To all subscribers



If you wish to become a Subscriber of parksihoo4u, please e-mail us at and tell us what USERNAME you would like to use (cannot be changed) and we will register for you.

Then just wait to receive an e-mail from us re how to LOG IN.

It is easier and faster this way.

Thank you for supporting PSH and PSH4U.


* You may NOT use the Usernames PSH4U or PSH or Jami&Dami (for obvious reasons.)


119 thoughts on “To all subscribers

  1. @Ashley, I search all over the page but could not find the update profile part, finally I took my guess and click my own ID and it is there!! Anyway, I’m glad I did it.

  2. Ashley您好:

  3. Hi, H.A.T.
    I can’t edit my profile. No permission!
    Please help!

  4. Hi, H.A.T.
    I also can’t edit my profile. No permission
    Please help me too. thx

  5. @Ginny. You have been approved, so go to your Profile page and add your name and change your password. Remember to click UPDATE on bottom left of page after you’re done. Yes, you can log in from iPad mini.

  6. @Ashley. I can’t edit my profile. No permission!
    Please help!

  7. @RatnaRosnawati, you’ve now been approved, so you can edit your profile. Have you registered under a slightly different name? I’ll have to delete that – no double registration.

  8. @Ashley…What if a Website, AIM, GoogleTalk and Biograph not in the content? will I be in the clear?

  9. @Ashley..sorry, I was trying to reg a few times, do not know if the previous reg has been successfully…

  10. Dear Ashley…
    Thank you so much for your help. I have long wanted to be a member of psh4u … and now a member, I am very very very happy…

  11. Dear Ashley…

    I’ve been able to log in again … thank you so much for your help…^_^

  12. Hello Ashley,

    Thank you. I am really in this club now ^_^.
    More power to PSH4U… <3

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