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[Korean Stars Special] BEST 5 fourth week of September

2015-09-25   13:20

Friday, Hallyu Stars Special!  The last week of September, piping hot news in the entertainment industry of Hallyu stars!   Here are the Best 5:

3rd place – Park Si Hoo with dark action drama ‘comeback’

Actor Park Si Hoo is just ahead of a comeback with a dark action drama “Neighborhood Hero” that also star Jo Sung Ha and Lee Soo Hyuk.

[Interview on site: Park Si Hoo]

Q) Are you making your return with “Neighborhood Hero”?

A) I am grateful for a lot of fans who support me.  And I’m lucky to encounter a good work.  I’ll try to work hard in the future to fulfill their expectations.

Whether Park Si Hoo can succeed in recovering depends on the response to his resuming domestic activities.

In the new drama he plays a former secret agent Baek Si Yoo, a highly trained human weapon who now operates a neighborhood bar in order to hide his past.

[Interview on site: Park Si Hoo]

As a former intelligence agent in the drama, I’m settling down in one place, in the process of becoming a hero in helping the little people of the neighborhood.  This is going to be an interesting work.  Please look forward to it.

You can expect to see again the unique attraction of Park Si Hoo’s fine acting as well as a variety of exciting action.

[Interview on site: Park Si Hoo]

Q) A word for your fans?

A) I’m grateful to them as always for their unwavering support.  I will work hard to meet their expectations.

The public eye is focused on Park Si Hoo as expectations grow for “Neighborhood Hero”.  Whether he can succeed in recovering depends on this most highly anticipated drama which is scheduled to broadcast in early 2016.


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PSH’s Weibo in Korean news 2015.09.25

PSH posted his Italian photos on Weibo on September 8, 2015, but somehow this news report just appeared.  Looks like the K-media don’t want to miss anything on PSH now^^


Park Si Hoo’s photo is “eye-catching”

Park Si Hoo released a photo on SNS.

Park Si Hoo posted a recent photo of him in Italy with the greeting “Buongiorno!” on Weibo (China SNS) on September 8.

Photo shows Park Si Hoo standing in a carpark in Italy where he was doing a photo shoot.

He is looking very manly with a bright smile.



박시후, 영화 같은 일상 셀카 ‘눈길’


박시후가 SNS로 일상을 공개했다.

박시후는 지난 8일 오후 자신의 웨이보(중국 SNS)에 “본조르노!”라는 인사말과 함께 셀카를 게재해 이탈리아에서의 근황 사진을 게재했다.

화보 촬영 차 이탈리아를 찾은 박시후는 과거 팬들을 즐겁게 했던 독특한 셀카 본능을 되찾고 해맑은 미소를 뽐냈다.

특히 그의 남성미 넘치는 외모는 보는 이를 부럽게 했다.

박재건 기자

<저작권자ⓒ뉴스컬처 무단전재 및 재배포 금지>

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This is the Japanese version of our earliest post – “PSH and NH cast read script” — for our Japanese members.



2015-09-25 16:26:39.0









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PSH and NH cast read script


2015.09.25    17:13:31

“Neighborhood Hero”: from Park Si Hoo to Yuri first encounter “very nervous”

The “Neighborhood Hero” cast met to read the script and the drama was underway.

On September 23 the leading actors of the cast of “Neighborhood Hero” met at Sangam-dong for script-reading of the upcoming OCN drama.

Those present include lead actor Park Si Hoo (Baek Si Yoon), Jo Sung Ha (Lim Tae Ho), Lee Soo Hyuk (Choi Chan Kyu), Yuri (Bae Jung Yeon), Choi Yoon So (Seo An), Jung Man Sik (Jung Su Hyuk), and Yoon Tae Young (Yoon Sang Min).  In addition, Song Jae Ho, Lee Han Wi, Ahn Suk Hwan, Bak Sun Cheon, Kang Nam Gil and a middle-aged actress also attended the script reading.


On this day, the director Kwak Jung Hwan greeted his cast and everyone could feel the anticipation.  He said, “Every time there’s script reading, I always take pleasure in greeting the actors and I also feel nervous.  I feel a tremendous sense of responsibility, and at the same time I’m excited there’s a certain synergy when people act with imagination.”

Earlier in the day 30 people gathered together in the spotlight.  Park Si Hoo is returning to TV in three years and was full of excitement and expectations.  Jung So Ha who plays a policeman was very lively and totally immersed in the atmosphere.  Lee Soo Hyuk who plays an aspiring policeman relished his role, and Yuri who plays an aspiring screenwriter was full of passion for her character.

The actors were all very serious, yet filled with enthusiasm for the start of shooting of “Neighborhood Hero” in October.  Brilliant casting including the colorful hero and supporting lineup and director Kwak Jung Hwan led to anticipation of the broadcast of “Neighborhood Hero” in January 2016.



‘동네의 영웅’ 박시후부터 유리까지 ‘긴장 가득 첫 만남’

서울=뉴스1스타) 명희숙 기자 2015-09-25 17:13:31 송고

‘동네의 영웅’ 배우들이 대본리딩을 하고 본격적인 출발을 알렸다.

지난 23일 오후 상암동에서는 OCN 새 드라마 ‘동네의 영웅’ 주조연 배우들이 모여 대본리딩을 진행했다.

남자 주연 3인방 박시후(백시윤 역), 조성하(임태호 역), 이수혁(최찬규 역)과 유리(배정연 역), 최윤소(김서안 역), 그리고 연기파 배우 정만식(정수혁 역), 진경(선영 역) 등이 참석했다. 또, 송재호(황사장 역), 이한위(송팀장 역), 안석환(박선후 역), 박순천(주희 역), 강남길(서준석 역) 등 중년 배우들도 참석해 무게감을 더했다.

이날 연출을 맡고 있는 곽정환 감독의 인사말에서 작품에 대한 애정과 기대감을 느낄 수 있었다. 곽정한 감독은 “대본리딩을 할 때마다 ‘떨지 말아야지’ 하는데 자리에 모인 연기자들이 인사를 하는 것을 보면 어김없이 긴장이 된다. 이분들이 어떤 시너지를 낼지 상상을 하면 흥분되면서도 동시에 막중한 책임감을 느낀다”고 소감을 전했다.

이날 대본리딩에는 내로라하는 배우 30여명이 모여 자리를 빛냈다. 3년만에 브라운관 복귀를 앞둔 박시후는 설렘과 기대가 섞인 모습으로 등장했다. 생계형 형사 임태호로 분한 조성하는 이미 임태호에 몰입해, 생동감 넘치는 현장 분위기를 조성했다. 이수혁은 매번 경찰시험에 낙방하는 허당 캐릭터 찬규 역을 맛깔스럽게 표현하며 재미를 더했다. 시나리오 작가를 꿈꾸는 정연 역시 실제 촬영을 방불케 할 만큼 뜨거운 열정으로 현장에 열기를 높였다.

진지하면서도 뜨거운 열기로 가득했던 대본리딩을 시작으로, ‘동네의 영웅’은 10월 크랭크인에 들어간다. 화려한 주조연 라인업과 곽정환 감독의 차기작이라는 점에서 기대를 모으고 있는 ‘동네의 영웅’은 내년 1월 방송 예정이다.



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The following announcement (in Chinese) is from the North Joella Government website on Weibo, posted on September 21, 2015.

Title: Park Si Hoo will participate in North Joella Gimje Horizon Festival

There’s nothing here that we have not reported before, except this is the official announcement of PSH’s participation, whereas all others before were just news reports.

It says PSH is invited to be Public Relations Ambassador of the 17th Gimje Horizon Festival (October 7 -11) because of his popularity overseas.

The selection committee decided to recruit Hallyu stars in order to attract more overseas visitors.  They chose PSH because he met all their criteria.

The announcement emphasizes this is not just a PSH fan meeting but also a promotion of local activities.

There are 2 tours of 2nights/3days and 1night/2days, but PSH will only attend on October 10 when he will interact with fans like flying kites and other activities.



【韩国旅游·全北新闻】 (2015-09-21 17:56:52)















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Another co-actress for NH


Ji So Yun plays beautiful lawyer in “Neighborhood Hero”

Actress Ji So Yun has been cast in the OCN drama “Neighborhood Hero”.  Her role is that of a beautiful lawyer.

We’re not repeating the plot and other actors of NH, just the new info that Ji So Yun’s character Yeo Jin works in a first class law firm.  She appears to be involved in an eternal triangle with the characters played by Lee Soo Hyuk (her ex-boyfriend)  and Yoon Tae Young (gentleman of means).

Ji So Yun debuted as Emma Jeong in the 2013 MBC “Shining Romance” and has also appeared in the 2015 tvN drama “Ex-Girlfriends’ Club”.

Expectations are high for “Neighborhood Hero” which has a colorful cast.  Pre-production is currently in progress and the drama will be aired early next year.

N.B. Ji So Yun is from Key East, Bae Yong Jun’s management company.  The fact that Key East is putting one of their up-and-coming actresses in NH must mean they expect it to be a winner.  By the way, Key East issued 25 news reports on the news of her joining the cast of NH.





2015-09-24 09:34:06



另外,電視劇《社區英雄》由古裝劇《推奴》導演郭正煥執導,共16集,主要講述了曾受到傷害的前秘密特工白施允(音,朴施厚飾)遇到了一個夢想成為警察的年輕人崔燦圭之後,幫助其成長為一名合格特務,與邪惡勢力鬥爭的故事,預計將於明年1月播出。 (責編:邵天翔)<全星網>


지소연 ‘동네의 영웅’ 미녀 변호사役…’윤태영-이수혁 호흡’

2015-09-24 08:47:48

배우 지소연이 OCN 드라마 ‘동네의 영웅(극본 김관후/연출 곽정환)’에 캐스팅됐다.

드라마 ‘빛나는 로맨스’, ‘구여친클럽’을 통해 개성 있는 연기로 주목 받은 그녀가 ‘동네의 영웅’에서 프로페셔널한 미모의 변호사로 분해 색다른 모습을 선보이는 것.

OCN ‘동네의 영웅’은 상처받은 전직 블랙요원이 경찰을 꿈꾸는 비정규직 청년을 만나 그를 비밀요원으로 성장시키며 악에 맞서 싸우는 생활 밀착형 첩보 드라마. KBS2 ‘추노’, tvN 드라마 ‘빠스껫볼’ 등 화제작을 연출해온 곽정환 감독이 오랜 기간 기획해 온 작품으로 박시후, 이수혁, 정만식, 윤태영, 조성하 등이 합류해 관심을 모으고 있다.

극 중 지소연은 무궁무진한 매력을 지닌 미모의 변호사 ‘예준’을 연기한다. 일류 법무법인에서 재무와 회계 파트 전문 변호사로, 사법시험을 준비할 때 사귀었던 순수한 전남친 ‘찬규(이수혁 분)’와 젠틀한 재력가 ‘상민(윤태영 분)’ 사이에서 갈등하는 인물로 극의 또 다른 재미를 부여할 예정이다.

지소연은 MBC ‘빛나는 로맨스’의 시크한 팜므파탈 ‘엠마정’ 역으로 데뷔해 철부지 캐릭터를 맛깔 나게 소화하는가 하면, tvN ‘구여친클럽’에서는 송지효의 라이벌로 등장해 극의 긴장감과 재미를 동시에 안겨주는 등 색깔 있는 모습으로 주목 받고 있는 배우. 청순함과 섹시함을 겸비한 화려한 비주얼과 안정적인 연기력으로 다채로운 캐릭터를 인상 깊게 소화해내며 시청자들의 눈길을 끈 만큼 이번에 또 어떤 매력을 선보일지 이목을 집중시키고 있다.

한편, OCN ‘동네의 영웅’은 화려한 출연진과 사전 제작으로 기대감을 높이고 있으며 내년 초 방영될 예정이다.

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PSH’s little Turkish fan talks about love

This is a very special post, made possible by the video of the little Turkish girl reciting lines from “The Princess’s Man” (last video), sent to us by our member from Turkey, Hooil, who is a most dedicated PSH fan – Many thanks!

First, you have to see two clips from TPM that we specially edited for you, from Episode 7 and the final episode (the end).

Episode 7



Episode 24: TPM END




And now watch PSH’s little Turkish fan pledging her love, reciting above dialogue between the lovers [What is love?…] in Turkish.

In Turkish : Aşk nedir diye bütün dünyaya sordum , ben cevap vereyim bizler hiç tereddüt etmeden ölüm bizi ayırana dek birbirimizi sevmeye söz veriyorsak bunun adı aşktır.


Isn’t she absolutely adorable?  So cute and lovely!  She’ll grow up to be a star!

She said at the end, “I’m Iremsu.  PSH, I love you lots.”  (Correct us if we’re wrong, Hooil.  How old is she? 3?)

(Credits:; last video by PSHTurkey@Youtube. Thanks!)

From PSH’s 2015 birthday party

This video is extracted from the opening of the 2015 PSH birthday party DVD and posted on Weibo.

From Weibo



Our English translation is based on the Chinese translation:

Looking at the sky, the young man was meditating, existing like the stars shining in the night sky.  One day, he suddenly noticed there were luminous objects around him.  He looked up at the sky and no longer felt lonely.  In the sky are myriads of stars that are protecting me.  These stars are my dream, and I love them, my family.






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PSH in PAT (1)

We miss PSH modeling PAT.   We came upon some old photos of PSH in PAT that we haven’t seen before, so you probably haven’t seen them either.  Oh, we’ve seen these clothes, just not the pose.

Let’s face it.  PAT’s gear is not the most trendy or chic.  They look good only because they look good on PSH.  We won’t be surprised if sales have slumped since PSH parted company with PAT.

Let us take you down memory lane….










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