Jami and Dami on Twitter (55)


Dami: Recruitment for “Everyone’s Question Box”* is finished.  Many thanks for sending a lot of questions.  Meow ♪
Jami: I’ve had a look.  There are a lot of questions about you and me.  Meow ♪
Master is happy to answer the questions ^^

[* “Everyone’s Question Box” is a special feature on JOFC in which fans submit questions to PSH and he answers them on video.  This is for JOFC members only.]



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LAL shooting in TV reports (1)


FUN TV Popular Network – Movie “Love After Love” in the thick of shooting, Yoon Eun Hye and Park Si Hoo look for love in China

FUN TV 风行网 – 电影《思念爱》热拍 尹恩惠朴施厚中国寻爱


Hello, everyone.  This is Park Si Hoo.  My Seung Jun is a tragic character.  Of all the movies and dramas I’ve been in, this is the one work where I have least interaction with the female lead.  That’s because this movie is about a series of things that happen after my wife died.  Yoon Eun Hye is very much in character.  She is very good to other actors and the crew.  So whether it’s now or in future, I look forward to working with her again.  In short, we have a tacit agreement.




SOHU Entertainment – Movie “Love After Love” in the thick of shooting, Park Si Hoo and Yoon Eun Hye stage sadomasochistic love

搜狐娛樂播報 – 电影《思念爱》热拍 朴施厚尹恩惠上演虐恋



Chinese/Korean joint venture love movie “Love After Love” starring Park Si Hoo is currently shooting in Beijing’s Huairou and recently it invited the media to visit.  The scene being filmed that day was a stuntman on a wire.  LAL is about a pilot finding love — when his wife was alive, he did not know how important she was to him; it wasn’t until after she has died did he realize she was his true love.  Park Si Hoo plays the character of Kim Seung Jun who is a pilot and Yoon Eun Hye plays his wife Eun Hong.  Talking about the movie, PSH said this is the one work where he has least interaction with the female lead, because this movie is about a series of things that happen after his wife has died.  He also remarked Kim Seung Jun is a pitiable and stupid man.  He said if he had a girlfriend, he would do his best to love and care for her.  One interesting thing is: the producer of this movie has a cameo role – an effeminate music director.


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LAL shooting 2015.01.18/19

LAL shooting at a Beijing mall:






From the Chinese actor who plays a doctor in LAL:

LAL shooting in Chaoyang Park tomorrow morning.  PSH, YEH, and I.






From a PSH fan:

PSH is toiling so hard!




Video news report from www.iqiyi.com, a leading website in entertainment (Video edited by H.A.T.)




Source: http://www.iqiyi.com/v_19rrnwhi0s.html?src=sharemodclk131212

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LAL shooting 2015.01.17


This Weibo entry is from the Action Director of LAL:

Yesterday I took part in the shooting of the Chinese/Korean joint production “Love After Love” at Huairou Perfume City.  Movie stars Korean idols Park Si Hoo and Yoon Eun Hye.  I’m responsible for choreographing action scenes and wire design, involving a stuntman in a car crash and wire technology.  Shooting went very well; cooperation was very pleasant.  There’s just a little problem of language communication.  Good thing the Chinese executive director interpreted the body language, so we more or less got the idea.






LAL20150117-6 LAL20150117-7


And this is from a passerby who happened to be driving by that part of town and saw PSH and YEH shooting LAL:



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Mr. Chubby on Weibo 2015.01.16/17

PSH’s Mr. Chubby of course goes where he goes, and according to Mr.C on Weibo, PSH is still shooting in Beijing.



It’s so cold!!!  Shooting is fun, though~




And this is from someone who works for the publicity company for LAL:

“Love After Love” which my company XXX Media is taking part in promoting is in the thick of shooting.  Movie stars Park Si Hoo, Yoon Eun Hye, etc.  Takes you to discover how you can find love after thorough abuse.  The weather is really very cold.  It is hardest on the shooting staff.  I salute you.




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PSH wins 88th in a row


PSH is the winner again in Stage 267 of #8 voting site (that ended at midnight 2015.01.17) — 88th in a row!  PSH continues to set the record of MOST CONTINUOUS WINS for this site, now exceeding BYJ’s by 34.  He received 20,326,989 votes, 11+ million votes more than 2nd place No Min Woo.

This week it’s the same old story — NMW challenging PSH again and being relegated to second place.  This has been going on for more than 2 months and still NMW fans have not given up.  Well, we have to tell them PSH fans are the most consistent and dogged voters, also the most savvy and sophisticated.  We won’t settle for anything less than a BIG WIN^^


This is the 88th week in a row PSH has won this competition.  Last 87 times he defeated Jang Geun Suk x 5, Kim Hee Chul x 4, Moon Geun Young, G-Dragon x 4, Kim Hyun Joong x 5, Wu Yi Fan (Kris) x 14, Oh Se Hun x 12, So Ji Sub, Hwang Ji Tao, Lee Min Ho x 12, Lee Jun Ki, Kim Soo Hyun x 13, Lee Jong Suk, Rain, Mayu Watanabe x 2, and No Min Woo x 9.



PSH’s cumulative votes are 1,082,214,389! (Stages 180 to 267 – Just count the gold cups!)  Bae Yong Jun’s record of continuous wins were set over a period of 2 years (at that time the competition was held every 2 weeks). This is our next target — We want to make sure PSH wins 108 in a row (and beyond!)

Every week is a new challenge, and new challengers continue to emerge. Don’t let up. Fighting!

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PSH on Weibo (44) (Updated)


PSH has updated his Weibo:

On the street ….. Hoo …

[ED: Location is on the outskirts of Beijing]


PSH has updated his Weibo again – the second time in a day!

How can you not love the guy?

기다리며….. Hoo…

Waiting ….. Hoo…

PSHWeibo20150117-1 PSHWeibo20150117-2 PSHWeibo20150117-3

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Debut Japanese CD Interview

First of all, please refer to our earlier posts:



Mentor is going all out to promote PSH’s debut CD in Japan.  There is an interview that goes with the advertising in the Support Site park-sihoo.jp/cd1


Single release commemorative interview

Question: First, tell us about the recording of “You.”

PSH: Actually I have some experience singing a song for fan meetings before, but my feeling this time is really different.  Debuting as a singer is truly emotional and special for me.  This time I was recording the song in Japanese.  Actually at first it was so hard that I practiced intensively in order to please my fans.

Question: You are planning a dinner date with your fans in Korea.  Where and what kind of date are you going to have?

PSH: I haven’t planned the details yet, but it shouldn’t be an orthodox date. (Laugh)  I’ll try to come up with a special one that other people have never thought of. (Laugh)  I’m really excited to think about who and what kind of people I can go on a date with. ^^

Question: What is your resolution for this year 2015?  Please tell us your goals and leave a message for your fans.

PSH: I’m sure it’s going to be a really important year for me.  The best thing of alI is to be able to meet my fans (who always support me) in my work.  Also, I’d be so happy if you look forward to seeing me as a singer by listening to this CD.  I’d like to be the Park Si Hoo who can alway show you a new look.  Please look forward to my debut single CD in Japan.  Thank you.

(Credits: http://www.park-sihoo.jp/cd1.  English translation by knapavalley – Many thanks!)