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闻香识欧巴 The Scent of Oppa

2014.07.16 13:09

Having starred in many popular Korean dramas, Park Sihoo has always been known to be Korea’s smiling Prince. With the current resurgence of the Korean wave in Asia, it is natural that Oppa will not be left behind. He will be starring as an interior designer in ‘Scent”, a joint Sino-South Korean movie production. He will continue to take on his signature as a warm and loving Prince meeting his fate in this romantic movie.

出演过多部大热韩剧的朴施厚,一直是韩国的微笑王子。在韩流重袭亚洲的今天,欧巴自然不会落后,在中韩合拍电影《香气》中出演一名室内设计师。依旧是温暖的爱情片,依旧是那个命运捉弄下温和而深情的王子模样。文 毛楚潇 化妆 万诗君 摄影 李樵

Any sense of novelty working for the first time with a Chinese movie crew?
Korean dramas are aired weekly and in we need to complete filming within a week so have to do a lot of overnight filming; sometimes the cameraman accidentally falls asleep on location. This time we are filming a movie and work is very well organized, with not many overnighters, which is great.


What was the most memorable scene during filming?
That should be an important bedroom scene. For that I had to regularly work out and went on a diet for three days. Luckily it turned out well.


You once said in an interview that actress Chen Ran is your ideal type, and before that, after the broadcast of the ‘Prosecutor Princess’, everyone considered you and Kim Sooyeon the perfect couple. Is there a difference between Chinese and Korean women?
In fact, there is not much difference, Chinese women are more enthusiastic and passionate. My ideal type is where my first impression (of the woman) comes across as cute, cheerful, lively and passionate.


‘Scent’ is a love story, a path you are most familiar with. Are there any roles which would appeal/challenge you?
Previously I have acted in ‘Confession of Murder’ but I want to take on more powerful (ED: maybe heroic or valiant?) male roles.


Offscreen, is there something that leaves a deep impression on you?
Chinese fans are very passionate, they came from all over (China) to see me, and made me Beijing roast duck. When they come to the filming locations, sometimes they bring roasted sweet potatoes, tried to heat these up so that they are delivered to me warm. Many thanks for their support.


What have you been eating since you came to Beijing?
I like to eat Beijing roast duck, hot pot and mutton kebab. These two days in Beijing, I have been eating a lot of snacks including “Ludagun” (ED: a traditional Chinese dough snack); I can’t refuse, I feel that Chinese food gives one energy.


Is this your first visit to a Hutong*? What is your impression?
At first I thought it was in the countryside, and didn’t expect it to be part of a busy area. To have a Hutong in a city centre means strong cultural heritage; I also heard that the houses here are very expensive.


[ED: A hutong is a narrow alleyway formed by joining together courtyard residences. When you hear people speak of 'the hutongs', they will often be referring to the neighborhoods formed by these alleys.

Development has destroyed many of these traditional neighborhoods, but some have been preserved, most notably those around the Bell Tower and the Drum Tower. These hutongs, close to the Forbidden City, are the spacious and orderly kind that would have belonged to aristocrats and top-ranking officials.

Beijing's poorer hutongs are far more haphazard and cramped, but are still an important part of the city's history. Each hutong has its own name - sometimes many layers of names - and its own set of stories.





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“Scent” posters and the Male God Park Si Hoo

“Scent” posters – Park Si Hoo the Male God becomes the male servant in a daring performance



The film is produced by “立卓兴宇影视传媒” and directed by the Hong Kong Film Awards Best New Director Award winner. Park Si Hoo, the popular Korean Male God, and Chen Ran, the mainland fashion IT girl, take the starring roles. Today the film “Scent” issues the “distance” version of this Chinese-Korean bilingual trailer and characters posters. In the trailer, Park Si Hoo, the Korean Male God turns into a footman and being abused. There are also passion play clips. It is expected that the film is to be released in August. It would be the first “aroma series” movie in China and would start a love fairy tales in the summer vacation time slot.

The film uses the “distance” concept and plays the mysterious card

The film “Scent” is the first Chinese movie for the Korean Male God Park Si Hoo. He has attracted great attention even at the beginning of the shooting. In the Beijing International Film Festival and the press conference of “Scent”, thousands of crazy fans were attracted and followed him. In contrast to the fan heat, the producer exposes posters and trailer that do not reveal too much of the plot and uses the “distance” concept to play the mystery card. The poster is exaggerating the distance between friends and lovers and leads people to have countless reveries of the development of the male and female protagonists in the film.

Park Si Hoo the Korean Male God becomes the male servant in a daring performance

In the trailer of the film “Scent”, Park Si Hoo, the Male God, has a love adventure in China. He does not seem to have much of the treatment of “Male God”. It is completely a Male God coming down from heaven to take an embarrassing journey. He has to obey as a subordinate to the order of Julie, played by Chen Ran.

This is the first time that Park Si Hoo to show his naked body in a passion play in a movie. In previous interviews, he said, “In preparation for this scene, I do not eat and drink for three days to keep my body in shape.”

Love between China and South Korea. Three years’ preparation and catching up with the China-South Korea hot movie trend.

With this year’s hot Korean dramas, a “new Korean Wave” is rising in China. Now this fire also burns onto the big screen. With the relevant policies, there is close interaction related to the political and economic issues of the two countries. The policy for China-ROK film cooperation is gradually unleashed. It is reported that the cooperation has become a “trend” in Chinese film market. The number of such films currently being shot or ready to shoot is not less than ten.

Park Si Hoo, the Korean Male God, was selected for the film “Scent” well before this “Hallyu”. The director of the film, Tsang Tsui Shan, even disclosed that when she met Park Si Hoo, she recognized that he was the male lead that she needed. She said, “When I go to South Korea to meet Park Si Hoo for the first time, his perfect body and unique temperament perfectly match my imagination of the male protagonist, Jiangren Jun. He should be the kind of lover that women desire to possess. ”

In fact, the female producer and director have made preparation for “Scent” for three years. They do not expect that they are the first tier of the “China-South Korea hot movie trend”. It is learned that “Scent” will be the first China-South Korea cooperation movie to be released in this year. We believe that many more people would like this China-South Korea love affair.

The film “Scent” dares to be one of the movies to be launch in August for which many grand movies are to be shown. Presumably, they must have sufficient preparation for it. Being the first “aroma series” movie in China, it would bring marvelous “fragrance” to the intensive competition among movies in this summer vacation time slot.


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“Scent” trailer (Updated)



                                                       English subtitles by PSH4U

“Scent” trailer

CR: Prepare coffee for me in the morning [ED: written orders in English]
CR: Clean up the room for me in the afternoon
PSH: [English as spoken by PSH] Shanghai women are so mean
[Chinese subtitles on screen] Shanghai women are really ferocious

[ED: There's a discrepancy between the English and the Chinese here.  The English dialogue as spoken by PSH says: "Shanghai women are so mean", but the Chinese subtitles say: "上海女人真凶“.  凶 literally means "ferocious", but it connotes also "bossy, dominating, demanding".]

PSH: I like you
A man: Say it again

CR: I have said that I would not appear
CR: Ren Jun (Name of male protagonist)

PSH: One moment you are very close to me
PSH: Next moment you are very far away from me


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《香气》曝海报预告 朴施厚男神变男仆大尺度出演

《香气》曝海报预告 朴施厚男神变男仆大尺度出演

2014年07月16日 08:55:56





朴施厚男神变男仆 大尺度出演




中韩爱恋 三年准备赶上了中韩电影热





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SBENU is a casual apparel, accessories and footwear company for youth. This company reported that when Park Si Hoo was abroad to Beijing on 2014.06.19, he wore their S-Line sports shoes .

SBENU, 一間銷售青年休閒服裝鞋類及飾物公司, 報導了朴施厚在2014.06.19出國前往北京時足下穿的是他們 S-Line 運動鞋…



KWR77,000 ~ USD75

Park Si Hoo also wore their footwear product during a television interview.

以及正在接受電視訪問的朴施厚, 足下也是他們的產品…


KWR49,000 ~ USD75

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PSH in Chen Ran interview

This is an interview of Chen Ran, PSH’s Chinese co-star in “Scent”, from the magazine iLady Vol.291.  2014.07.07 article title: “Chen Ran – a girl who belongs to summer”

原文標題為: 属于夏天的女孩 陈燃 (2014-07-07)

“Not at all tender”aaaaaa

Chen Ran’s nickname is “Big brother Ran”.  Probably because her character is somewhat

She and Korean star Park Si Hoo collaborated in the new movie “Scent”, and halfway through shooting, PSH asked her: “Why do they call you Big Brother Ran?”  They didn’t understand each other’s language and all communication had to be done by translation.  Chen smiled and didn’t say anything, and her Assistant hastened to answer for her: “It’s the nickname her fans gave her.”
“Actually fans started calling me this after ‘Love in Spring’, maybe because they thought I was sort of like a man.  He did not know what Big Brother Ran means,” Chen said laughingly.
On set Park Si Hoo was more tender than Chan Ran.  ”When I first met him, I thought he was very gentle and a little shy.  After we gradually got to know each other, I felt he’s very cute, a very simple and pure person.”aaa

Because of the language barrier, at first they just said hello to each other.  ”He is always polite; he would bring some Korean food to share with us.  He has lots of fans, so we always received lots of good things on set which he would share with us.  Actually our contact was quite frequent because we both played the largest parts, but we didn’t chat all that much, because we couldn’t speak each other’s language.  On set I behaved somewhat like a man, whereas he was very gentle — two extremes.  Ha!Ha!”aaaa

Chen Ran related an amusing anecdote on set.  ”They all laughed at me after a certain scene.  My character is rather tomboyish and I’m not a very gentle girl.  That scene was about him leaving and I felt reluctant to part.  The Director asked me to touch his hair - a very tender gesture.  But my hands looked pretty rough and they were very stiff, not gentle at all. They said could you be more tender.  Even the Director had to give me a demonstration, and everybody around was laughing.  For days afterwards they were imitating my movements.”aaaa

“Because I don’t fret the small stuff, my hands have always been like this, I don’t bother with them.  Plus I also love sports, so they’re like a man’s hands.  Maybe if I take better care of them, they would be better, if not, well……, ” she shrugged, as if to say “Let it go.”

陈燃的外号叫“燃哥”。 大概是因为她性格里有不少男孩子气。








Q & A
“I am an optimist too”aaa

Q: “Scent” has recently finished shooting.  Can you tell us the attractive traits in this movie?
A: The movie has finished shooting and is in post-production.  I believe you will soon be able to see it.  This is a sort of fairy tale urban romantic comedy.  In it are transnational relationships and also fresh feelings of some elements of literature and art.  What attracts me is the plot.  In the story the male and female protagonists do not know each other’s language, so it is difficult to communicate and they can only rely on eye contact and body language to express their

Q: What kind of role do you play in the movie?
A: I’m an executive in an advertising company, a professional woman, a strong woman

Q: Did you get on well with the male lead?
A: Yes, we cooperated very

Q: How did the movie seek you out to be the female protagonist?
A: They were looking for an actress for this role in the movie at my [management] company which gave them my resume.  Later I met with the director and everything went

Q: You knew from the start that Park Si Hoo would play the male lead?
A: Yes, I knew from the outset, because he was the first actor they decided on.   He was the first to enter the

Q: At the press conference you interacted intimately with him.  Aren’t you worried about rumors?
A: No, we never had any scandal.  If there’s any, they’re

Q: Of the two actors in the movie, Park Si Hoo and An Hu – which type of man attracts you more?
A: I think Park Si Hoo’s role.  An Hu’s role is more flamboyant; I prefer the more reserved type.











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PSH dramas in Japan – July 2014

PSH is really dominating Japanese TV in July 2014:

TV Tokyo (2014.06.27 ~ 2014.07.31)

“The Princess’s Man” (2011)



KNTV (2014.07.09 ~ 2014.07.31)

“Prosecutor Princess” (2010)




Satellite Theater / 衛星劇場 (2014.07.06 ~ 2014.08.31)

“Cheongdam-dong Alice” (2012)



FUJI TV (2014.07.18 ~ 2014.08.08)

“Delightful girl Choon-Hyang” (2005) – Cameo



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PSH in RIVERIVER Vol.3 (2)


PSH said in video:

Hello, everybody!  This is Park Si Hoo.  This is RIVERIVER interview to introduce “Cheongdam-dong Alice”.  A little while ago I was in China and Korea filming the movie “Scent”.  And in future I will endeavor to show you more good works, so please continue to support me.  Thanks!  Bye!



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