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You can watch all PSH’s dramas with English subtitles online on (except “Let’s get married”).  There are 3 sources (one or more may be blocked but never all 3.)  Enjoy!


“Let’s get married” is available with English subtitles on (cannot be seen in some parts of the world.)  If you don’t want to plough through 500 hours for 2 hours of PSH, you may want to see our PSH cut.

You can see our PSH cut in the links below.  LGM is a long drama and PSH appeared in a total of just a couple of hours.  We have included all the PSH parts here, and there are some gems.  PSH was an uncut diamond in 2005.


For PSH’s debut drama “Delightful Girl Choon Hyang”, please see our post:


See also PSH in “Haru”:


MVs that PSH appeared in:



17 thoughts on “Watch PSH dramas online

  1. Thank you very, very much. I’m going to love every minute watching PSH’s dramas.
    I love you all, H.A.T.!

  2. This is a treasure house! Thank you SO much! I have to start revising everything.

  3. I loved his character on Queen of Reversal..such unconditional/true love of Goo Yong Sik….actually this is the 1st drama I’ve seen him and admired his acting skill not to mention his killer smile…

  4. Thank you so much,now in my country I watched Prosecutor Princess and here I want to see Queen Of Reversals and Family Honor.,maybe I could see on Drama Fever Let*s Get Married ,Loveeeee U !!!

  5. Hey H.A.T! D your guys know any other websites where I can watch queen of reversals? My computer kinda has some problems and my iPad can’t watch it in

  6. Thank you H.A.T.! I would to add that for those who cannot have access to dramafever, there is the possibility to watch LET’S GET MARRIED online with or without english subtitles (you have to activate the subtitles by clicking on the relative box on the youtube frame: a rectangle with two horizontal lines) on the MBCclassic page on youtube. Here is the link for the drama and this is the link to the main page of MBCclassic

  7. Thank you very much. I love PSH. I love watching all his dramas. I hope I can watch his movie in dramafever. This is from Canada with love.

  8. How i wish i could have a copy of PSH other drama, I had The Princess Man, COM,Prosecutor Princess thats all. Xdd..

  9. Hi, PSHPHJENN! Welcome to our PSH4U family!
    Try YesAsia ( – you can get some PSH dramas like Queen of Reversals, Iljimae, Cheongdamdong Alice & Family Honor (Japanese version).

  10. This is excellent source of PSH dramas. I just yesterday finished watching Prosecutor Princess, so emotional film, that at some moments I cried. I have opened PSH just a month ago, and realised that he is one of the best actors in the world. I admit that he is handsome but what is more important is his talent! He is so different in CDDA, this is a real masteprice. Dear PSH, many many thanks!
    Dear H.A.T. thank you for hard work!

  11. Thanks, HA. I have watched everything except some of the MVs. I will really enjoy watching those!

  12. Dear Ashley, you must know how much I miss you, and although no news from you for such a long time, I always think of you. I hope you are well, and busy with your projects. And I also hope you still think of PSH, as I still think of PSH4U too. Today I’ve been enchanted to watch on this site, with English sub., an excellent MV: PSH-in Alex-Jisun, vol 1 and 2. Wonderful PSH’s interpretation ,even in his early career, but foretelling a gorgeous actor later .
    Thank you again for everything you’ve done for Park Si Hoo!
    Hope you’ll read my message.
    Hope to have some news from you. I’ll be very happy.
    All my best wishes! I love you!

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