Who is JH? (1)

JH is John Han.  On Weibo he is @韩曙永JOHNHAN


We bet nobody has heard of John Han before the “Scent” End-of-shooting Ceremony and Fan Meeting at the JW Marriott Hotel in Beijing on March 26, 2014.  That’s when the very gracious producer of “Scent”, Ms. Guo Li Jun, introduced him as the Korean Film Actors Association’s Chief Representative in China.

Still, he wouldn’t have made much of an impression if a PSH fan hadn’t posted something on Weibo the next day.  She thought he was Korean [ED: He later revealed he's Chinese] but she said he spoke excellent Chinese (Putonghua).  This fan said JH was talking to some big shots of the leading PSH Chinese fansite Baidu and she overheard two things:
1.  JH was very surprised PSH was so popular in China, and
2.  he thought Chinese fans did not know about the 2013 incident
This Weibo entry aroused tremendous reaction.

We remember thinking at the time: If this John Han didn’t know PSH was so popular in China, he has not been doing his job.  Did he seriously think Chinese fans were so deaf and dumb?  So he was really surprised Chinese fans have not given up on PSH in spite of that unfortunate affair?

We sent John Han a private message on Weibo informing him PSH is popular not just in China but all over the world, and in fact on PSH4U alone, fans from 180 countries regularly visit for news of PSH.  He wrote back (in English) to say he knew PSH was very popular and he was a good guy.  So we asked him to do what he can for PSH who is a great asset for South Korea.

We checked him out on his Weibo and saw that in one of his earliest Weibo entries (on March 19) he posted a photo of himself at the inauguration ceremony in Seoul on February 27, 2014, so he only took up his job less than a month before his debut at the “Scent” event in Beijing.



After his first public appearance at the “Scent” End-of-shooting Ceremony and Fan Meeting at the JW Marriott on March 26, John Han left a couple of complimentary messages on PSH on Weibo which were of course very favorably received by PSH’s Chinese fans, eliciting hundreds of replies/retweets, etc. (unlike his earlier entries which were hardly noticed.)

April 2 at 18:20

发布会上,我也见到了朴施厚,他彬彬有礼,很真诚,给我留下了深刻的印象! 我也很欣赏他的演技,他是个好演员。
(297)| 转发(238)| 收藏| 评论(159)
4月2日 18:20

(Translation: I saw Park Si Hoo at the press conference.  He is very polite and sincere, and left a deep impression on me!  I also admire his acting; he is a good actor.)

April 2 at 18:23

(297)| 转发(270)| 收藏| 评论(188)
4月2日 18:23 来自三星GALAXY S4

(Translation: Anybody will encounter all kinds of career crises, but as long as he faces them frankly, he will overcome them.  Si Hoo has survived, that’s great.  I sincerely wish him a successful career in China, and I also hope his fans will continue to protect and support him!)

And he left this birthday greeting for PSH on April 3 at 17:35:

Dear Si Hoo, Happy birthday to you!  Birthday greetings from afar!  Si Hoo!  Sincerely hope you will see today as the starting point of your happy journey, forget all your troubles, and lead your respectable and lovely fans forward to glory!

시후씨, 생일 축하해요! Dear Si Hoo, Happy birthday to you! 遥祝施厚生日快乐! 施厚! 真心希望你把今天作为你快乐旅程的起点,忘掉一切烦恼,带着你可敬可爱的厚粉们一路向前,走向辉煌!
(280)| 转发(247)| 收藏| 评论(165)
4月3日 17:35 来自三星GALAXY S4

He left another message on April 3 at 17:35 (maybe continuation of the last):

You will succeed because you are an honest man, with extraordinary will power and superb acting, because you have extremely loyal fans who will never leave you and are constantly rooting for you.  You should cherish it all; do not let them down.  Your happiness and success will be their best reward!  I believe in you, and will also assist you to the best of my ability!  Cheer up!

你一定会成功,因为你为人坦诚、具备超强的毅力和精湛的演技,因为你有不离不弃、忠诚无比的厚粉们为你加油,你要珍惜这一切,不要让她们失望,你的快乐和成功将是给她们的最好报答! 我相信你,也会鼎力相助! Cheer up!
(355)| 转发(438)| 收藏| 评论(303)
4月3日 17:35 来自三星GALAXY S4

Our reaction?  How patronizing!

And then on April 6 he revealed he was working on a film script with “my good friend famous Korean director Park Young Hoon (of the movie “Addicted” fame)” — a heartwarming story about a Hallyu star and his Chinese fans.  Storyline — A Hallyu singer at the height of his fame falls into the nadir of his career because of a “personal issue” and is forced to flee his own country because of public opinion.  In despair, he goes to a small city in China and accidentally meets a loyal fan, a kind-hearted girl, and a whole group of fans who love and support him who encourage him to start all over again …..

早在上个月,我和我的好友-韩国著名导演朴英勋先生(代表作:《中毒》等)在首尔曾讨论过计划拍摄的一个电影剧本,是一部关于韩流明星与中国粉丝之间的温馨感人的人生励志故事。 剧情是这样的。。。
(155)| 转发(111)| 收藏| 评论(86)
4月6日 19:46 来自三星GALAXY S4
(146)| 转发(89)| 收藏| 评论(73)
4月6日 19:56 来自三星GALAXY S4
(200)| 转发(133)| 收藏| 评论(100)
4月6日 20:06 来自三星GALAXY S4
我们的创作意图,是想向人们传达: “真诚能获忠诚,坚持就是胜利。”
(164)| 转发(96)| 收藏| 评论(79)
4月6日 20:13 来自三星GALAXY S4

(Translation: Our creative intent is to spread this message: “Sincerity can earn loyalty, persistence is victory.”)
在这个故事里,我也想细腻地展现一下粉丝的风采和她们不为人知的心路历程。她们的率真,她们的苦衷,她们的艰辛,她们的豁达,她们的忠诚,她们的快乐! 我很幸运地认识了你们厚粉,我发现你们是一座聚宝盆,一定会有无数感人故事,可否让我分享呢?
(102)| 转发(140)| 收藏| 评论(137)
4月7日 23:47 来自三星GALAXY S4

(Translation: In this story I wish to delicately delineate fans’ exquisite elegance and their hitherto unknown mentality.  Their frankness, their pain, their hardship, their open-mindedness, their loyalty, their joy!  I was lucky to get to know you PSH fans.  I’ve found that you are a cornucopia [ED: something like a treasure chest.]  I’m sure there are countless touching stories among you.  Will you share them with me?)

Chinese fans were flattered, but we thought: What cheek!  The nerve!  So insensitive!  How exploitative!  Can you just take somebody’s story and change “actor” to “singer” and make it your own “creative writing”?  What PSH least wishes to be reminded of is that incident.  To use that in a movie is just unbelievably tacky and downright crass!  攞景定贈慶(廣東話) [ED: Cannot translate this Cantonese slang]  Or to put it in more elegant Chinese: 借別人杯酒, 澆自己塊壘。(meaning: taking other people’s things/ideas/experiences and using them for your own advantage.)  And then to use PSH fans in that brazen way, to ingratiate yourself with them and exploit their trust in a figure of authority, someone they believe is on the side of their oppa, is so outrageous it is beyond the pale.

We have not realized our latest pet peeve is going to take more than one post …




On the eve of “Cheongdam-dong Alice” DVD release

Giant posters unveiled at Shin-Okubo Station!

1) 4 / 21- 4 / 27 week 2 sides

2) 4/28 to 5/11 2 weeks 1 side

3) 5/12 to 5/18 1 week 2 sides

When you stop by at Shin-Okubo, please check it out.
In front of the ticket gate!




1)4/21~4/27 1週間 2面

2)4/28~5/11 2週間 1面

3)5/12~5/18 1週間 2面





Park Si Hoo on one magazine cover after another!

In conjunction with the DVD release,
Magazines with Park Si Hoo interview, lines will begin to form at bookstores.

Check out the magazines with Park Si Hoo on the cover!





Special blog for CDDA:


Activity – Leave message, chance to win prize by lottery (one)




02 (1)

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PSH crowned “Male God of Korea”


There are many Chinese news reports of PSH being crowned “Male God of Korea”.  This is one of them.

2014.04.27      News report

“Male God of Korea” just created, Park Si Hoo elected with glory

Voting for the poll “2014 Male Gods of Korea” organized by Contemporary Entertainment officially closed at midnight last night (April 26).  Park Si Hoo who debuted less than ten years ago and offered the audience many excellent dramas and solid performances was elected the current “Male God of Korea”.

Park Si Hoo made his debut in 2005 in “Sassy Girl Choon Hyang” and went on to win many acting awards with “How to meet a perfect neighbor”, “Iljimae”, and “Family Honor”, becoming a favorite with the audience and gaining recognition as a good actor.  With his handsome appearance and perfect figure, Park Si Hoo became the audience’s concept of “Male God on the screen”.

Park Si Hoo has this inborn aristocratic air which became his biggest asset as he entered show business.  Before he became famous, Park Si Hoo spent ten years as an unknown on the stage, and it was during this experience that Park Si Hoo honed his superb acting skills, consolidating the foundation for his being “Male God”.

But Park Si Hoo’s road to acting was not smooth sailing, and in 2013 he suffered the biggest blow to his showbiz existence which almost ruined everything on which his career was painstakingly built.  But Park Si Hoo with his own positive attitude courageously overcame all the turmoil and weathered this most difficult period.  Such magnanimity is something that no ordinary person is capable of.

In 2014, Park Si Hoo jumpstarted his career and is determined to reshape his image.  After a year of silence, Park Si Hoo has found new courage and profound knowledge, and he strives to resume in the shortest possible time the pinnacle of his brilliance.  And being elected “Korean Male God” is very good for Park Shi Hoo, also a very important beginning, and at the same time the best support and encouragement for him!  In addition, the Special Edition of Park Si Hoo as the Male God of Korea can be ordered from Contemporary Entertainment’s official Taobao shop (http://ddyule.Taobao.com/)  Limited Edition of 2,000 copies.


“韩国男神”新鲜出炉 朴施厚荣耀当选

2014-04-27 13:35 来源:新华网






(Source: http://ent.xinmin.cn/2014/04/27/24158559.html)

(Credits: http://ent.xinmin.cn. Thanks!  English translation by H.A.T.)

Special magazine issue of PSH as “Korean Male God”

From Weibo of organizer of “Male Gods of Korea”:


[ Korea's #1 Male God # Park Si Hoo ascends throne #]  This year Park Si Hoo is determined to rebuild his image and career and start all over again.  After a year of silence, Park Si Hoo has found new courage and profound knowledge, and strives to resume in the shortest possible time the pinnacle of his brilliance.  And being elected “Korean Male God” is very good for Park Shi Hoo, also a very important beginning, and at the same time the best support and encouragement for him!

In the next breath, they’re advertising their magazine — Special Collector’s Edition (limited edition of 2,000) of Korean Male God Park Si Hoo


cnThis is just the concept cover.  Final Cover to be decided.

Price: RMB 30 (Publisher will donate RMB 5 for each copy sold to charity in the name of PSH)

Date of issue: June 24, 2014

To order / 訂購:




Some fans are concerned about copyright for this magazine.  Contemporary Entertainment say they always obtain copyright before they go to print.

@当代娱乐 on Weibo

(Credits: http://taobao.com. Thanks!)

PSH wins 50th in a row

k-rush10-psh01Piece of cake^^

PSH is the winner again in Stage 229 of #8 voting site (that ended at midnight 2014.04.27) — 50th in a row!  Five zero!  PSH received 6,194,534 votes, nearly 3 million votes more than 2nd place Rain.


This past week was mainly taken up with voting for PSH at the Male Gods of Korea site, but we’ve not neglected to monitor this site which PSH owns.  LMH was behind PSH all the way until the last day when Rain suddenly surged ahead, but PSH fans didn’t give him any chance at all.

This is the 50th week in a row PSH has won this competition. Last 49 times he defeated Jang Geun Suk x 4, Kim Hee Chul x 4, Moon Geun Young, G-Dragon x 4, Kim Hyun Joong x 5, Wu YiFan (Kris) x 8, Oh Se Hun x 11, So Ji Sub, Hwang JiTao, Lee Min Ho x 4, Lee Jun Ki, Kim Soo Hyun x 4, and Lee Jong Suk.


PSH’s cumulative votes are 550,625,820!  Isn’t that fantastic? (Stages 180 to 229– Just count the gold cups!)
A new round has begun.  Please keep voting.  Let’s make it to at least 52 weeks (which would be a whole year!)

(Credits: http://123fans.cn. Thanks!)

PSH is Male God of Korea!

DC20131128-6We have only one God, but PSH is definitely the KING!

PSH has been crowned the MALE GOD OF KOREA!

Even though the results have not been officially announced by the organizers, at midnight on April 26 (when the poll closed), PSH is number ONE!  He has 417,301 votes, 90,795 more than second place Lee Jun Ki.

The final numbers belie the hurdles PSH had to jump over on his way to the top.  The victory was by no means certain even with a few more hours to go.  PSH started off at number one but was overtaken by one rival after another until he fell to as low as number 7, but he rebounded to number 3 and then slowly but surely climbed to number 1 where he fended off all challenges on the last two days.

The most determined and dangerous of these challenges came from Lee Jun Ki during the last few hours, just before the poll closed.  We all had difficulty accessing the site which was too busy, but somehow LJK’s votes increased by leaps and bounds.  At one point we really thought the rate his votes were skyrocketing, he could overtake PSH before midnight.

This is another feather in PSH’s cap.  We hope the K-entertainment bosses take note.  This is your formal notice that PSH is the #1 Korean actor in China, whether you like it or not.  If you still try to prevent PSH from making his comeback in Korea, it is your loss.  China (and the rest of the world) is welcoming him with open arms but you are still shutting him out.  To go against the grain just shows you are irrational and ignorant.  You don’t know a good thing, no, person, when you see one.

After making his Chinese movie “Scent”, PSH is now an international star, not just a Hallyu star.  He has transcended Korea and landed squarely on the land of 1.3 billion people, namely, China.  Each recent visit to China has proven again and again PSH’s tremendous popularity, and this latest laurel (Male God of Korea) can only solidify his position in China.  And when the movie “Scent” is released, nothing can stand in PSH’s way.

Way to go, Park Si Hoo!


(Credits: http://hg.ddyule.cn/  Thanks!)

CDDA on TSUTAYA free magazine

TSUTAYA is a nationwide chain of video rental shops and bookstores in Japan.  They are now concentrating on promoting the CDDA DVD which will be released in May 2014.

Free MAGAZINE  2014.05

Cover / 封面

Contents inside / 內頁



DVD and Magazine Publicity / DVD及銷售雜誌的宣傳


Main page: CDDA DVD is TSUTAYA’s promotion focus for May



(Source: http://www.tsutaya.co.jp/tty_cate/dvd/asia/20140420.html)

(Credits: www.tsutaya.co.jp. Thanks!)

PSH outshines “Scent” male co-stars


2014.04.23     News report

Another news report on the Chinese media: PSH’s male co-stars in “Scent” released photos of themselves with PSH on Weibo and ended up being eclipsed by the Korean star.  Reference is to the male MC at the “Scent” End-of-shooting Ceremony and Fan Meeting who had a role in “Scent” (on extreme right of above photo) and the actor in the Bermuda shorts (second from right).


【“香爱”笔记】老豹海阳晒《香气》花絮照 朴施厚反而成焦点




老豹晒跟欧巴合照 “两个男人”会唱出什么戏



海阳自嘲跑龙套 赞朴施厚欧巴人气高





(Source: http://mp.weixin.qq.com/s?__biz=MzA3NTM2ODQyMg==&mid=200179587&idx=1&sn=a9e42f82707ce9a8b1b2ac8c2543e858#rd)

(Credits: http://mp.weixin.qq.com. Thanks!)

PSH causes commotion on arrival in Beijing

Another news report and many photos of PSH’s arrival in Beijing for the Beijing International Film Festival on April 15, 2014.


Sohu Entertainment News

Exclusive: Park Si Hoo comes to Beijing, holding camera and taking photos with fans

独家:朴施厚来京 手拿相机与粉丝击掌合影




[ED: Please pay attention to these photos and the ones in the MV.  PWH (in red) who is supposed to be his brother's keeper, could not keep up with PSH in the jostling crowd^^]





There are many photos which we have collected into a MV for you, set to PSH’s song “Shampoo”.


TUDOU (Password: PSH4U)

(Source: http://pic.yule.sohu.com/detail-556105-0.shtml#33)

(Credits: http://yule.sohu.com.  Thanks!)