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Sorry we haven’t been keeping abreast of things, but a vigilant PSH fan SLT has alerted us to the following:

The URLs for voting sites 12 , 13 and 14 have changed with effect from 16 April 2016. To vote for PSH , the new URLs are :

Voting site #12 :

Voting site #13 :

Voting site #14 :

If you click on the current URLs on the Vote for PSH page , you won’t be able to find PSH’s name or his dramas / movies except for “Neighbourhood Hero”.

PSH and all his other dramas and movies have been moved to the above URLs ranking for hof (Hall of Fame).


20141231-pshKEEP VOTING!

Some voting sites start anew in 2015 while others continue forever.

PSH is currently #1  (votes get manipulated all the time)
PSH is on 9th row – 박시후
1) Cick button next to his name (under his photo).  A black dot will appear in the white circle.
2) Scroll down to bottom and click GREY rectangle with word VOTE.
3) A new page with a dialogue box will appear. Click the word “OK” under this rectangular dialogue box.
4) A new page with the voting counts of all actors will appear. You will see 2 orange hearts appearing on the 2 sides of his name 박시후.  You can leave messages on the website if you click “Profile”.

This one goes by rounds every week.

1) Click on PSH’s name 박시후
2) Scroll down and click VOTE (long rectangle).
3) A new page will appear showing the number of votes each star has.
For above #1 and #2 voting sites, if you are voting with your mobile/cell phone, you have to use these links:

1) Click on login Twitter or Facebook.
2) Click on PSH’s photo
3) Click on the outline of a heart with the +1 on PSH’s photo.  It will turn into a fully filled, pink heart if you have successfully voted. You can also see the number of votes PSH has for the month.
PSH is currently #1.
1) Beside the photo written in Spanish: vótalo: 1 pto, 2 pto, … (vote: 1 point, 2 points, .. ) – click white button (“for PSH…5 points”)
2) Once you have voted, another page will be opened and beside the photo green button and written in Spanish: Ya has votado este elemento (5 pto) – You have already rated this item (5 points)
3) For this site, you are only allowed to vote once.
PSH is currently #3 (rising!):
1) Click white button – a black dot will appear after clicking.
2) Once you’ve voted, you’ll see another page with the vote count.
PSH is currently #5  – 朴施厚
1) Click box in section with his photo – on lower right.
2) Scroll down to bottom – you have to answer a question in Chinese in a long rectangle with 5 answers.
3) Click on link below that says “Click here to take the correct answer” – correct answer will appear in red.  Just click answer with those words.
4) Then click LEFT rectangle under this.
6) A new page will appear – just click OK.
7) A new page will appear, showing positions and votes of stars.
PSH is currently #1. He is on first row – 朴施厚 .
1) Click box under his photo.
2) Scroll down to last row. You will see 2 small rectangles – click LEFT rectangle.
3) You will be asked to do the CAPTCHA – fill in the numbers given and click box at bottom.
4) A new page will appear, showing positions, percentages, and votes of stars.
This is direct link to PSH:
1) Click this link which will access PSH’s Chinese name – .
2) You will see an orange and yellow rectangle on the right with 3 Chinese words.
3) Click on that 20 times (use pen), and you will see AUTOCLICK – just click that and number will go up to 500.
4) Type in empty box on the right the 4 alphabets you see in little box on left.
5) Click yellow line underneath with some Chinese words to have your votes counted.
6) You will see your votes being counted and the total going up.
7) Repeat process for as many times as physically possible.

9. (Best Couple)

1. Go to the specific page and find the couple.
Currently PSH appears as follows:
PSH and Yoon Jung Hee are #9 – 朴施厚 尹晶喜 (Page 1)
PSH and Moon Geun Yeong are #11- 施厚 文瑾莹 (Page 1)
PSH and Kim So Yeon are #12 – 朴施厚 金素妍 (Page 1)
PSH and Moon Chae Won are #10 – 朴施厚 文彩元 (Page 1)
2. Click the box at bottom right – a tick will appear.
3. Scroll to bottom of page and fill in the box on right with correct answer.  Question is in green on left (there are English instructions.)
4. Click LEFT rectangle below.
5. Some words will appear which supposedly mean your vote has been counted.
6. Repeat for next couple.  Note:  If PSH appears more than once on the same page, you can tick all the appropriate boxes and vote at the same time.
7. Can only vote once a day.
“The Princess’s Man” (currently No.1) and “Cheongdamdong-Alice” (currently No.2)
1) Scroll down and click the photo of TPM (3rd row from top) and CDDA (7th row from bottom)
2) Scroll down and click the long grey rectangle to VOTE.
3) You will see “Thank you for voting” or something like that.


– This is a Japanese site – Actor (Korean) Popularity Vote (Round 13 – 2014.10.02 ~   ) – easy to vote, has English.
– PSH is currently #1 (2015.01.02) – but Song Seung Hun is a close 2nd
– Bottom left – SELECT NAME (just scroll to PSH’s name – in English) , then click – VOTE on the next line.
– You can vote every 12 hours.  They display your IP address.
– No cheating here.  We like this site!


Vote for 2015 Korean stars.
Just click on PSH’s name  – パク・シフ(박시후 朴施厚 Park Si-hoo)- and scroll all the way down to click rectangular box to VOTE.
One vote per IP address a
Vote for 2015 Korean dramas.
Just click on drama titles — all 6 of them:
検事プリンセス (Prosecutor Princess)
王女の男 (The Princess’s Man)
家門の栄光 (Family Honor)
逆転の女王 (Queen of Reversals)
清潭洞<チョンダムドン>アリス 청담동 앨리스 清潭洞愛麗絲 (Cheongdamdong Alice)
遇见完美邻居的方法  (How to meet a perfect neighbor)
Scroll down to click rectangular box at bottom to VOTE.
One vote per IP address a day.
Vote for 2015 Best Movie
Just click: 殺人の告白 내가 살인범이다 我是殺人犯 Confession of Murder – currently #1
Scroll down to rectangular box to VOTE.
– Vote for “Confession of Murder” as BEST MOVIE – currently #1
– Just click on COM and scroll down to VOTE.
– One vote per IP address a day.a

16. – CLOSED on 2015.04.05

PSH is 4th with 2,259,691 votes (LMH is 1st with 2,270,773 votes)

Asian Male God –

1. Click rectangular box under PSH’s photo
2. You’ll be asked to fill in CAPTCHA (numbers and letters)
3. Click the GREEN rectangle on bottom right to CONFIRM
4. Voting successful / 投票成功!
[ED: If you do not see this, please vote again immediately.]
 *** Each IP address is allowed to vote every 30 minutes ***

5th and FINAL round – March 8 – April 5 (ONE of the last 11 will be eliminated, the rest will be ranked according to votes received.)


17. – CLOSED on 2015.03.22

PSH is 2nd with 121030 votes  (KSH is 1st with 132573 votes)

Asian Students Examplar

1. Click these words under PSH’s photo – 投她/他一票o
2. You’ll be asked to fill in CAPTCHA (numbers and letters)
3. Click green rectangle on bottom right to CONFIRM
4. When this appears – 恭喜你投票成功 – that means your vote has been accepted; otherwise vote again.

FINAL round – March 13 – 22 (The 10 finalists will be ranked)aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

18. New Japanese voting site (added: 2015.06.22 and 2015.06.25) — 2 different categories, so vote for PSH in:

1. Best Korean Historical Drama 2015, AND
2. Best Actor in a Korean Historical Drama 2015

For details on how to vote, please see posts: (Finished – TPM won) (Finished – PSH in TPM won) (Finished – PSH in TPM won) (Finished – PSH in TPM won)

PSH also won the THIRD ROUND.

Now please vote for PSH in 4th and FINAL ROUND. See post.aa


19. New voting site – Asia Star (added 2015.08.15)

To vote:

Please see post:


974 thoughts on “Vote for PSH

  1. Please vote PSH on voting site #8, on the new round.
    I was astonished to find him on the 6th place, and I voted him 3 continuous hours, until he reached place #2 , but only with 36o,ooo votes. Nr.1 had 913,ooo.
    Don’t underestimate Nr.1 , as it seems to be a very tough fighting.

  2. Attention to the Voting site# 15! The Movie Confession of Murder was on the 2d place (!) when i started voting. Now it is moved back to the first place, but there is still a danger that it can shift down again. Please vote!!!

  3. Please vote on the site No 10 for the new PSH` drama Neighborhood hero!

  4. Everyday I cast my vote for PSH on every voting sites, but this morning I’ve been astonished that on voting site # 12 I couldn’t find him . He was always nr 1 and Lee Seung -gi nr.2, but today after I’ve checked the list twice , PSH is no more on the list. But Lee Seung-gi is on the first place!! Can anyone tell what’s the mystery? Is PSH boycotted on this site?

  5. @stefi, maybe they have started the list anew and changed the rules? Park Si Hoo has been on top for many years. So have his dramas and movies. I didn’t check the movies, but from the dramas only “Neighborhood Hero” is mentioned and tops the list.

  6. Ashley , thanks for the information , otherwise we should have remained “in the fog”.
    I’ve copied all the voting sites and placed them in my Favorites to facilitate my voting.
    I mention and I make an appeal to all PSH fans to vote continuously to bring them to the first position, because now their places are very disadvantageous.

    Site 12 -starlist ranking – PSH is #2 with 99 votes., while #1 has 479 votes.

    Site 13- drama ranking – #5 TPM with 43 votes ; #7 FH with 14 votes ; #15 Q of R with 6 votes ; #16 PP with 5 votes : #16 CDDA with 5 votes ; #18 How to meet with 4 votes., while #1 has 245
    Site 14 – cinema ranking – #2 After Love with 44 votes ; #3 C of M with 13 votes; # 3 Scent with 13 votes., while #1 has 204 votes.

    We can vote only once a day , for only one drama or movie.

  7. On the voting site # 1, PSH has been replaced from the first place to the second with only 90,700 votes. , while the second has 101,949 votes.

    Please vote for PSH to help him take his first place again. You can cast 5 votes once.

  8. Voting Site #8 – PSH is only 1.8 million votes more than 2nd place Kim Hyun Joong, with more than 7 hours to go. This is NOT safe. We need PSH to win this week and the next to make history. What kind of history? We’ll tell you next week.

  9. An appeal to all PSH fans!
    I join @Ashley . Voting Site #8 is not a joke this week, it’s very tough!
    Starting the new round for this week PSH was on place # 5 , and although I cast votes for almost 4 hours, I couldn’t succeed to bring him on place #1, but only #2 .He has only 221,000 vote, while #1 has 247,000 votes. Now,I must quit the voting site. my eyes are too tired.

  10. Voting site #8 — This week is a MUST WIN for PSH! Otherwise he won’t be able to make history. His win last night (May 14) made him even with the current record holder. He needs one more win this week (Stage 337 that ends at midnight on May 21.) PLEASE make sure he makes it!

  11. Just this moment, unfortunately I’ve been defeated.
    PSH has lost his 1 st place , although since I ‘ve started to vote he was on place #1.
    #2 has received many votes at a time, while PSH only one or two.
    If we try to make an effort, we can help PSH, otherwise we’ll be very dissapointed .
    Please all of you try to support him on voting site # 8. His victory this week is crucial!

  12. I feel someone tries to jeopordize PSH”s victory.
    All the time I fill in the Captcha , numbers and letters, although correct , they are rejected, and I must try again. But this takes time.This happens to you too? I’m very upset but I must stop voting , it’s too late to continue.

  13. Right now PSH is in 2nd place. Let’s make a special effort to keep him at number 1 this week. The vote gap is not too great; we can overcome it. I hope the Chinese fans will rally this week for PSH!!!

  14. PSH just now is back in 1st place on site 8, but it is so close it could change any minute. Keep voting for PSH!!!!

  15. Yes, keep voting for PSH on Site #8. All our efforts these couple of years are aimed at his making history — if he wins this week!

  16. Please don’t forget voting site #13, where we must vote “Neighborhood Hero”,. Since yesterday it was on the 1st place, but today is on 5th, and I don’t know why. “NH” deserves 1st place as it’s PSH’s best recent come back drama , and the best in comparison with other K.dramas.
    Please continue voting PSH also on site #8, although now he is on the 1st place, but PSH must remain so until the end or the week. It wil represent an exceptional event for all of us, especially PSH.

  17. Site #8 – Another 10 hours to go, and PSH will have made history on this site. He’s now only 1.5 million votes ahead of No.2 Kim Hyun Joong. Please keep voting to make sure PSH wins!

  18. Please vote on voting site # 11. PSH is at no. 4. I really don’t understand why people still vote for a deceased actor and he is even at no. 1 now. This is a Japanese site and a reliable one in terms of voting rules. I know that the charming Park Yong Ha is a very popular actor in Japan but he died many years ago.
    Oh,well, just my opinion!
    Let’s continue to vote for PSH and on the other sites,too!

  19. VICTORY!

  20. Yaaaaayyyyyy! Yes, yes, yes! Agree with you @stefi!
    Congratulations to our dearest PSH – the greatest of them all!
    Congratulations too to all his fans!
    Yahoooooo! ^^

  21. Something very strange happens on some voting sites:
    1. #8 voting site – since yestarday I can’t vote . No CAPTCHA in the little box on the left, and so No results. Although from yesterday PSH appeared on the first place with 14,555,996 votes,
    I can’t continue to cast the votes until the deadline.

    2. # 10 voting site- yesterday “Neighborhood Hero” was on the first place, today is on the 16th place with 6,900 votes, “TPM” is on the 6th place with 44,500votes.

    3. # 15 voting site – yesterday “LAL” was on the first place , today is on the 5th place, with 10,300 votes, and “C of M” is on the 13th place .

    It’s very embarrassing. Can anyone enilghten me? Thanks.

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