PSH wins 131st in a row


PSH is the winner again in Stage 310 of #8 voting site (that ended at midnight 2015.11.14) — 131st in a row!

PSH is now the undisputed champion of this site. He has set the record of MOST CONTINUOUS WINS for this site, surpassing former champion Bae Yong Jun. He received  22,165,700 votes, 12.5 million votes more than 2nd place Kim Jong Kook.

It’s Kim Jong Kook in 2nd place again — for the 31st time. He has now been No.2 for more times than anyone on this voting site.



This is the 131st week in a row PSH has won this competition. Last 130 times he defeated Jang Geun Suk x 5, Kim Hee Chul x 4, Moon Geun Young, G-Dragon x 4, Kim Hyun Joong x 5, Wu Yi Fan (Kris) x 14, Oh Se Hun x 12, So Ji Sub, Hwang Ji Tao, Lee Min Ho x 13, Lee Jun Ki, Kim Soo Hyun x 13, Lee Jong Suk, Rain, Mayu Watanabe x 2, No Min Woo x 20, and Kim Jong Kook x 31.



PSH’s cumulative votes are 2,590,049,834, now 1,422 million more than the ex-all-time winner BYJ who has altogether 95 gold ups. PSH has 131 (Stages 180 to 310).

PSH is the KING of votes, whether for a single stage or cumulative.

Single stage TOP 10

1. Park Si Hoo – 137,497,897 (Stage 278)
2. Park Si Hoo — 126,684,206 (Stage 279)
3. Jang Geun Suk – 73,179,279 (Stage 135)
4. Wu Yi Fan – 72,479,206 (Stage 135)
5. Park Si Hoo – 63,912,077 (Stage 284)
6. Park Si Hoo – 61,893,105 (Stage 280)
7. Park Si Hoo — 60,617,910 (Stage 299)
8. Park Si Hoo — 60,285,994 (Stage 300)
9. Park Si Hoo – 56,502,997 (Stage 277)
10.Park Si Hoo – 55,537,354 (Stage 303)

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PSH on Koretame results of 2015.11.10

Home page of Koretame:

(Aggregate 集計:2015.11.2~2015.11.8)

koretame-20151110 door-85

South Korea, Korean movies and others latest weekly rankings

韓国・韓流映画その他 最新週間ランキング


South Korea, Korean dramas latest weekly rankings

韓国・韓流ドラマ 最新週間ランキング




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PSH on Li Ai’s program



@Li Ai on Weibo
Many Park Si Hoo fans have asked what program he will be on, so here is my answer to all of you: it’s @Youku Fashion Channel’s #Dear Ai’s Wardrobe#!  This episode will be aired before Christmas.  We will notify you before the broadcast.  Of course, more behind-the-scenes photos and trailers will be issued once they are ready.  Want to know where we went?  Please stay tuned!




Fashion Channel homemade program “Dear Ai’s Wardrobe” Youku official channel

“Dear Ai’s Wardrobe” — first interactive fashion show on internet to convey attitude through dressing.  Supermodel anchor star Li Ai will teach you the secrets of fashion, solve your dressing troubles, and create every girl’s wardrobe.



Broadcast time / 播出时间:

Goodnight Wardrobe – every Tursday at 9:20 p.m. /《晚安衣橱》于每周四晚9:20

Good Morning Wardrobe – every Monday at 9:25 a.m. / 《早安衣橱》于每周五早9:25

Total broadcast / 总播放: 220,041,804   Today’s new addition / 今日新增: 660,795





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Besame mucho

“Besame mucho” is Spanish for “Kiss me a lot”.

Many thanks to the creator for this MV of our smiling/laughing Sihoo-ssi!



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PSH in K WAVE magazine (3)

Photos from PSH’s clothing sponsor Bridal Kong

朴施厚的K WAVE照片來自服裝供應商Bridal Kong








For more details, please refer to our earlier posts:

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PSH at 2015 Gimje Horizon Festival

Still more of the 2015 Gimje Horizon Festival?  Yes, more.  A great MV!


2015 Gimje Horizon Festival Park Sihoo 박시후

Published on Nov 8, 2015








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Roses are red

This is something we found on the internet when we searched for PSH news.  It is from a florist’s website.

2015.11.10     17:20

Busan flower wreath of red roses # Park Si Hoo to help under-privileged boys and girls in China in autograph-signing event for fans

Last weekend, November 7, there was an autograph signing event by Park Si Hoo at Busan’s MBC Hall in aid of underprivileged boys and girls of China.

The event was also planned to help revitalize tourism to Busan.

Park Si Hoo’s official fan club sent a big bouquet of flowers ~ ^^

It was a pretty big floral arrangement of 200 red roses which the Chinese people are said to love.




부산 꽃화환 # 박시후 중국소년소녀가장돕기 팬사인회에 보내드린 붉은장미화환

2015.11.10. 17:20

부산 뛰에벨플라워입니다

지난주말, 11월 7일 부산 MBC 삼주아트홀에서 배우 박시후 , 중국소년소녀 가장돕기 팬사인회가 열렸습니다

이번 행사는 부산의 한류관광객 활성화를 위해 기획되었다고 합니다

박시후의 공식 팬클럽에서 꽃화환을 주문해셨답니다 ~^^

중국인들이 좋아하는 레드 컬러의 장미가 200송이 넘게 들어가 있어 실제로 보면 엄청 큰 디자인이였습니다

부산 꽃화환주문도 뛰에벨플라워 ~!

​​ ​​


If you don’t know what this is about, never mind, you didn’t miss anything.

If you do know what this is about, you tell us what this is.

But first, revision:

We wondered then what was happening.  (Actually we knew.)  We’re wondering now what happened.

Busan event was reported in the Korean media.  In case you wondered why we didn’t follow up, why we didn’t post any photos or reports, that’s because there was nothing to report — until now.

We did write to the Korean organizer to ask what happened.  They never replied.  Since they asked us to publicize the event, we felt they owed us an explanation.

We don’t know whether they’re using this flower story to explain — that “event” did take place, that roses were sent.

We guess this will become an urban myth^^

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Buyeo in October


Gosh!  It’s already November – we’re late!  Good MV – better late than never^^

From SHR in Dear시후 section



(Credits: 스칼렛 Thanks!)