 한 여자를 바라보게 된 남자의 슬픈 사랑 이야기를 담은 멜로 드라마. 박시후는 극 중 항공사에서 근무하는 전직 조종사 김성준 역을 맡는다. 윤은혜는 한 남자만을 바라보는 현모양처 은홍 역할을 소화한다.

한편 ‘사랑후애’의 개봉이 늦어지면서 박시후는 지난 2013년 연예인 지망생 성폭행 논란(당시 박시후는 무고 주장하며 맞고소, 쌍방의 소취하로 일단락) 이후 3년 만에 OCN 주말극 ‘동네의 영웅’으로 복귀한다. 윤은혜는 중국 예능프로그램에 출연, 의상 디자인 표절 논란으로 화제의 중심에 섰던 바 있다. 지난해 12월 논란 3개월 만에 고개숙여 사과했지만, 당시 표절 논란과 관련한 정확한 입장 표명은 없었기에 복귀작인 ‘사랑후애’에 이목이 집중되고 있다.
황소영 기자 hwang.soyoung@joins.com

(Source: http://isplus.live.joins.com/news/article/article.asp?total_id=19441486&cloc=)

(Credits: http://isplus.live.joins.com. Thanks! English translation by H.A.T.)

knapavalley’s NH shooting tour report (2)

(knapavalley continues from yesterday)

We all entered the studio. It was a  huge set of the bar where Baek Si Yoon works. It didn’t look like a set at all.  The furniture looked real.  Sihoo-ssi was not in my sight. He was shooting next door where we couldn’t see him directly, but I was able to see a monitor for the director. The scene was a Sihoo-ssi’s close-up shot holding a gun with a serious face.
Then for the next scene he came out from the room and stood at the bar counter. He waved so many times to us and smiled. He took lots of selfies with us between shooting. He even took our videos. He looked really, really happy acting!!
The next scene was a conversation between Sihoo-ssi and his young friend  who was visiting. Unfortunately I couldn’t understand most of his lines since they were Korean, but I was able to hear what Sihoo-ssi said. This was the first time for me to hear his voice when he was acting. Actually I have attended this kind of shooting tours before, but … most of the time we saw him really far away. We all were able to see and hear him well this time. We even saw he was practicing before he actually acted. We were so happy. ^^
The young guy who was acting with him – nobody knows his name though – was really cute. He might become a big name in the future. ^^
We stayed in the studio more than 30 minutes. It was one of the happiest moments in my life!!
I realized that I LOVE Sihoo-ssi acting💕
Two of my friends brought 100 Japanese sweets to the studio for the cast and staff.
This is called “dorayaki.” They put his role name Si Yoon しゆん in Japanese and wrapped it like this.
They made two kinds of “Local Hero” stickers and “Oiri 大入” stickers and put them on the “dorayakis.”
“Oiri” means “full house” and we often use this to congratulate for full house in Japan. She has sent this several times before and Sihoo-ssi liked it a lot.
On the way to the bus, they saw that the young actor was eating it!!
I definitely think Sihoo-ssi and the staff enjoyed it a lot. ^^
(Credits: All photos by knapavalley – Many thanks!)

knapavalley’s NH shooting tour report (1)

This is the long-awaited report on the “Neighborhood Hero” shooting tour on January 15, 2016 from our own knapavalley – Many thanks!  Yesterday was the NH press conference, so we held this back until today.

We arrived at Gimpo International Airport around 10:40 p.m. We met some fans there and went to the hotel together. We got a red blanket as a souvenir in the lobby. I heard less than 200 people were attending, including about 30 Chinese fans.

First we went to Dongwha duty free by our tour bus and this huge Sihoo-ssi was waiting for us outside.



After shopping we left for the shooting studio in Paju where the inside of the bar shootings were taking place. It took about one hour from Seoul by bus.

On the site there were several warehouse-looking buildings. The one where our Sihoo-ssi was shooting was Building B.


Unfortunately our bus was #6. So we expected we were not able to get the nice spot to see him shooting. But anyway … We entered the studio. Of course, taking photos were prohibited as usual and since the microphone they were using was precise, we were asked not to speak and turn off our cellphones


Then, we walked in….


(Credits: All photos by knapavalley.  Many thanks!)

「町の英雄」少女時代 ユリ“最初のシーンがパク・シフとのキスシーンで当惑” (Japanese/Korean)

「町の英雄」少女時代 ユリ“最初のシーンがパク・シフとのキスシーンで当惑”

TVREPORT |2016年01月19日16時58分


19日、ソウル永登浦(ヨンドゥンポ) 区TIMES SQUAREアモリスホールではOCN新ドラマ「町の英雄」の制作発表会が開催された。イベントには俳優パク・シフ、チョ・ソンハ、イ・スヒョク、ユリ、ユン・テヨン、チョン・マンシク、チェ・ユンソとクァク・ジョンハン監督が参加した。



「町の英雄」はKBS 2TV「チュノ~推奴~」、tvN「バスケットボール」などを演出したクァク・ジョンファン監督の作品だ。傷付いた元ブラック要員が警察を夢見ている非正規社員の青年に出会って彼を秘密要員に成長させ、悪に立ち向かう生活密着型のスパイドラマだ。韓国で23日から毎週土曜、日曜の夜11時にOCN、UXNで放送される。

元記事配信日時 : 2016年01月19日14時57分



‘동네의영웅’ 유리 “첫 신이 박시후와 키스신, 당황”

기사입력 2016-01-19 14:54:37

‘동네의영웅’ 유리가 박시후와의 키스신을 언급했다.

19일 서울 영등포구 타임스퀘어 아모리스홀에서 OCN 새 드라마 ‘동네의영웅’ 제작발표회가 진행됐다. 행사에는 배우 박시후 조성하 이수혁 권유리 윤태영 정만식 최윤소와 곽정한 감독이 참석했다.

이날 유리는 “내가 첫신이 키스신이었다 얼마나 당황했겠냐. 게다가 제 신이 끝나고 나면 바로 다음에 윤소 연니랑 키스신이 연결이 된다더라. 기분이 썩 좋지는 않았지만 촬영할 때 기분이었을 뿐이고 로맨스는 시후 오빠가 위트 있었다”고 말했다.

이어 “내가 브라운관에서 본 것보다 훨씬 위트 있고 센스 있어서 중간중간 너무 웃겨서 촬영에 집중 못한 적도 있었다. 재밌었다”고 밝혔다.

한편 ‘동네의영웅’은 tvN ‘빠스켓볼’과 KBS2 ‘추노’ 등을 연출한 곽정환 감독의 작품으로 상처받은 전직 블랙요원이 경찰을 꿈꾸는 비정규직 청년을 만나 그를 비밀요원으로 성장시키며 악에 맞서 싸우는 생활밀착형 첩보드라마다. 오는 23일부터 매주 토·일요일 밤 11시, OCN과 UXN에서 방송된다.

문지연 기자 annbebe@tvreport.co.kr


(Credits: http://news.kstyle.com; http://www.tvreport.co.kr.  Thanks!)