CDDA in Chinese media

“Cheongdam-dong Alice” has been broadcasting on China’s Anhui TV from February 1 and created a lot of buzz, as can be seen from all the reports on the Chinese media.  Some samples below:

羊城晚報(廣東)  Guangdong in South China


扬子晚报(江蘇)  Jiangsu in East China


洛阳晚报–河南省 Henan in South China


京華時報(北京)   Beijing


山東商報 Shandong Business Daily – East China


江淮晨報(合肥在線)  Hefei in Anhui, South-East China



CDDA will next be broadcasting on 河南电视台都市频道 and 新疆电视台汉语经济生活频道.  These Henan and Xinjiang TVs are local TV stations, we guess.  In any case, CDDA is going places.

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CDDA to re-broadcast in Japan

“Cheongdam-dong Alice” will be re-broadcast on KNTV in Japan, starting from April 23 at 10:45 a.m. to noon.

CDDA promotional video / 宣傳短片





4/23 – every week (Monday – Friday) 10:45 am – noon



HF message on JOFC

ee-nJOFC posted a photo which for copyright reasons we cannot use, so we have posted one in the same series


There is a new entry in DIARY on JOFC (but it is from Hoo Factory, not PSH):

Photo received from Mr. Park Si Hoo


This is Hoo Factory^^
Last week was the last shooting of the movie “Scent”.
So many of you came from Japan to support him.
It was so happy to get together.
Even though it was so cold, everyone was standing there smiling, for which we thank you so much.

Everyone from Park Si Hoo and the Korean office is grateful for your support.
So he has sent you this gift of a photo.

We would like to express our appreciation once again to all the Japanese fans who have always supported Park Si Hoo from far away.
Please continue your generous love for actor Park Si Hoo in the future.

シフ さん より 写真 が 届き まし た.


先 周 映 画 「香り」 の 最後 の 撮影 が あり まし た.
一時 で は ござい まし た が, 日本 から 応援 に き て くださっ た 沢山 の 皆様 と
ご 一緒 する 事 が でき, とても 嬉しかっ た です.
寒い 中, みなさん 笑顔 で 迎え て くれ て 本当に ありがとう ござい まし た.

そんな 皆さん の 暖かい 心 に 感謝 し, 韓国 事務所 と シフ さん より
写真 の プレゼント を お送り し ます.



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From Julie on SHR

Julie’s article was posted on SHR on February 11, 2014 – Many thanks!

My story in Busan & Translation of patbingsoo cafe episode

김승유홀릭(Julie)|조회 106|추천 29|2014.02.11. 12:19

As my foreign friends want to know some stories about shooting in Busan and are asking the questions to me, I would like to share some stories.

In the morning of Feb 8, I took KTX (Express train) in Seoul station and got cheering messages of foreign friends from USA, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and China while I was on KTX. My friends were so glad with my first meeting with oppa as if they headed for Busan together with me. (Many thanks, friends!!) Miss Malaysia even requested me the body change with her to see oppa..^^

When I arrived at Gwangalli beach, my Korean friend sent me the mobile message. When I met my Korean friend in front of Starbucks in Gwangalli beach, three Japanese fans just arrived at Starbucks. They were Myonzya san, Mikida san and Ericco san. When I introduced myself as Julie, my twitter pal, Myonzya san gave a warm hug. Mikida san was a cute and young lady. As they speak Korean very well, Korean fans can communicate with them in Korean. After meeting several Korean fans inside Starbucks, I and a few Korean fans went outside to find out the shooting staffs. While we walked around Gwangalli, we found out a group of Japanese fans. They told us the shooting was going on Haeundae. As we did not know when the shooting staff would move to Gwangalli from Haeundae, we decided to wait for shooting in Gwangalli.

While I waited for shooting in Gwangalli, I heard some stories on the previous day’s shooting from my friend staying at Busan from Feb 7. My friend’s group visited Busan without knowing any information on shooting place for Feb 7. After the arrival at Busan, they found out the news article the shooting would be made in Taejongdae. While the fans took two taxis to Taejongdae from Busan station, one fan found out the movie shooting bus (having a paper board writing movie scent in front window of bus) heading into the opposite direction in the street by chance. So, the taxis chased the movie shooting bus about for 40 minutes and arrived at Haeundae. But, the shooting did not start and they had to wait for oppa about two hours. You might see the photos when oppa arrived at and left coffee shop (Cafe Swallow) in Haeundae. If you want to look around Cafe Swallow, pls refer to this blog ( After shooting in Cafe Swallow, the shooting was made in the street near Novotel Hotel in Haeundae.


I heard the shooting was made in the temple outside Busan in the morning of Feb 8.

(Photo from 吕薪然’s weibo)

While I was still waiting in Gwangalli, I came to know the shooting in Haeundae did not yet start. So, our group decided to go to Haeundae by taxi. When we arrived at Haeundae, we could not see the shooting staff and only insane woman was shouting to our fans in the street. I came to know this insane woman disturbed the shooting and the shooting staff would move to Gwangalli. Within a few minutes after the arrival at Haeundae, we needed to go back to Gwangalli by taxi. Oh…

Right after we returned back to Gwangalli, the shooting bus arrived at Gwangalli. This is my first meeting with movie shooting bus. ^^..While we were waiting in the street of Gwangalli, Chen Ran was standing waiting for the traffic light to change. We greeted her and shouted for her “You’re beautiful”. While we stood there, oppa’s black van stopped in front of shooting bus, but after a minute, the van disappeared.

While the staff was preparing the shooting for oppa, we waited oppa’s black van to appear again. Suddenly, there were excited noises among fans and black van arrived. Oppa got off the van and fans made way for oppa with loud shout of cheering. And fans walked fast to follow oppa going ahead to beach.

In beach, Korean actress (I heard this actress is Sim Ji Won from LDV Encontents. [ED: Please see]  As this actress is a new face I do not know, I am not sure) and oppa were preparing the shooting. Young man around me continued to shout loudly “So handsome”. Though I took a few photos while he was preparing the shooting, all photos are not nice..hahaha..When the shooting started, the movie staff asked people not to take photos, but most of fans were still taking the photos. I chose to focus on seeing him instead of taking photos. I am so surprised that he is far skinny than I thought. His face is so small (In Korea, a small face is a kind of sign of beauty), so bright, handsome, gorgeous and even beautiful. He is unrealistically handsome. To see him for a long time (actually, it was not a long time at all. But, in comparison with the instant he just passed by, it was a really long time) made me forget the difficulty totally I experienced prior to shooting.


(Photos from Jundoolmom’s blog: )

After completing shooting, fans surrounded him so fast. This shy and slow fan just followed him far behind him. A group of fans followed him from beach to crosswalk and backstreet. This is so funny experience I have the first time in my life. Until SHR admin blocked fans’ going ahead, we followed him. Until oppa become out of sight from the backstreet, we shouted the supporting messages for oppa. (Not me…I am a very shy person..ㅎㅎ)

As the shooting was delayed much, I could not go to Haeundae again and needed to say goodbye to oppa in Gwangalli.

(Photo from SHR admin)


[Interesting and touching episode written by other Korean fan]

red bean sherbet 20140207_131051This photo and those below from Jundool’s blog

On Feb 6, oppa visited the cafe to take out patbingsoo (red bean sherbet). By the way, the owner of this cafe is SHR’s enthusiastic member!!! When oppa visited there on Feb 6, this fan was in the hospital. After this fan heard the story from part-timer and saw PSH’s photo together with part-timer, she cursed herself for her absence during his visit to her cafe.

By the way, on Feb 7, other fans who met oppa’s manager at Lotte Hotel told this fan’s story. This fan had a car accident one month ago. Due to this accident, she visited hospital to cure the pain when oppa visited her cafe.
Surprisingly, at night of Feb 7, oppa visited her cafe again for this fan. As the cafe was crowded with people at that time, oppa could not get off the van, but took the photo with this fan while he was in car. If you want to see the photo, pls click this link (


For your reference, the name of this cafe is 옥루몽 (okrumong. ). The cafe oppa visited is Haeundae branch of Okrumong.

(Photo from 이쁜아기맘님’s post)

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PSH in another CDDA interview

 res08_attpic_briefThis Chinese publication does not allow reprints without written permission, so we can only give you extracts.  For the full article, please see link at bottom.

Several parts of this article are identical to the one we posted yesterday, so we’ve only translated the parts that are new.



2014年02月10日 星期一

Park Si Hoo: Even though I’ve been hurt, I still believe in good

…..  而今,朴施厚再次走入中国观众的眼帘——他主演的《清潭洞爱丽丝》正在安徽卫视热播,这部剧集曾以单集最高17.6、平均收视13的成绩斩获韩国同时段短剧收视第一。剧中,朴施厚扮演的车胜祖因曾被女人所伤,从此不再信任女人。“我能理解他,他受过一些感情上的欺骗和伤害,形成这种看法很正常。”昨日,接受记者采访时,朴施厚感叹,“但我不会像车胜祖那么极端,信任还是比不相信快乐得多,即使受过伤害,我还是愿意相信有美好等着我。”


“To trust is much happier than not to trust”



Reporter: You’ve been away for half a year.  Are you worried about decline in popularity?

PSH: I’ve never been worried – because I started as a nobody and I worked my way up step by step.  With this trip, I again realize how important and precious my fans are to me.



Reporter: How do you feel like experiencing so much on your road to stardom?

PSH: It took me 10 years to let the world know the name of Park Si Hoo.  I’ve been working hard ever since I started; I’ve been living in hope.  This is a line from a drama: “I’ve always been working hard to become a better person tomorrow than today!”  This is a good line.



Reporter: Are you like Cha Seung Jo in not trusting women?

PSH: I feel love should not be mixed with too many materialistic elements.  When two people love each other, they can live happily together.  Although in today’s world, it is very difficult to completely trust someone or to give yourself completely to someone, I will not be as extreme as Cha Seung Jo.  It is happier to trust than not to trust.  Even though I’ve been hurt, I still wish to believe something good is waiting for me.


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TPM will broadcast in China


First, Anhui TV posted a teaser on 2014.02.09:

CDDA will finish broadcasting next week.  You’ll miss Park Si Hoo, right?  Want more?  Don’t worry.  Our next Star Theater will feature another of his dramas.  Guess which one?


And then the answer on 2014.02.10 : Bingo! Correct!  It’s “The Princess’s Man”!  Be sure to watch it.

安徵衛視在微博公告, “公主的男人”將會接檔”清潭洞愛麗絲”(每天22:10~23:30)






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“Scent” end-of-shooting party 2014.02.08

From SHR — Reporting on the end-of-shooting of the movie “Scent” they hosted on February 8, 2014:

This is the special video that PSH made at the dinner as a present for fans:



Hello, SHR fans.  This is Park Si Hoo.
Thank you very much for visiting me on location.
Although it’s a little late, I’d still like to wish you all a Happy New Year.
And I hope we can get together again next time.
I love you all.


Message from SHR (in English):

Dear Overseas Fans…

The visit to the shooting location of the film “Scent” was held on the 8th of February, 2014, in Gwanganli Beach in Busan, Korea.
It was Park Si Hoo’s idea to open the shooting to the fans to come and enjoy and
Sihoorang management staff is very grateful for his generous gesture.

The shooting was carried out successfully and fans had a lot of opportunity to see him working on the set.

We would like to thank all fans who participated in the visit despite cold weather.

Afterwards, the actor and the film staff were invited [to] a farewell dinner hosted by the Sihoorang management staff.

Following the dinner, they were also given presents prepared by Sihoorang and
they all commented on the detailed effort shown by us.

We would like to thank all overseas fans who participated in the fund and the entire event could not have been carried out without your generosity.

Also, Park Si Hoo was so kind enough to make us a short video on the spot
as a gift to his fans and we were so impressed and touched by his effort.

We wish the film a true success in China and hopefully in Korea.
We look forward to seeing him in many projects to come.

Thanks you to all fans again and please stay with Sihoorang and Park Sihoo
for many years to come!!

With best regards,
2013 Sihoorang Management Committee


Gifts presented by SHR to:
Chinese production staff (25) — red ginseng, raspberry wine, cake, handcream, Japanese bread, chocolates.
Domestic (Korean) staff (20) — raspberry wine, cake, handcream, Japanese bread, chocolates.

Special gifts for PSH and Hoo Factory managers — red ginseng



Banners and stickers at venue:






Gifts for Park Si Hoo – Hooded sweatshirt and sneakers .  (Photos below show items on display at shop.)












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