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This is Nance’s report on PSH’s appearance at “Scent” in Shenzhen on August 16:




More heart-stopping gorgeous!

When I saw Sihoo-ssi for the very first time in Guangzhou, I thought he was heart-stopping gorgeous.  I was wrong.

In Shenzhen, I barely caught a glimpse of PSH at the press conference as he just whizzed by at top speed.  However, I caught more of him at the screening of “Scent”, no, no, not on screen but in the flesh when he came on stage after the show.

Being seated in the second row of the threatre and smack centre, he was right there in front of me, though separated by the front row, an aisle, and a metal barricade. An unblocked view, that is, when the front row fans were not frantically waving their fans!

It is so difficult to describe how I felt and how he looked. My camera, any camera for that matter, and any photographer, me, the loose canon-shooter or a professional camera man, just cannot do justice to his looks.

Yes, he is heart-stopping, drop-dead gorgeous!  Porcelain white flawless skin that naturally shone with a tinch of pink.  Small, angular, sharp face full of character with smiling wrinkles at the corners.  That sensuous mouth that curls up with his signature crooked, wicked smile.  Hair artfully coiffed to fit the occassion, this time showing his natural wavy locks at its best.  Noticed his little mole on his left earlobe which many had speculated that he had it pierced…No!  And his physique – perfect built and we all know mascular, but not looking like some distorted body builder.  He dresses well and anything looks a million dollars on him — formal, smart casual, mere shorts and tees, or just a towel wrap after a shower…haha! lest our imagination run amok, I shall not describe more :)

What can I say? Perfect 10 and plus!

Enjoy the imperfection presented by the camera at the screening in Shenzhen yesterday from this camera woman.  Only watched one show yesterday, and my last glimpse of him in a while.

All our very best for a successul “Scent”, Sihoo-ssi!  We will be with you every step of the way!

See you in Yokohama, Japan!









(Credits: All photos by Nance. Thanks!)

PSH in Guangzhou “Scent”


This is Nance and shlee as “extras”^^

Caught on camera

I like to be the camera woman rather than to be on the other side of the camera being shot.

I was caught on camera, together with @shlee in Guangzhou during this group photo with PSH at the screening of “Scent” in one of the cinemas on opening day.

Can you spot us?

(Credits: Photo from Weibo. Thanks!)