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There are several news reports on the Korean media on LAL.  This is one of them.


2015.04.21    18:25

Park Si Hoo and Yoon Eun Hye star in “Love After Love” … Trilateral simultaneous release scheduled

The joint venture melodrama “Love After Love” starring Park Si Hoo and Yoon Eun Hye has completed all shooting.

The movie “Love After Love” has taken four months to finish shooting in Korea and China and is in post-production in preparation for screening in the second half of this year.

Stock price on Park Si Hoo is at its highest since the controversy following “Cheongdam-dong Alice” (2012), and until recently he has refrained from domestic activities.  However, he has been winning consistently on the Chinese site ‘123fans” and has enjoyed great popularity as an Asian Prince.  He has a huge fan base in Asia, and together with the other Hallyu star Yoon Eun Hye, “Love After Love” is expected to be released simultaneously in Korea, China, and Japan.

“Love After Love” is a traditional melodrama which tells the story of a cold man who only finds out how much his loves his wife after she has died.  Two years have been invested in this work, and together with the beautiful scenery of Korea and China, this movie has attracted expectations.


박시후·윤은혜 주연 ‘사랑후애’, 크랭크업…한·중·일 동시 개봉 예정
기사입력 2015-04-21 18:25

[헤럴드경제=이혜미 기자] 박시후 윤은혜 주연의 한·중 합작 멜로 영화 ‘사랑후애(愛)’가 모든 촬영을 마쳤다.

21일 마운틴픽쳐스는 ‘사랑후애’(감독 어일선ㆍ제작 리옌엔터테인먼트)가 한국과 중국을 오가는 4개월여 촬영을 끝내고 하반기 개봉 준비에 돌입했다고 밝혔다.

박시후는 2012년 ‘청담동 앨리스’ 이후 최고 주가를 올렸으나 사생활 논란이 불거지면서 최근까지 국내 활동을 자제해왔다. 그럼에도 박시후는 최근까지 중국의 투표 사이트 ‘123fans’에서 한류스타 인기 1위를 차지하는 등 ‘아시아 프린스’다운 인기를 누려왔다. 박시후가 워낙 두터운 아시아 팬층을 보유한 데다, 또 다른 한류 스타 윤은혜까지 가세하면서 ‘사랑후애’는 한국, 중국, 일본에서 동시 개봉이 추진될 예정이다.

한편 ‘사랑후애’는 꿈을 잃은 차가운 남자가 아내가 죽은 후 아내의 깊은 사랑을 알게 되는 이야기를 담은 정통 멜로영화. 헌팅 기간만 2년을 투자하는 등 한국과 중국의 아름다운 영상미를 담는 데 주력한 것으로 알려져 기대감을 모으고 있다.


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This post is for our Japanese members.  For all others, please refer to our pervious post.








▲朝食シーン Breakfast scene▲

▲インジュンの朝食 Injun of breakfast▲

▲インジュンの朝食 Injun breakfast▲

▲インジュンのコーヒー Injun of coffee ▲

▲インジュンのコーヒー Injun coffee ▲






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Pre-sale of “Scent” booklet & ticket




April 25 (Sat.) – 2nd advance benefit released

Original visual book with Advance Ticket sale at  ¥ 1,800 yen (tax included)
1,000 set Limited Edition
On sale at Cinemart Shinjuku (Tokyo), Cinemart Roppongi (Tokyo), and Cinemart Shinsaibashi (Osaka).
※ Please note there is no “Scent” brochure yet

【4月25日(土)発売 第二弾前売り特典】

オリジナルビジュアルブック付き 前売り鑑賞券 ¥1,800円(税込)


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PSH’s CD/DVD is No.1 again!

(Aggregate: 2015.4.13 ~ 2015.4.19)

PSH’s CD/DVD actually re-bounced to the top of the K-Pop chart of Koretame.  This is the Premium Version which includes both the CD (the single “You…” in Japanese) and the DVD of the 2014 Nagoya Fan Meeting (and the 64-page photo book.)

koretame 20150420


Front page of website

koretame 20150420-front


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“Scent” in Japan 2014.04.17

From the Twitter of “Scent” in Japan:


Latest issue of “Korean Whirlwind” currently on sale – pinup of Park Si Hoo in a gorgeous white suit matched with black framed glasses!  Please get it in bookstores!



For details of 韓流旋風, please refer to our earlier post:

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An old MV (6 years old) created by a Korean fan which we like very much because we can see PSH’s forehead in every single photo^^  We love his high intelligent forehead; we don’t understand why his recent hairstyles have to hide his forehead.  We don’t like Euro’s designs for PSH’s hair.

“Oldie” of course refers to the MV and not the subject of the MV.

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PSH wins 101st in a row



PSH is the winner again in Stage 280 of #8 voting site (that ended at midnight 2015.04.18) — 101st in a row!  PSH continues to set the record of MOST CONTINUOUS WINS for this site, now exceeding BYJ’s by 47.  He received 61,893,105 votes, nearly 36 million votes more than 2nd place Kim Jong Kook.

This week the challenger is again Kim Jong Kook but this time even though his votes were coming in fast and furious, he was no match for PSH, as can be seen from the final tally.  After No Min Woo, it’s Kim Jong Kook.  We wonder how long he will last, and how many more they will put up to try to unseat PSH.



This is the 101st week in a row PSH has won this competition.  Last 100 times he defeated Jang Geun Suk x 5, Kim Hee Chul x 4, Moon Geun Young, G-Dragon x 4, Kim Hyun Joong x 5, Wu Yi Fan (Kris) x 14, Oh Se Hun x 12, So Ji Sub, Hwang Ji Tao, Lee Min Ho x 13, Lee Jun Ki, Kim Soo Hyun x 13, Lee Jong Suk, Rain, Mayu Watanabe x 2, No Min Woo x 20, and Kim Jong Kook x 1.



PSH’s cumulative votes are 1,627,387,557! – now 459 million more than the ex-all-time winner BYJ (Stages 180 to 280 – Just count the gold cups – 101 now!)  Bae Yong Jun’s record of continuous wins were set over a period of 2 years (at that time the competition was held every 2 weeks).  This is our next target — We want to make sure PSH wins 108 in a row.

PSH is the KING of votes, whether for a single stage or cumulative.

Single stage TOP 6

1. Park Si Hoo – 137,497,897 (Stage 278)
2. Park Si Hoo — 126,684,206 (Stage 279)
3. Jang Geun Suk – 73,179,279 (Stage 135)
4. Wu Yi Fan – 72,479,206 (Stage 135)
5. Park Si Hoo – 61,893,105 (Stage 280)
6. Park Si Hoo – 56,502,997 (Stage 277)

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Rice wreaths at PSH BD

This is from the website that supplied the rice wreaths on PSH’s 2015 birthday party – (same one as last year.)

The original video is nearly 6 1/2 minutes long.  We have edited it to make it concentrate on PSH4U^^ (we added music too.)

To see the original video, please go to:



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