What the heck?!

H and I live in different countries, but we talk several times a day.  Yesterday I was busy all morning with family service, so I did not touch base with H until almost noon.

I saw several furious and frantic messages from her, screaming there are ANTIs on PSH4U!  Who stamped our logo on these photoshopped monstrosities?!  She referred me to this DC post:


I checked and recognized photos from an old, old post.  See this link:



Who on earth dug up this ancient post of 2 1/4 years ago?  People still read our old posts?

H did not recognize the photos because she was not involved in the 2012 PSH birthday project.  The BD committee included Songielove, Wilma, Hottie, and me, but these are Songielove’s and Wilma’s creations.  I don’t have an ounce of artistic talent in me, and neither does Hottie, or so she claimed^^

Hottie is in hiatus* but Wilma and Songielove can testify to this.  Hey, gals!  Your future Mrs. PSHs are still making the rounds!

And this is another post^^

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* Hottie just re-surfaced: please see her comments.  Talk of the devil, oops! we mean, angel!

COM on Netflix


“Confession of Murder” is on Netflix*!  (Info provided by Songielove – Many thanks!)


This is to remind our members in the U.S.A. to rate it 5 stars, watch it again and again, review it, and share it.   We would like to see it on the popular list and have Americans demanding more PSH in their lives.
Please do what you can to spread the word about Park Si Hoo.


[ED: If you don't know what Netflix is, please see this link:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netflix ]


PSH on Weibo (20)

PSH has just left this on Weibo:





Check out this video I’ve just created: “Jami Dami~^^”, Tap here to play>>

[ED: PSH took this video at his home in Gangnam, Seoul.]

[ED: aaaaaaaaaa




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We scoured the internet for PSH news every day, and over the weekend (2014.06.27) we came upon 2 news reports (actually 2 series of news reports) sorted under his name.

The first 3 of the 5 listed below have to do with the KBS program “Happy Together” (HT) and the last 2 are about the new KBS2 drama “The Joseon Shooter” (starring Lee Jun Ki).






BUT the news reports don’t really have anything to do with PSH at all!

First, “Happy Together” (HT) on KBS is one of the most popular variety shows on Korean free-to-air networks which airs every Thursday at 11:05 p.m. regularly.  The program celebrated the 200th episode of its third season on July 7, 2011.  PSH and his fellow actors on “The Princess’s Man” appeared on the show on July 21, 2011.  Please see our earlier post:


Now HT has a new MC Jo Hang Ri 조항리 whom everybody says looks a lot like PSH.  Jo Hang Ri graduated from Yonsei University, Department of Business Administration, and used to be a CEO until he became star-struck and joined KBS in 2012.  News report has a lot more on him but we’re not really interested in him.


20140628-1403796970Jo Hang Ri on “Happy Together”

And this is PSH on HT on 2011.07.21

happyWell, KBS thinks they have another PSH in JHR.  What do you think?


Now the other news report on “The Joseon Shooter” (TJS) is even more curious.  Even the title uses TPM: “PD Kim Jung Min: any distinction between his new drama and the previous ‘The Princess’s Man’ “?

The opening paragraph is all about TPM, when it aired (2011), what it’s about (Romeo and Juliet, revenge), what it achieved (highest rating of its time slot – 20%), what prizes it won (plenty!)

PD Kim Jung Min is very proud of TPM, and he is now trying to recreate his earlier success, with the same team (minus, alas, the leading man).  You will find Kim Seung Yoo’s best friend and teacher in TJS, as well as echoes and shadows of TPM.  We don’t mean to be mean, but as soon as we saw the first photos, we immediately knew TJS could be at best A货 [ED: what the Chinese call good-quality counterfeit].

The rest of the report on TJS has nothing to do with us.

20140628shp_1403882802Lee Jun Ki in “The Joseon Shooter”

02sA008PSH in “The Princess’s Man”


Now what really piqued our interest is: Why are these news reports released at all?  Both are KBS programs.  Our guess is: KBS is testing the waters and preparing the way for PSH’s return.  Perhaps they already have a drama lined up for him.  In the HT reports, for example, even netizens think the new MC looks like PSH.  For more than a year now, even the name of PSH is untouchable, and nobody would like to be associated with him for fear of being tainted.  In the TJS reports, they are using TPM to boost the “imitation”.  However like the original, it is still an imitation, even if the sword becomes a gun.

We checked the upcoming Korean dramas in the second half of 2014 and couldn’t find much that would be a fitting vehicle for PSH’s comeback drama.  The most interesting drama is “Kill me, heal me” (about a man with multiple personalities), but it’s MBC, not KBS.  But we’d be happy with anything.  PSH has a knack for choosing his works, and anything he touches turns into gold.  He is the “King of Reversals” and we are confident that any drama he’s in, especially his comeback drama in Korea, will hit the jackpot.

Here’s hoping and praying ….


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SHR gathering 2014.06.28

PSH’s Korean official fan club Sihoorang had a gathering in Seoul on June 28, 2014.  They watched the PSH birthday DVD while enjoying PSH’s favorite black sesame cake that he sent every time and of course also gifts to his fans.




















(Credits: http://cafe.daum.net/pyungholove. Thanks!)