PSH JFM at Nagoya

PSH’s Japan Fan Meeting at Nagoya will be held on 5 November, 2014.  It is billed as the Finale, so this should be the last of PSH’s so-called 2014 Asia Fan Meeting.







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COM on Wowow TV, Japan

wowow 20140928 com


Autumn suspense – 100 hours of broadcast! [Psycho Thriller edition]
All eight films

COM – October 29 at 6:45 a.m. and September 30 at 11:00 p.m.

wowow 20140928





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From the stylist…

This meipai is uploaded by the woman who earlier posted another video of the clothes PSH wore on his China trip (the one prior to “Scent” premiere when he shot those magazine photos.)

We do not profess to know what this is all about.  Could these be the clothes PSH will be wearing at the JFM?  Your guess is as good as ours.

Video title: “This is for ~~~~”

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Announcement: Technical problems

If you’ve been having difficulties accessing our site from last night until around noon today, that’s because our webhost was experiencing technical problems.

This is what we received from them earlier this morning:

WARNING!  There is an ongoing DDos attack against our servers in the iAdvantage data center.  The attack is quite severe, and it affects the connectivity to all servers in the data center.

And this is the latest communication:

There is an ongoing DDoS attack against a server host in the iAdvantage datacenter. The IP address that was target of the attack has been blocked; however, some local traffic is still incoming from HKIX (the Hong Kong Internet eXchange). As a result, this is causing congestion to some Internet providers in Hong Kong.

Since we can now access our site, it must mean things are getting back to normal.  So if you are still having problems accessing PSH4U, please be patient.  Everything should be fixed within today.

PSH JFM souvenirs

It has been announced that the following PSH souvenirs will be on sale at the Japan Fan Meeting.

Even without understanding Japanese, you should be able to see what they are about.  Of special interest are:

1. the CD at 2,800 yen (= US$26) with 2 songs “Love” and “Forever” and their instrumental versions – comes with a 16-page photo album

2. the JFM DVD at 7,500 yen (=US$70)  2 discs which come with a 32-page photo album  (Special offer at site, otherwise 7,980 yen (= US$74) — to be released on November 20, 2014

3. ENISHI 3 at 9,300 yen (=US$86) – (Special offer at site, original price 9,800 yen (= US$90) — to be released on November 30, 2014




Please go to this link:

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PSH’s JFM itinerary


PSH will be flying from Korea to Japan for the Japan Fan Meeting

on September 27, 2014 (Saturday)
from Gimpo, Seoul
to Haneda, Tokyo
on Asiana Airlines OZ 1045
leaving at 15:40
arriving at 17:55


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PSH in Greater China

PSH dramas are still being broadcast on various TV channels in Hong Kong and China.


“The Princess’s Man” on TVB – Jade (Free channel)
Monday to Friday 10:30am ~ 11:30am – currently broadcasting



“Queen of Reversals” on TVB – Drama#1 (Pay channel)

Monday to Thursday
4:45pm ~ 6pm & 11pm ~ 00:15am
05:30am ~ 06:15am & 10:45am ~ 12:00pm (next day)





“Cheongdam-dong Alice” on Jiangxi TV (江西衛視jxntv) – 2 episodes daily 22:47 ~ 24:34


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Bad person

TPM MV created by a Korean fan, set to the song “Bad Person” by Baek Ji Young – Many thanks!

공주의 남자 박시후,,나쁜 사람 백지영





It was carved in painfully
The warmth from your hands filled me up
How much longer am I to wait?
Pretending to forget everything, forgetting how to live
I don’t like your memories

Everyday you say it’s ok, but it flows like rain
You were the only one who didn’t know
I’m living everyday knowing we can’t be together
so far, I have been sick
so sick that I have been crying, but would you know
I miss you like crazy

You said you would only be gone for a moment
I have nothing
The memories that I searched for are all gone

I have less time now
why can’t I forget you?
so far, I have been sick
so sick that I have been crying, but would you know?
I miss you like crazy

You said you would only be gone for a moment
All the memories have left me
please come back just for once

If I was more appealing, would you have listened?
What am I to do?
People like me are easy and bad


(Credits: 연꽃마을; Thanks!)