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A new MV created by our own Gaby.  “A great star” – that’s what she calls her MV, and that’s our PSH!  Many thanks!

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“Scent” is ‘Summer’s most beautiful love film’

This Chinese article originally appeared on August 18, 2014.  We have been meaning to translate it but could not find the time until now.  “Scent” has already finished screening in China, so this seems 明日黃花 .  [ED: chrysanthemums after the Double Ninth Festival; a chrysanthemum on the morrow -- a thing of the past; “a withered flower of yesterday” --  a topic no longer of interest.]  “Scent” may no longer be in Chinese cinemas but it will still be shown in other countries.  We are sure its overseas rights are selling well.  PSH4U is an international site, so our readers may still be interested in this Chinese review (in spite of WB^^)


Opening weekend attendance 70%, “Scent” is this summer’s most beautiful love film

“Scent”, directed by Hong Kong’s Tsang Tsui Shan and starring Korea’s Park Si Hoo and China’s Chen Ran, An Hu, Li Xiangxiang, etc., was formally released on August 15.  At the opening weekend, attendance was very good, and up till the evening of August 17, the movie had a 70% attendance during prime time in the most popular cinemas in the country, fully living up to its billing as “the summer’s most anticipated love film”.  Many film critics and audiences praised the film as a real search-for-love film which makes people rediscover the taste of romantic love, so this summer’s most beautiful film is a must-see.

“Scent” opening weekend attendance is 70%

The film “Scent” has attracted a large number of fans since the beginning of shooting.  Ahead of its release, its male star Park Si Hoo came to China and went on a road show (along with the film’s creators) to promote the film in Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Fuzhou, and Shanghai.  Since its release on August 15, “Scent’s” attendance in prime-time is above 70%, and in some popular cinemas it was even a sell-out.

According to the reaction from cinemas, “Scent” audience is mainly couples, with the females loving the delicate and unique expression of love and the men going to see the film with their lovers to taste the ‘scent’ of love, many saying with a laugh: “Love her, so accompany her to see ‘Scent’. ”

Meanwhile, since “Scent” was released a few days ago, audience buzz has spread rapidly across the internet.  It received very good feedback from the general audience and film critics and was hailed as “the best loved film this summer.”

“Scent” is the most beautiful love film, explores essence of true love

In many of today’s films, the concept of “love” is abstract, or “love” itself is just a starting point and the film deliberately uses ridicule and exaggerates the story to drive the plot so that love itself loses focus and has to rely more on exaggerated ways to attract attention.  “Scent” is precisely the opposite: it returns to the exploration of “love” with delicacy and honesty and delineates how a romance starts and develops, giving an in-depth analysis of the whole process, during which the mood of the audience gradually penetrates into the film, and so they follow the hero and heroine in their exploration of love, ending in tasting love in “Scent”.

Since its release, “Scent” has received praise from many film critics.  The film critic Novak describes “Scent” thus: “The first part is like drinking Sprite – very fresh; the second part is like green tea – leaving a delightful aftertaste.”  He said: “Pure romance without a trace of impurities is so rare in the noisy and frivolous Chinese films of today.  Delicate and beautiful pictures, exquisite progressive emotions, natural acting style — viewing “Scent” on a hot summer day is really like ‘natural mind cooler’.”

Another film critic Nemo said the style of “Scent” is fresh, warm, elegant, and aesthetic.  Although the film does not have those explosive, excessive climactic scenes, from beginning to end it is imbued with cozy warmth and the feeling of spring-in-the air, giving people a feeling of déjà vu, suddenly near and far.

Yet another film critic Muyixiaodun said: ” ‘Scent” does not use the hackneyed elements like car crashes, illness, or death; instead it relies on rigorous logic and a good plot to fulfill the expectations of the audience.  Although after watching the film one can’t seem to find anything in the story that has to do with the title ‘Scent’,  from the dialogue between the male and female protagonists, one can see the little details of life.  The Director just wants this ‘scent’ of love to permeate each happy couple — whatever the trials and tribulations of life, the ‘scent’ of love will guide them to the light which cannot be too far away.

“Scent”: urban dating instruction manual

“Scent” is like a manual for urban couples, a sort of dating guide.  The struggles faced by the characters in the story are real, what people in contemporary urban life may face.  A Korean man In Joon finds himself falling in love with a Shanghai girl, but he is still unable to let go of his long-time Korean girlfriend.  Should Zhuli follow her heart and choose In Joon, or choose to forgive her cheating boyfriend?  This is the choice faced by the characters in the film and the question the film tosses to the audience.  After seeing the film, the audience will all have their own answers.

One netizen commented online after watching the film: “For those men and women who are forever searching among the neon lights, what does love mean?  Is it to live or for your living?  In this urban romantic film co-produced by China and South Korea, I found my answer.”

One viewer said initially she wanted to watch this film because of Park Si Hoo, but once she was in the cinema, she was fascinated by the film itself.  Originally she thought since this was a Sino-South Korean joint venture, it would be flooded with the usual Korean banalities, but actually in the male protagonist’s vacillation between his ex-girlfriend and the female protagonist, and the female protagonist’s struggle between love and reality, a whole series of emotional issues are portrayed very aptly.

Another member of the audience commented: In the materialistic and tumultuous modern society, people still believe in true love, and believe there is trust between man and man; people still care and treat each other sincerely.  Although real life is unsatisfactory, people still seek human goodness and virtue.

The movie-going crowd is not limited to couples; there are viewers who went with their mothers and other old ladies.  After watching “Scent”, an old lady said: “People now are so frivolous; it is a rare opportunity to find a quiet moment to enjoy a fresh, natural, warm, and clean movie.”  These old people have not been to the cinemas for decades, but “Scent” makes them recall the goodness and warm of love, and at the end they become immersed in the joy of happiness.



《香气》首周末上座率过七成 获赞今夏最美爱情电影






《香气》获赞最美爱情电影 探寻爱情本真











(Source: http://ent.people.com.cn/n/2014/0818/c1012-25489260.html)

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COM in KFF in Japan (2)

kff-banner in fb


From Facebook (2014.09.07)

いよいよ「モーションギャラリー」でのカンパ受付は明日9/8(月)限り! たくさんのご支援をお願いします。詳しくはコチラ→ https://motion-gallery.net/projects/shinokubo_spinoff







COM video created by a Chinese fan ranran – Many thanks!

Music: Requiem for a Dream


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“I love you”

MV set to song “I love you” (original Japanese song by Yutaka Ozaki).  Who is here singing the Korean version?  Is it the man himself?

We don’t have a good ear.  What do you think?

PSH sang this song at his first Korean Fan Meeting in 2007 which became a sort of sing-along with his fans.  He has since improved considerably in his singing.

MV created by a Chinese fan – Many thanks!



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Dining at one of PSH’s favorite restaurants

A Japanese fan knapavalley went to Seoul over the weekend to try out the restaurant 처가집 [from online translator: "wife's parents' home"] that PSH recommended in ENISHI.  She was very happy to be there although it was really hard to get there.  She thought the chicken and the dumplings were yummy!

She wrote: “I was barely able to say ‘I’m a fan of PSH’ in Korean but they were so nice and friendly.  Although we couldn’t use the same language, we were able to share the feeling and communicate.”
Many thanks, knapavalley, for sharing your culinary experience and these photos with us!


NV12 NV11


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PSH promoting 2014 CFM?


This is from Weibo – Title of video says: “PSH’s Mid-Autumn Festival greeting, will hold fan meetings in China in October”

But there is not one word on the Mid-Autumn Festival at all.  [ED: Today is Mid-Autumn Festival in China = Chuseok in Korea]

朴施厚中秋问候 将于10月来华举办粉丝见面会



English transcript

Hello, everyone.  This is Park Si Hoo [first in Chinese Putonghua and then in Korean]

I very much look forward to seeing you all in Beijing and Shanghai in October.

I hope I can enjoy a happy time together with my fans.

不见不散  [English equivalent would be: Be there or be square]

Love you all.




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