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119 thoughts on “To all subscribers

  1. Hey H.A.T.,
    First of all, thank you so much to have given me the opportunity to be part of this family =)
    Read your previous comment saying that our PSH doesnt know about our blog here.
    Nevertheless, with all our love and support towards him, I believe one day he will notice us…Fighting…never give up…
    And of course not to forget. Thank you H.A.T. for bringing us such wonderful updates =)
    You girls r the best…cheers =)

    Thanks n Regards

  2. @sher2sharmin, welcome to PSH4U! And many thanks for your kind words. Just come everyday to keep us company. It really doesn’t matter whether PSH knows about us as long as more and more people know about him through our efforts. By “our”, I mean all PSH4U members here.

  3. Thanks HAT for letting me be a part of this family!

    I am one of the many fans of PARK SI HOO here in the Philippines! I believe in his talent as an actor, the passion and dedication he gives in every character he portrays, in every drama series he had.

    It is very heart warming reading all your comments, all the good words to say about PSH. I can say that my idea of him is limited, that is why I personally wanted to join here to know him more, to know how not only as an actor but a person as well.

    I’ll be forever be PSH fan!

    keep it up HAT. peace to all!

    POP :)

  4. Many thanks HAT to be a member of this family, as well!

    I was never been a member of any fan club in my life and never though i will be, but PSH just facinated me as a very good actor. He is working hard to entertain the world and make us all happy.

    Looking forward to know/see more about his projects. About this rumors spreading?.. in showbiz, very normal… but PSH he knows the truth… I support his fighting spirit.

    Love PSH, all the best!

    Thank again to the 3 of you….


  5. Thanks for letting me be a part of this website.
    I’m from Barcelona (Spain).
    Follower of Korean dramas and movies. And especially PSH.

  6. I pray and I hope as soon as possible PSH overcome this situation.Just be strong and learn from this experience to how will you deal with the people around you.I really feel depressed on your situation.I have an high regards on you.

  7. Hi, I’m from Russia.
    Thanks for giving me a wonderful opportunity of being a member of your family. I really appreciate your love and devotion to Park Shi Hoo, especially during this difficult period he is coming through.

  8. Девочки спасибо,вы такие умницы .Я живу на Украине и очень рада что нашла ваш сайт и столько информации о Пак Ши Hоо,вы сделали такую большую работу

  9. Knowing your path in life is guided by God,can help make the hard moments easier.Keep the Faith!

  10. I’m from Philippines,Mabuhay!
    Nasa Diyos ang Awa nasa tao ang gawa.

  11. Greetings from Vancouver. Love your dramas, for sure you will be back and stay on top for many years to come!!

  12. To a person who makes me SMILE :) Without even doing anything ..
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY To My Most Gorgeous Princess’ Man ! :)))
    Your Light Shines So Bright :)))
    Stay Healthy , Happy & Handsome !
    Have a Wonderful Year and Great career ! :)))

  13. Hi greetings from MEXICO!!
    PSH you are the most wonderful actor I’ve ever seen, and I have seen many, either Mexicans, Americans and Koreans, but you are the most amazing, funniest, charismatic actor.
    I love all your dramas. I have seen Queen of Reversals and the best, the Princess’ Man countless times. I also love you in Prosecutor Princess!!! How to Meet a Perfect Neighbor and Family’s Honor.
    Be strong our dear God is with you, keeping you in the palm of His Hand!!! :)
    Psalm 3 read it!!

  14. Hello Every One,

    My name is Shailja. I am from Delhi (India). Thank you for making me part of this family. I feel very happy when I get to read so many well wishes and comments for PSH. He is the best and hope he stays healthy and quickly comes out of this situation.

    The first drama I had watched of PSH was Prosecutor princess since then I have been a total fan of him and have watched all of his dramas.

    Praying for him…

  15. I’m sorry but maybe my registration is not correct.
    I would like to put my name in my profile page but access is impossible.
    Could HAt help me? Thank you

  16. I’m sorry Ashley but after I logged in I try to enter in my profile page but it compares the frase: “you do not have sufficient permission to access this page”

  17. Анита из Украины. PSH, у тебя очень много фанов в Украине и в России! Мы все очень,очень любим тебя ! Каждый день на наших сайтах только о тебе переписываемся и все о тебе пишут самое хорошее. Никто не верит этой псевдожертве,глупой,жадной, не имеющей никакого таланта. Мы ей желаем,чтобы она до конца своих дней ходила с закрытым лицом эта “знаменитость”! PSH, ты самый,самый лучший! Ты очень талантлив! Ты открыл для нас Южную Корею. Мы увидели какие красивые актёры и актрисы в вашей стране,какие трудолюбивые,талантливые,а также режисёры .Открыли удивительную вашу культуру. Корейские фильмы и сериалы у нас считаются .одни из лучших. А ты Si Hoo,мы считаем, гордость и сокровище вашей прекрасной страны. Мы хотим чтобы вся Корея это знала. Si Hoo, наш дорогой,наш прекрасный мужчина,замечательный актёр,держись.всё у тебя будет хорошо! Читай наши к тебе письма,береги себя наш любимый,SI Hoo.! Огромное спасибо HAT за такой чудесный сайт и за возможность писать на своём языке.

  18. Thank you for making me part of this family. I feel very happy when I get to read so many well wishes and comments for PSH. I hope he’ll pass this scandal. I and all fans in Viet Nam as in the world always believe in him. Praying for you!!!

  19. kính gửi gia đình Parksihoo4u, tôi đến từ Việt Nam, tôi rất thích gia đình này , vì các bạn cũng yêu mến Parksihoo như tôi, các bạn đã làm hết sức mình vì Parksihoo, tôi muốn tham gia cùng gia đình mình để tiếp tục ủng hộ và chiến đấu vì Parksihoo, mong các bạn thông cảm vì tôi không biết nhiều tiếng Anh, nhưng tôi cũng sẽ làm hết sức mình vì parksihoo.

  20. Thanks a lot Ashley. Now it works! Thanks again.
    Take care of yourself.

  21. It’s a great opportunity for making me a part of this family…thanks H.A.T.

  22. hello..fighting!!!! never give up..god bless u..wish u the best and smile forever like a child…

  23. hello good morning i would like to thank first for giving me an opportunity to be part of this.its my priviledge..and being one of the fan of Mr. Si Hoo from Philippines i would like to tell him go go go fight fight fight….i miss him just take care always!

  24. Morning! thanks for letting me be a part of this website.I logged in I try to enter in my profile page but it compares the frase: “you do not have sufficient permission to access this page”….What can i do??

  25. Thank you,H.A.T.
    Although i am not a powerful fan,i love Mr. PARK SI HOO as much as you all do ^^
    And announcement always make me scare because i can’t make a way to check my profile :3 :3
    Have a good time….!

  26. @Neng85, you’re fine. We have your name on record. You don’t know how to access your PROFILE. Please see my earlier reply to Anita. You can always write us if you have problems navigating our blog.

  27. good morning! to everyone i miss si hoo,any way i would like to greet him Happy Happy Birthday i wish him good health and more success in life peace of mind and finally to find his true love.

  28. Hello all! I am from Vietnam. And of course, i am a new member. I’ve read the notification about updating real profile. I’ve tried and it said that “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.” What should I do now? Please, give me some advices. Thank you a lot!

  29. @Trang, you have been approved. You can now go to your PROFILE page and add your name. Welcome to PSH4U!

  30. @Ashley, Thank you so much. I really would like to make friend with you. Where are you from???

  31. Hi All, im from KL. just found out this site and i feel that i must join (which normally dont hihihi)…Kudos to HAT for this wonderful site!!!

  32. Dear Ashley,

    Where are you? Do you think sihoo Oppa will read my message? Will he? Are you sure? Seems that his nightmare still going on with those bad news.

  33. @Talita, we will post your message on PSH’s official Korean fansite Sihoorang. SHR has been translating all our English messages into Korean, and recently even the Chinese and Japanese. I’m sure PSH will read your message and be comforted by it. Keep writing!

  34. Hey H.A.T.
    Thanks for this website.
    I come from Indonesia and a big fan of Park si hoo,,, I am very sad to hear what had happened to my idol.
    I hope the case of Park si hoo oppa will soon be over and he can be a career back in entertainment.
    Fighting Park si hoo oppa !! we always support you.

    Note to H.A.T :
    Do you know the last news about the activities of Park Si hoo oppa after he passed his case??
    I hope you always update the news about him, Please… and Thank you H.A.T :)

  35. @ Ashley, I am a new member but I’m unable to log in. It giving me this message “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page”. Please help. Much appreciated.
    P.S. I come to PSH4U site to vote for our beloved man diligently.

  36. @chivi, you have been approved, so you can now access your PROFILE page to add your name. Welcome to PSH4U!

  37. @Ashley, thank you for letting me be a part of this family. I pray that our love and our overwhelming support can be reached by PSH so that he can find some comfort during this difficult time.

  38. @chivi, you’re most welcome. Would you like to leave a message for PSH (that we’ll post on Sihoorang)? Please see WRITE TO PSH on top bar of top page.

  39. Just want to say “Thank You” to H.A.T. You guys are so cool and fantastic!!! With the information that you have collected on SH. I get to know him better and grow to like and respect him more. Will support always. :-)

  40. @Ashley, thank you for your guidance. Yes, I would like to leave my message with words of love, support and encouragement for PSH during his time of self-restraint (made me feel sad because sounds like he’s done something wrong but I understand a little better with your insight of Korean culture).

    Thank you Ashley and HAT for all your hard work. I know it’s very tiresome in running and putting this blog together. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you need monetary help in upgrading your security system.

    GOD bless PSH and PSH4U family!

  41. yayyyyyyyyyyyy!!! finally I’mhereeee!!! hehehehehe thank you so much Ashley!!! And I apologize for all the inconvenience!

  42. @AndreitaMera, welcome to PSH4U! Will you be joining our other members for the NY COM premiere on July 3?

  43. Hello there! Thanks a lot Ashley…finally i was able to write to PSH.. I hope he can read all of our thoughts for him!

  44. @Ashley, I tried to update my profile, but I cannot locate it. Where can I access my PROFILE page to add my name? Thanks.

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